How To Use A Cable Winch Puller?

A cable puller is not only used for pulling vehicles but also moving or pulling heavy objects. Learning how to use a cable winch puller doesn’t have to be convoluted. Just as easy as it is to carry, it is easy to move.

Important Safety Instructions

For every technical work, we have to follow some safety instructions and guidelines. This guideline will tell what not to do and what to do when operating the winch.

  • Do Not exceed the winch’s maximum weight capacity.
  • Do Not haul or pull objects by wrapping the winch cable around the object and hooking itself to the winch cable.
  • Do Not operate the winch when the cable has less than five wraps around its drum.
  • Do Not operate the winch if there are any damaged parts on the winch.
  • Always inspect the winch before use, check if there is any damage or wear.
  • Always ensure that safety latches on the hooks are closed and the load insecure before pulling or hauling.
  • Always keep tension on the cable when you are releasing or winding the cable.

Step by Step Guide of Working With a Cable Winch Puller

Using a cable winch puller or cable puller is basically a matter of a few steps. Let’s talk about the process now.

Loosening the Ratchet and Placing the Hooks

Loosen or unlock the ratchet drive by locating the spring and moving it. Now, connect one end of the winch onto something like a tree or something heavy.

Connect the other end of the winch, which is the load hook, to the vehicle you want to move. Now that the hook is in place, release the wire locking trigger. Loosen the cable only as much as necessary. Make sure it’s tight from the winch to the load.


Pulling is simple. There’s a lever on it. Crank in in both ways and this motion will cause the cable to pull itself in. Once the load is reached to your desired position, don’t immediately release the cable. This might cause the load to move and go back to its old position.

To be safe from this, secure the vehicle or the load with anything to stop it from falling or moving in any direction.


Once the load is moved and secured. Loosen up the winch’s ratchet and roll the cable on the spool. Place the lever and hooks in place and that’s it. The work is complete.

Being Secure While Using A Cable Winch Puller

This tool isn’t as unsafe as the other winch pullers. Try to keep a keen look at the lever and the cable as you’re pulling in the wires. Don’t force the cable too hard and you’ll be good with it. It’s not complicated to use this winch, nor is it very unsafe. Moreover, having a portable winch like this one can be a lifesaver at times.

Final Words

You got some ideas now on how to use a cable winch puller. Hopefully this tool will come in handy at times. And you know how to use it in the best possible way.

There are very few winches as popular as this one. As this one offers portability like no other winch tools, it has got a good reputation too.


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