How To: Keep White wall Tires Clean

The tires of your automobile enhance the image of your car. Therefore, you will require to clean the car and tires regularly to ensure that it looks presentable all the time. However, when the car features white wall tires, the cleaning process is not the same. 

The white walls will require more attention and expertise to maintain the same white look for long. You will require extra cleaning skills to ensure the white walls are clean and effective, but that should not be your fear. In this blog, we'll learn how to clean and keep those whitewall tires clean and attractive.

Invest In the Right Cleaning Products

Cleaning products play a significant role in cleaning those white walls. Using regular cleaners will help eliminate discoloration and dirt in the tires. However, you will require to find something much stronger for you to maintain that sharp and Appling white color.

Regular cleaners often keep the tires dry and eventually wears them out faster than the usual tear and wear duration. Tire cleaners contain chlorine and alcohol, which are bleaching agents. To keep your tires safe and be sure they will last longer, it is critical to use the right product.

Often opt for natural whitewall tire cleaners for exceptional results. All your tires need is a basic cleaning, but it has to be done regularly.

The white wall tires are sensitive, and when you use the wrong products, the results might be horrifying. Some products might even damage the whitewalls instead of cleaning them as you would expect. Therefore, when you are making your decision, you need to be convinced that you are getting the right brand and it has proof of previous accomplishments.

You will need to buy from a trusted vendor or an automotive store near you. Here you will be convinced that the product you get is the best quality and can meet your cleaning expectations.

Wet the Cleaning Pad and Tires

Using a hosepipe, ensure to wet the tire and the pads thoroughly. When you wet the tire with lots of water, it helps eliminate excess dirt and softens the hard one. This makes it easy for you to gently wipe out the remaining dirt for a clean tire in the long run.

The main focus is to ensure that the tire doesn't give you a lot of work, especially on the other parts of the tire. The wet pad is critical for enhancing your techniques as the cleaner. Ensure to scrap the tires thoroughly for you to achieve the type of results you are looking for.

Cleaning white parts is not as easy as cleaning the black ones. Therefore, the amount of effort you are putting in should double as it requires extra strength.

Once you have completed scrubbing the whitewalls, you can now rinse the tires with running water. After every wash and scrubbing, ensure to keep rinsing the tires until you see the type of results you are looking for in your tires.

Apply Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great cleaning product that provides you with results rapidly. Sprinkle gently on a piece of cloth, then use it to wipe the white walls. Once you have completely wiped the tire, rinse and repeat the same procedure.

You can do this as many times as you wish until you are satisfied with the result you get. Every time you wipe the whitewalls tire with baking soda concentration, it brightens the white part leaving your tires as good as new without any possible spot on the whites.

Use a Sandpaper

If you can still spot some yellowing after several washes with baking soda, then it is time to advance your cleaning technique. Take dry sandpaper and use it for sanding the top layer. However, when using the sandpaper, you have to be gentle and slow to avoid damaging the entire tire.

For better results, ensure that you keep wiping the dust off to see whether the tire is changing to your liking as you sand the top layer. Once you are satisfied with the results, rinse the tire with running water.

Be a Regular Cleaner

The best way to clean your whitewall tires is to ensure you do it regularly. You don't have to wait until your tires are extremely dirty or out of shape to start taking care of them. If you are a regular cleaner, you will notice that it takes less time to clean and keep the whitewalls as neat as new.

Additionally, the more you clean, the lesser chances of discoloration hence minimizing the need for deep, thorough cleaning. If you can clean the tires at least once a week or every two weeks, you may not even need to invest in high quality cleaning products.

Don't Forget Tire Dressing

The UV rays can be hazardous to your tires in general. It gets even worse when you have whitewall tires. After cleaning, ensure applying the water-based dressing to protect the tires from UV rays and give them a shiny look.

If they are not in use, ensure to cover them nicely and put them away from direct sunlight. Also, you should avoid keeping the tires in a crowded room where they lean on each other. Instead, ensure that each has sufficient space with minimal contact with the other.

Final Words

The tires of your automobile reflect on your image as the owner. If you can keep the whitewalls clean, it signifies that you can keep the entire machine in order. Clean tires automatically mean that the vehicle is clean, and it guarantees you don't compromise when it comes to quality.

However, whatever you do to keep your white tires looking good, it is also essential to note there are products are can damage the tires. Therefore, when you buy, only focus on getting the right product, and if you notice unusual results, don't be worried about shifting to the next product.

 If the dirt persists even after trying several cleaning products, this could signify that you need to consider replacing the tire with a newer one.


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