What Is The Difference Between Deglazing and Honing a Cylinder?

Many often wonder the difference between deglazing and honing a cylinder. There are a lot of questions associated with the topic.

For instance, why deglaze or hone a cylinder, how to know which option to opt for, how either of them affects the oil retention, etc.

Before we go over these inquiries, you have to know the basics to understand the explanation. So, how about we help you through it in the simplest form possible?

You will get the answers to the questions mentioned above and gain a better perspective on which action to choose for your engine.

Honing a Cylinder 

When you hone a cylinder, you remove a certain amount of material from the bore surface. It is done to replace stock bore size that might not fit the pistons and rings of your engine.

The process must cut out a nominal layer of metal to generate a crosshatch pattern and match the specification you need.

As you condition the cylinder bore surface, the peaks and valleys form to ensure retention of the lubrication while in operation.

It helps the engine to last longer without facing any hard friction issues. Now how much abrasion to apply will depend on the bore manifold. You hone the cylinder to ensure enough volume and airflow to execute the perfect break-in of the rings.

You will require the rigid honing that comes with a spring-loaded breaker with abrasive stone grinds. It will assist you with breaking the glaze or condition the surface to the desired finish.

Deglazing a Cylinder 

This term indicates giving the old hone an updated crosshatch for the new rings to seal better. Deglazing removes the smoothness of the cylinder wall surface. It recreates the crosshatch that is practically gone due to constant friction.

However, you have to make sure the angles remain 45 degrees when deglazing. The ideal tool for this purpose is the flex ball hone, but it relies on the cylinder finish you wish to achieve.

As you deglaze the cylinder bores, you are recreating the peaks and valleys the initial honing formed. Therefore, the stroke speed and the rpm must have consistency.

The tool must spin in the hand drill right before going in and continue until it comes out. Never stop the tool spinning when the flex hone is still inside the bore. It will ruin the perfect crosshatch pattern with unnecessary abrasion on the top section. 

Difference between Deglazing and Honing a Cylinder 

How do you distinguish between the honing and deglazing of a cylinder? Honestly, there is not much to tell in this regard. However, the list below will aid you in finding the slight variations between the two tasks.

Cylinder Honing

  • Honing uses abrasive stones
  • It offers an accurate crosshatch pattern
  • Cylinder honing ensures excellent retention of lubrication
  • Honing a cylinder enlarges the bore
  • You hone after boring the cylinder for a better finish
  • More materials are cut out
  • The ring type will define which surface finish you need
  • Cylinder honing is often aggressive due to the use of rigid hones

Cylinder Deglazing 

  • Deglazing uses dingle ball hone (flex hone)
  • It removes the glassy, smooth texture in the cylinder wall
  • The reforming of the crosshatch is known as deglazing
  • It does not change the diameter
  • Deglazing does not require boring
  • It would be best if you deglazed for the new rings to settle well

Final Words 

By now, you can grasp that the difference between deglazing and honing a cylinder is not that difficult.

However, the various transformations will be visible when the tools are used to hone or deglaze the cylinder. For instance, you can use rigid hone when deglazing and flex hone for honing.

There will be an outstanding outcome, but it has to match the ring size, or else you have just ruined the cylinders for nothing. So, try to stick to the usual. If it is out of your hand, seek guidance from a professional mechanic.


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