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Is 9Cr18MoV Steel Good for Knives? [Complete Steel Guide]

Proper research on the knife you’re going to buy is an excellent way to start the hunt. Today we’ll be discussing the answers to questions such as – “What is 9cr18mov steel?” and “Why should you consider getting yourself one?” Let’s get straight to the point. 9cr18mov steel is every knife keeper’s favorite budget stainless steel. […]

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Is 4116 Stainless Steel Good for Knives? – [Complete Guide]

When it comes to making knives, the material you use directly influences the sharpness and durability. In essence, the percentage composition of each element in the steel is what makes them different from one another. Tweaking elements such as silicon, sulfur, manganese, and carbon has an effect on the knife properties. And so, depending on its […]

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What Is 5Cr15MoV?

Every chef or home cook needs to have a vast knowledge of various tools, utensils, equipment, etc. in their kitchen. Among some of these items, the set of knives in your kitchen is something you should be aware of when it comes to its features and qualities. One of these special knives is the 5Cr15MoV knives. […]

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N690co Steel Review

When it comes to choosing a knife, we know that you only want to use and purchase the best ones. And the knives that have good quality steel are the best ones there are. So before setting out to purchase a knife, you need to learn as much as you can about the mighty steel […]

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Is SK5 Steel Good For Knife? [Complete Guide]

Knives are an integral part of our daily lives. From the kitchen to the workshop, it is a much-needed product. Knowing the composition of a knife is also necessary. Some knives consist of SK5 Steel. Well, what is SK5 steel, you ask? We are here to answer just THAT question. Not only will we be giving […]

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Is 420HC Steel Good for Knife? [Complete Steel Guide]

The first and the most important thing a good knife needs is good quality steel. Before choosing a knife, it is vital to make sure that you are choosing the best one that has the most sophisticated steel blade. Bad quality steel blades do not last long, are not precise, and perform very poorly. Only knives […]

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