N690co Steel Review

When it comes to choosing a knife, we know that you only want to use and purchase the best ones. And the knives that have good quality steel are the best ones there are. So before setting out to purchase a knife, you need to learn as much as you can about the mighty steel blade that gives a knife most of its glory.

N690CO is such a type of steel that has the power to give a knife the precision, quality, and performance it needs. Continue reading our N690CO steel review to find out in-depth details about its sophistication. Before purchasing a gear that you need and will love, it is always wise to know details about its material.

What Is N690CO Steel?

Before getting into its features and advantages, it is also necessary to know about what the N690CO steel is and what it can do.

A Name You Can Trust

Made by top European manufacturer Bohler, the N690CO steel is one of the most superior steels you will ever come across. Its carbon-rich nature and the inclusion of cobalt makes the final blades made with this steel extremely stressed. And we know that blades that are stressed make for highly precise tactical and hunting tools.

Materials That Work in Harmony

To simply say that N690CO is good quality steel would be an understatement because it is one of the most sophisticated steels ever. Part of that comes from the harmonious mix of top-notch materials. Chromium, carbon, cobalt, manganese, silicon are just some of the top names.

When good quality materials are used following proper ratios, the final steel boasts extreme sophistication. Carbon and chromium are the two ingredients that have been used in the highest amount. This combination makes for a steel that is tough, sharp, and can retain that sharp for a long time.

A Good Quality Steel That Is Great for Gears 

A lot of you might be thinking that what uses you can have with steel that has such refined quality and boasts so many fine ingredients. For starters, the N690CO makes for great knives that are sharp, precise, and extremely long-lasting.

This steel especially makes for some state of the art hunting knives, tactical knives, hunting gears, etc. Military professionals, as well as those who do professional or leisure hunting, cannot get enough of N690CO steel knives.

In a side-by-side comparison of knives that are made of this steel and knives that are not, the N690CO will reign champion every time.

Noteworthy Features 

Let us take a look at some of the noteworthy and mentionable features this highly sophisticated steel boasts.

Sharpness Like None Other 

N690CO is sure to surprise you with its sharpness. No matter which purpose you use an N690CO blade form, you will achieve your goal every single time. Precise at every cut, this stainless steel is loved by professionals and nonprofessionals everywhere.

Less Sharpening and Longer Performance

Thanks to its marvelous power to retain sharpness for such a long time, the N690CO steel needs very less sharpening. The addition of cobalt gives it the extremely sophisticated power to retain the sharpness it has. This extremely long-lasting will serve you for years to come.

And during all those years, you will need very infrequent sharpening. Along with good performance, you can cut down on costs too. And when you do need to sharpen it, you will find out that this steel can be sharpened much faster than most other steels.

Tough to the Core

Thanks to the clever use of quality materials, this steel is tough to its core. It can handle almost any task you throw at it, and it can do so extremely well. No matter which purpose you use it for, this tough steel will serve you like a pro.

Slicing through a fish or skinning your poultry will now be much easier. Thanks to its ability to reach 61HRC hardness, this tough knife is very suitable for tactical or hunting purposes.

High Resistance 

The N690CO steel is proudly resistant to wear and corrosion because of the harmonious mix of chemicals it boasts. And the long life this steel has can largely contribute to its resistance. Enjoy longer performance, sharp-looking blade, and be marveled at the steel that requires very little treatment or sharpening.

No More Scratches or Stains 

Its toughness and resistance to outside force give it the power to keep away scratches and stains. Now your blade will look good too when it is performing well. Be it for hunting, cooking, or tactical purposes, your knife with the N690CO stainless steel blade will be protected in every scenario.

How Do I Take Care of It?

In order to get the best use out of this top-performing steel, you also need to take care of it very well. Let us take a look at some helpful tips regarding taking care of this high-quality steel:

  • When you are not using your knife, try to keep it as dry as possible. Steel that gets in touch with water too much will surely rust quickly and need to be sharpened frequently.
  • Properly clean the blade after every use and wipe dry.
  • Do not try to use your steel knife on any surface or item it cannot be used on – such as wood, glass, brick, etc.
  • It is recommended not to wash your N690CO knife in a dishwasher.
  • Lightly massaging the blade with some little drops of oil are advised by many users.
  • Sharpen whenever necessary but do not sharpen too frequently.

Knives That We Love

Below we have listed some knives with N690CO steel that we cannot get enough of:

Arno Bernard AB4214 Jackal 

Arno Bernard is a very renowned knife manufacturer. With the help of their expertise and the sophistication of N690CO, the knife they make is of top-notch quality that will not disappoint you.

Though it is a tad bit on the pricey side, the performance will not disappoint you. Handcrafted to perfection, this stainless steel knife with razor-sharp blades are accompanied by a handmade leather sheath for every single purchase.

Spyderco Squeak 

The name of this knife is ‘squeak’, but it sure does roar with its performance. Its small and compact nature is what makes it a user-favorite tool.

Carry it with you on hikes, trips, hunts, and tactical endeavors. It has a very comfortable handle, and its size is above the legal requirement in many states. Precise cutting and sharpness retention are both ensured by this N690CO stainless steel knife.

Final Words

Well, there you have it a complete N690CO steel review with details, features, care instructions, and some knife recommendations. We hope you have learned enough to choose gear that will be best suitable for you.


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