Cricut Design Space Alternative: Expert Recommended List

Cricut machines are handy tools for home crafters. They are extremely well-rounded devices for making your designed images come to life on papers, or even fabrics of your choosing.

These machines come with the Design Space software for making your desired projects. However, the Design Space software has many shortcomings – including inexplicable crashes– that may be stopping you from getting the full utility of your Cricut machine.

Here, we will give you the best Cricut Design Space alternative software that have been recommended by crafting experts. These alternatives will broaden your design scope and enhance your experience while using your Cricut machine.

Top Alternatives for Design Space

Here are the finest alternatives for Design Space out there–

1. Inkscape

We are starting the list with an open-source, free to use software. Inkscape is an image editor program that creates scalable vector images. It is easily one of the most intricate and exhaustive software available in the market.

Inkscape has a plethora of tools to assist you in making the perfect design. These include – node editing, Z-scale operations, Boolean operations, bitmap creation, Bezier curves, and many more.


  • Inkscape has the most extensive tool profile among the available alternatives
  • Can use any fonts you have installed, including right to left panning fonts
  • Offers great compatibility with all operating systems – Linux, Windows, or MacOS
  • Can import and export files of various formats, such as – svg, png, ps, pdf etc.
  • Provides support for multiple languages
  • Has a thriving online community worldwide that provides assistance and guidance for new users
  • It is open source, so the online community can create updates and fix for the program
  • There are hundreds of tutorials and guides available in many languages for newcomers and beginners


  • Due to the complexity of the tools, it is hard for anyone to pick up and start using the program right away
  • The interface is more complex compared to Design Space or other alternative software
  • Performance issues may occur while using this application if the design is too large and complex

2. Sure Cuts A Lot

Sure Cuts A Lot is an extremely flexible tool, meant for using designs on almost all die-cutting machines in the market. It has both a regular version and a pro version. The latter comes with added features, which is more expensive.

This software offers a simpler interface for a user-friendly experience. Although the interface is simple, it has a broad assortment of tools to help illustrate your ideas. One of the best tools it has to offer is tracing. It allows you to transform any file format into svg format, so that you can cut it.


  • Beginner friendly interface and easy to use tools makes it an easy pickup for anyone
  • Isn’t bound to be used on specific Cricut machines, so you can get much greater value if you have multiple cutters
  • The interface can be customized to fit your preferences
  • Developers regularly update the software to get rid of bugs and issues
  • There are many plugins and extensions available for the program, giving you more tools to work with
  • Gives you the option to hand draw your shapes and figuresT
  • he official website has tutorials on how to install and use the program with video instructions
  • You can work with both metric units and imperial units with ease


  • Supports MacOS and Windows, but not Linux
  • All features and plugins will not work on MacOS
  • There are limitations on the number of projects in the regular version
  • The pro version of the software is on the expensive end for some users

3. Adobe Illustrator

There is not much that needs to be said about Adobe Illustrator. It is one of the most popular and powerful designing tools that you can use. Illustrator can also be a cost saving option for you, if you already have it on your computer.

This software creates vector images with ease and precision. Tools and resources available for Illustrator can make life very easy when you are trying to make an intricate and complex shape.

The main advantage of using Illustrator is that it updates your progress automatically, across any device or operating systems you may be using. So, if you use your tablet for designing something, you will automatically be able to access it from your computer, and vice versa.


  • Offers the best inter-platform sharing and compatibility
  • Extremely popular; so you can find guides on just about any type of design idea for Illustrator
  • Has an extensive library of free resources you can use to spruce up your designs
  • There are plug-ins and extensions that you can get very easily to expand your toolkit
  • Gives you the option to use touchpads or drawing pads
  • It’s the best tool to use when working with multi layered designs
  • Has font integration that allows you to work with fonts you don’t have


  • The monthly subscription is quite costly, especially if you are not using it regularly
  • Sometimes experiences issues working with different formats
  • The interface is very crowded and can easily overwhelm new users

4. Silhouette Studios

Unlike the rest of the programs mentioned on this list, Silhouette Studios isn’t an individual application, rather a suite of programs that take care of various designing needs before cutting.

The basic version of the software package is offered for free, but you have to spend money to get the more advanced versions. It has 3 possible upgrades – Designer Edition, Designer Edition +, and Business Edition.


  • Works with almost all die-cutting machines out there
  • It can import all regularly used file types like svg, png, pdf, bmp, as well as many obscure file types like ttf, otf, studio, gst etc.
  • Allows direct import from other drawing applications such as Illustrator and Photoshop to use with your Cricut machine
  • Has the most unique editing tools among all the software on this list
  • The Business Edition gives access to font creation tools


  • Can’t export the files in svg or png format without the business edition
  • Most required tools are locked for the free version
  • Compared to other software, the non-business versions are limited in tools
  • As the editing tools are unique, the skills required aren’t transferrable
  • Does not support Linux


With these tools that are the choice of expert crafters as Cricut Design Space alternatives, you can expand your versatility as a designer and access many more tools. You can’t go wrong with any of the software mentioned here. So, pick one that suits your needs.


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