The 5 Best Cowboy Boots Made in USA: 2023

Cowboy boots have been a part of the western tradition for many years when horses were used as a means of transport. Initially used for ease of horse riding, the vintage style of footwear is now used as a fashion item.

Either worn as a part of a cowboy costume in a Halloween party or for appearing bold and unique in the public, these shoes have made their way back into our lives.

If you are someone who is looking to buy a pair, this article has got you covered with a list of the best cowboy boots. These are the boots you can check out for your ideal pick.

5 Best Cowboy Boots Review

Owning a pair of cowboy boots has become a desire for many. As the demand for them rises, their availability also rises. But which are the ones that are worth your money? Below is a list of such boots that you can consider.

1. Abilene Men's Cowboy Boot

This pair of boots comes from one of the topmost companies that specialize in the manufacture of cowboy boots for more than 30 years. Needless to say that with this one, you will get your money's worth.

The boots are made of bison leather that provides better support than that of cowhide leather. This makes the boots resilient against harsh conditions, and thus they last longer.

With stitches creating a fancy pattern on the 12-inch shaft, this pair gives you a bold look. The heels are 1.5 inches in length and are made of rubber to be waterproof. On a rainy day or a sunny one, you can rely on this pair to protect your feet.

Furthermore, it also features a Dri-Lex lining that contains a special cell structure, which is great for getting rid of moisture.

Moreover, the inner soles are of advanced urethane cushions for the air ride comfort system, which combined with the Dri-Lex lining, prevents foot odor and overheating.

The ability to flex even in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit and a rubber sole to absorb shock as you walk a rocky terrain, ensures your comfort in all conditions.

Also, the product is American, ensures great quality, and likely to be within your budget.


  • Made of superior grained and tanned bison leather
  • Rubberized soles and heels
  • Waterproof
  • Features Dri-Lex lining that allows moisture to escape
  • Inner soles are comfortable and prevent foot odor    


  • Slightly heavy
  • Not suitable for wider than average feet

2. Lucchese Bootmaker Cowboy Riding Boot

This classic pair of cowboy boots from Lucchese Bootmaker is made fully of leather to ensure comfort and quality.

Constructed with calf leather, you can rely on these boots for smooth and soft wear and durability against all weather. The shaft and soles are made of leather for a stronger build.

For a fashionable look, the shaft is embroidered with designs that make them stand out without fail. The length of the shaft is adequate for ankle support and to keep the boots in place.

Moreover, these Carson boots provide decent arch support for more comfortable wear, which is hard to get in other cowboy boots. They come with regular width and toe box that satisfy most customers.

Although they are handmade in Mexico and imported from there, these boots bring the traditional western vibes with them.


  • Well built using calf leather
  • Smooth and soft to touch
  • Durable against harsh conditions
  • Shaft gave a fashionable design by embroidery
  • Good arch support


  • Slightly expensive

3. Ariat Men's Sport Rustler Western Boot

These boots from Ariat will fit comfortably for a long time and support you in various situations.

The boots come with a shaft that measures to almost 14 inches and the boot openings to 15 inches, making them quite easy to put on and keep them securely in place.

Being made from 100 percent leather, these boots ensure quality and a strong build that will last through the years to come.

Synthetic soles protect your boots from damage in any weather and road conditions, and a synthetic air mesh lining adds to your comfort by allowing moisture to escape.

A comfortable footbed and square toe boxes featured by these boots, conveniently prevent the pinching of your toes and any other discomfort. Boots with square toe boxes are also trending nowadays.

In addition to being great footwear, these boots look great too. Matching four-row patterns are stitched in the shafts of these boots, making them suitable for showing them off.


  • Made of 100 percent leather
  • Designed shafts that make the boots stylish
  • Synthetic air mesh lining allows moisture to escape
  • Comfortable footbed    
  • Square toe that prevents pinching your toes together


  • Imperfect stitching in some cases

4. Tony Lama Men's Bay Apache 7902 Boot

This great pair of cowboy boots from Tony Lama is sure to satisfy you both in terms of comfort and durability.

Made of 100 percent leather, and the linings, soles, and heels crafted manually, these boots ensure top-notch quality and are here to accompany you for years to come.

No worries if you have a tear in the lining after rough and tough usage. The build features ¾ Goodyear leather welt that allows the damaged lining to be repaired if need be.

With straps on the boot openings and the width of those openings of about 14 inches make these boots easy to wear. The shaft measures about 13 inches from the arch.

A 1.5-inch high heel helps the leather shoe to survive road conditions, all the while keeping you on your feet, stable, and also on the stirrups.

The toe box is R type with a tapered and a rounded tip that prevents your toes from being pinched together, while this design, along with the one stitched on the shaft, shouts out to western cowboys.

Also, the shaft of this boot features spring steel that adds to your benefit, allowing for greater strength to bear more weight, without breaking under pressure.

The insoles that come within the boots are padded to cushion your feet as you walk, run or ride, making sure that every step is comfortable.


  • Constructed with full leather
  • Features Goodyear leather welts in the lining
  • The shaft has spring steel for greater weight carrying capacity
  • Padded footbed for comfort
  • An R type toe box that allows the toes to relax


  • Color may fade over time

5. Nocona Boots Men's MD2731 11 inch Boot

Classic style footwear brought to you by Nocona Boots, a company that has been running for almost a century.

Made fully of Italian leather, this pair has been crafted into classic western boots that feature all the perks you could possibly need if you were to live in that time period.

This pair uses tanned leather from cow and coyote for better quality and durability. A shaft that rises from the arch of the boots to about 12 inches and a 13-inch boot opening with straps makes it easy to pull it on, while a better balance is ensured.

Moreover, the tip of the boot-shaped to a square toe box and an insole containing cushions for your feet provides you with ultimate comfort.

1.5-inch heels and outer soles are shaped to support you in your saddles while riding. The outer soles are provided with dual layers of stitches in the leather welts for enhanced durability and a more stylish look.

This classic western look is further established by the embossed patterns on the shaft, which makes it suitable for festivals or costume parties in the modern age.


  • Contains 100 percent leather
  • Double-stitched leather welts and soles for greater durability
  • Padded insoles for comfort
  • Heels for support on a saddle
  • Has a square toe box


  • Not suitable for wide feet

Things to Consider Before Buying

Now that you have an idea of what are the best cowboy boots for work at a reasonable price, you need to keep some factors in mind to choose among them. 

These will definitely lead you to the best option for you out there and save you from unnecessary dilemmas.


Heels are the most important part if you want to purchase cowboy boots for riding horses. They allow you to keep your feet fixed in the stirrups so you can support yourself in the horse back.

Usually, heels of 1 to 1.5 inches height are sufficient for this purpose. They also make the boots look bolder and will not in any way have a negative impact on fashion.

However, if you do buy yourself a nice pair of boots that have flat soles, keep in mind that they are not designed for riding horses.

Such boots are fine if you want to showcase them for your occasional uses in casual or informal parties or as a part of your traditional cowboy costume.

You may use them for riding purposes, though you will find that it's not easy to keep your feet in the stirrups, and it gets pretty annoying after some time.

Make Sure the Boots Are Flexible

Flexible boots ensure comfort when you wear them. For whatever you do, it is important that the boots comply. Otherwise, boots that are stiff do not allow you to move freely and hinder your performance.

It is also not comfortable to wear, and if it does not serve you in the way you want them to, it's not worth your money.

Try to look for the ones that can withstand harsh temperatures if you reside in colder regions. That way you can wear your leather boots in any weather.


Inner material determines comfort, while the outer material makes them durable and long-lasting. Conventionally, cowboy boots are made of leather from cows or other animals. They are made waterproof, and the leather products last longer, in addition to being soft and comfortable.

However, cowboy boots of synthetic materials are also available. If you know where to look, you can find some good quality products, but many are not suitable for rough usage if that’s what you are going for.

It is always better to consider the products in the context of your usage beforehand. Look for the ones that are made to serve your purpose at a reasonable price. That is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do cowboy boots last?

A good quality boot on a budget should last at least 5 years. This is not a bad deal. As much as it depends on the quality, your usage also plays a role.

If not handled properly or used regularly for physical labor, even good quality shoes may not last as long as 5 years.

If you can use more than one pair alternately for your daily work, then the pressure is somewhat reduced from them and their service for a longer period can be ensured. And if you purchase the best cowboy work boots, then you’ll get to use them for a very long time.

  • How does the shaft length affect functionality?

Cowboy boots generally lack laces. The shaft, in turn, does their job. They keep the boots from falling off the feet while you walk and keep them in place.

Shafts also provide support for your ankles and increase the weight bearability of the boots. All of these are usually achieved easily when the shaft ends in a mid-calf level.

  • Will the boots fit my wide calves?

The calves usually do not create any issue if the boots are of your feet size. They are made to loosely fit your calves, with some room inside.

However, your feet are not meant to slide in any way. That should fit snugly. If you experience any tightness, you can gradually wear them in, and as leather products often do, they will loosen up and become more flexible.

  • How much should a good pair of cowboy boots cost?

It should cost you around 150 to 300 dollars if you want boots that last. The fact that these boots are made from real leather instead of faux leather and all the details that go into making the boots make them expensive. Nevertheless, they also do not disappoint.

  • How can I make my boots more comfortable?

If you are still getting used to a new pair, it's a great time to break your boots in. It means you wear your boots every day for a short period of time and increase the period by a few minutes. This will gradually loosen up the leather, and you will feel more comfortable with them.

However, there are other options that you can try. Change the footbed and opt for a cushioned one for more comfort. Adding cowboy socks also help in some cases.

Final Words

It can get tricky when you look at multiple options together. But when you consider an option in a more organized manner, it usually becomes easier to make a decision.

With the list of some of the best cowboy boots and using the buying guide, get the one that is the best match for you.


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