How to Check for Worn Or Failing Shocks And Struts?

My car felt a bit weird while driving for the last few months. From the outside, it looked like pretty much everything was fine, but what was causing the issue? Well, I did some deep digging around and found out the core problem. My shocks and struts were all worn out.

It happened to my friend’s car once too. He didn’t realize it till he checked out why his car was having these issues. So, it is quite a common occurrence. This is why it’s necessary to always keep an eye on it.

So, how to check your failing shocks? Well, my team and I did some digging and found out some simple ways you can keep track of everything, That way, you’ll not have to deal with the issues we went through.

What Do They Actually Do?

Before we dig into the issue, we have to learn about what they do first. Since these parts are so small, you might think that they might not have much importance or work to do. Well, that’s where you’d be wrong. Shocks are extremely important when it comes to keeping your vehicle steady.

Having full control over your car, no matter how rough the roads are, is the job of shocks and struts. If you want to be a bit more specific, shocks absorb the pressure whenever you are going over any rough terrains.

That way, the vehicle stays much more stable, and you get better control over it. The steering will be much more precise, and the brakes will work well too. They also do a great job at keeping your wheels aligned properly.

Shocks are separate from everything, but struts combine the whole thing in a structural unit. However, they both help in keeping your car stable on the road.

Their Longevity

It is always best to know how long these components last. Of course, it all depends on how rough you ride your car, but there is still an estimate. It is difficult to know if they are all worn out since the whole thing happens slowly over time.

You won't notice if the handling is worse than before or not. It will be wise to keep everything in check after every 12,000 miles, and then you can take your ride to a mechanic for professional help.

There is another thing you can do. Often try to check if the car is perfectly aligned after every long ride. If you ride more aggressively, then it will be wise if you check it after every ride. Trucks have it worse in this scenario. They wear out quickly, and it is difficult to find good truck shocks for smooth ride

The Warning Signs 

Now the issue is, how do you know that you have to change the shocks of your vehicle? Well, there are some simple ways to know about it. There will be some different characteristics in your car when it happens. So, let's figure that out, shall we?

Unstable Rides

This one should be the most obvious sign. These components help stabilize the vehicle, so your ride would start getting unstable if anything happens to them. You can notice this whenever you are going off-road or any potholes.

The car will become much stiffer and difficult to control. You will start feeling every single crack on the road, which is not a very pleasant experience.


Leaking is a very common issue when it comes to problems like these. When these components become loose, they cannot stop any leakage. It is the easiest way to find out about any issues.

Uneven Tires

Your car’s suspension system plays an important role when it comes to aligning the tires. When shocks and struts wear out, it does a great deal on the suspension system. That’s when the problem occurs. The tires become uneven and start wearing out unevenly.

This unevenness can create a huge issue whenever you are riding. Plus, changing out one tire at a time will be a continuous waste of money because the problem will stay the same. So, if you see your tires getting worn out inconsistently, it will be wise to change them up quickly.

Steering Issues

Steering is always one of the most important things while driving. If there is an issue with controlling your car, anything wrong can happen. So, it's crucial that you keep an eye on it.

When these shocks and struts are in bad condition, the steering of your car becomes janky. It also becomes pretty unresponsive. You will notice that turning around the corners is much more difficult now.

Plus, switching lanes is not fluid anymore. If you ever see any issue with your car's handling, it is wise to go to a professional quickly.

Braking Issues

This one is another severe problem to deal with because struts affect your brakes too. Since it is not a single component, it goes beyond your suspension. If anything goes wrong with the struts, you will start noticing various problems other than suspension.

One way to notice this issue is that even when you push the brake, the car will not stop accordingly. If you fully press the brake, the vehicle will nose dive.

Choosing the Right Product

When you have to change these components out of your vehicle, you should never go for a third-class option. These are some vital parts, and your safety depends on them. It will be extremely wise while choosing the new product.

So, how do you do it? Well, suppose, like most people out there, you are driving the Ford f250. You should research more about the best shock for f250 and evaluate the whole market.

Check which products are available and which products most people use with fewer complaints. You can follow the mass and go with the flow.

Final Words

It's surprising how such a thing can leave a huge impact on your car. That's why it is absolutely necessary always to keep them in check. If they ever wear out, never wait too long to change them out. Hopefully, our article on how to check your failing shocks helped you out even a little bit. So, safe driving, everyone.


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