How To Use A Come Along Winch

Winches, in general, aren’t portable. But among the portable ones, the come along winch is the most popular one. This winch is easy to set-up and handle and can be learnt quickly.

Well see how to use a come along winch in this guide in a clear, step-by-step way. Once you use this tool for a while, you’ll see how simple it is.

How to Use This Tool 

Let’s talk about the process of using a come along or hand winch in two simple steps.

Step 1: Freeing the Cable

You want your winch’s cable to stay completely relaxed at this step. Start by disconnecting the main ratchet of the winch. Connect the load hooks and the anchor properly in respective places.

The main goal here is to ensure that the cable gets to roll freely on the spool. By freeing the cable initially, you’re making it easier for it to roll around the winch’s spool.

Step 2: Load Securing

Connect the hooks with the load and start pulling the winch’s lever. Keep pulling until you place the load at your desired position. Once it’s done, it’s time to loosen the winch again.

So, make sure that you secure the load with something to work as a support for it. Once positioned on a stable ground, you can loosen the winch’s cable again.

Loosening the cable is easy, move the lever slowly so that the cable doesn’t get stuck in the middle. Continue moving the level in both directions to roll the cable in the spool.

Some Security Steps

We’ve seen how to use this tool. Let’s talk about some tips to keep in mind while using this tool. Take enough time to learn to use mechanical tools like this. A small mistake can make you suffer, which you don’t want to happen to you.

Clean Floor

You should make sure the place is clean before starting your mechanical work there. You can work in a dirty place but try to keep the minimum area that you’ll be standing on clean. You don’t want to fall or slip and get into some kind of accident there. So, keeping the workplace dry and non-slippery is essential.

Cable Tension

Some people think if they pull the cable tighter, it’ll pull quicker and better. While some part of it is true, it’s actually harmful for the cable itself. The harder you pull on a cable the sooner it’ll tear away and cause misalignments in the winch lever. It’s better to pull slowly while having a careful look at both the lever and the cable.

Winch Safety

Before using a come along winch, have a look at all of its components. Give a special look to its cable and the level gears. If you see any wear or tear, don’t use it until it’s repaired. A damaged winch can cause risk of a serious injury. It’s better to be safe. The tip is for all winches, however. It’s not for the come along winch only.


Some part of your cloth may get tangled with the cable. For this reason, wear fit clothes while covering it up with protective gear. Wear hand gloves and eyewear. Over-tensioned cable can tear up and if it swings back to you, it may hurt your eyes. For this reason, wear protective eyewear like a mechanical eyeglass.

Final Words

We’ve talked about how to use a come along winch as well as some security steps in this guide. It may seem complicated to use this tool in the beginning. Don’t worry about that. You’ll get more experienced with time and that’ll take your fears of using this tool away.


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