Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting in 2023 [Buying Guide]

Despite having enough illumination, if you prepare the foods under the cabinet, you might not be able to see things properly. I personally find it disturbing to prepare foods or eat something in low light.

Regardless of the reason you also don't like the shadow in this particular area of your kitchen, there is a solution for it. You probably have guessed it right. Yeah, I'm talking about cabinet lights, but there will be no wirings at all.

Having the best wireless under cabinet lighting system will not only make seeing things easier under it, but also the system will give the entire kitchen space a different appearance, which you will surely love.

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5 Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting Reviews

There were a huge number of wireless options that I had to go through to make this list of the top 5 of them. No matter what's your budget, you will find one that will compliment your kitchen space.

1. Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light 6 Pack with Remote

No more disturbing shadows under the cabinet once you get this pack of 5 LED lights. Unlike conventional lighting systems, it doesn't require wirings and pressing switches to turn them on. You can wirelessly control all the lights using a remote and set different settings as you like.

To lighten your under cabinet space, each light has 55-lumen brightness. The lights provide a warm white glow that looks very pleasing to the eyes. Apart from using them in your kitchen space, you can attach them securely, pretty much wherever you want.

The remote allows you to control the lights from 15 feet away. You can set the timer to turn the lights off after 15 to 120 minutes. So, even if you forget to turn them off, this feature will do it for you and make sure the battery is being used more efficiently.

To quickly set different brightness levels, the remote has a quick press button to set 50% or 100%. Also, you can adjust the brightness as per your convenience and dim or illuminate it to your preference.

Each light comes with 3 AA batteries out of the box. So, you will get a total of 18 AA batteries. Compared to conventional ones, the lights will last 4 times longer. You will easily get 100 hours of runtime.


  • Pleasing brightness
  • Long remote control range
  • Optional timer and brightness level settings
  • Comes with 18 AA batteries
  • Long battery runtime


  • The preloaded batteries don't seem to hold charge for a long time

2. Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra-Thin LED Light Bar

Light bars illuminate more areas than most puck lights. If you want to opt for a bar lighting system to deal with the shadow under the cabinet, I have this product from Brilliant Evolution as a suggestion for you.

With 65 lumens super bright LEDs, the system will surely make your kitchen space look different and modern. The light delivers a 3000k warm white glow, which is perfect for the kitchen interior as well as other rooms. If you want to use it for other lighting decoration purposes, these will fit just fine for the reasons.

To install the light, you can either use adhesive tape or screws. Both are included in the package. See which option seems more convenient to you. Once you install it, if you change your mind, you can easily remove and reinstall to another position without much time and effort.

The light measures about 1-inch thick and 8.5 inches long. So, this will nicely fit your interior without ruining the appearance.

Unlike the previous one, it doesn't have a remote control feature. You will have to tap on its lens to turn the light ON and OFF.

It requires 3 AA batteries to power up this lighting system. This assures you of a total of 100 hours of runtime, which is almost 4 times longer than conventional decorative lights. Sadly, the manufacturer didn't include any batteries inside the package.


  • Super bright lights with warm white effects
  • Tap to control
  • Very thin and sleek design
  • Easy to install
  • Long runtime of 100 hours


  • Doesn't come with batteries
  • Lights dim a bit when the batteries are down to 50%

3. LightBiz LED Closet Light, 24-LEDs

Prefer rechargeable batteries instead of AA alkaline batteries? Then this light from LightBiz will make a great appeal to you. The light comes with a lot of features and functions that make it more than just an under cabinet light. Its functionalities will make you take it on camping or backpacking trips.

Inside it, there are 24 LEDs, which illuminate dark spaces with great brightness. All the LEDs produce in total 150 lumens of brightness, you can tell how bright it can get.

For user convenience, there are 4 modes or functions. You can set it to Always On mode, turn on night mode to illuminate with low brightness, set the day mode to get the maximum brightness out of the LEDs, and lastly, turn it off.

The light also features a motion detection sensor that automatically turns the light on and off due to human movement during both day and night time. It uses the light in a more energy-efficient way and holds the charge for a long time.

If you enable the Always On mode, it will last about 5 hours or more. However, on its sensor mode, you will get up to 20 days of runtime, depending on how often you come near to the lights.

You don't need to buy batteries for this, as it already has rechargeable batteries. Simply recharge it through a USB cable using a power bank or laptop, and you are good to go. There is a built-in magnet on its back that securely adheres to metal or iron surfaces.


  • Super bright LEDs
  • Rechargeable
  • Different operating modes for convenient usage
  • Versatile applications
  • Motion and night sensor
  • Easy to install


  • Sensors oftentimes don't work properly
  • Requires daily charging for frequent movement

4. LightBiz 78 Rechargeable LED Closet Light

This light is from the same manufacturer, but it comes with more LEDs and brighter lumen ratings. Total 78 pure white LEDs can combinedly produce 250 lumens of max brightness. Of course, you can adjust the brightness level as per your preference as low as 150 lumens.

Whether you come close to the light during day or night time, its sensor can detect the movement, makes the LEDs to illuminate, and stays on for about 20 seconds if there is no motion detected.

You can set it to 3 different modes for convenience. Mode 1 is for auto on in dark conditions. For motion detection in both dark and daytime, switch to mode 2. If you want the light to remain turned on all the time, then set it to mode 3. It will last about 6 hours on Always On mode.

For ease of use, the light features a control button. You can single press, double press, long press, and turn the button for controlling the light and switching between its functions.

To assure you of its reliability, the housing is made of aluminum and ABS plastic. Withstanding light abuses and falls won't be much of an issue for the unit.

As the batteries are rechargeable, you can use a wall plug, laptop, or power bank to charge this light unit through a standard USB cable. There will be charging indicators telling when it's charging or fully charged.


  • High brightness LEDs3 different modes
  • Motion and light sensor
  • Versatile usage
  • Rechargeable through USB cable


  • Charge doesn't last long after a few months of using

5. OxyLED Motion Sensor Closet Lights

The last one on the list is from OxyLED. It's a battery-powered light bar with 10 LEDs inside it. This deal will get you 3 light bars at a relatively low price point. However, there are options for 1 or 2 bars as well.

Made of aluminum and ABS plastic, you can expect it to be durable enough for not coming off its parts and components. Measuring 7.5 x 1.2 inches, the light will easily fit under the cabinet, inside the closet, and pretty much everywhere you want more illumination.

The LEDs provide pure white illumination of enough brightness to find things easily in the dark. You can also use it for decoration purposes as well.

Featuring a motion detection sensor, it can even motion detect movements during nights and automatically turn on the lights. It auto-offs the light if there is no movement for 15-18 seconds. This sensor works flawlessly within 3 meters of range at 12-degrees.

The lightbar requires 4 AAA batteries to be illuminated. Due to the motion sensor, it runs pretty much all the time in the energy-saving mode. You can expect these batteries to last longer than conventional ones. The manufacturer claims the LEDs to last about 50,000 hours or more.

There is an adhesive strip with magnetic fields on the back of this light bar to make installation a fairly easier task. You will not need any tools or screws whatsoever. Just peel off the adhesive tape, and stick the light on a clean surface.

As the adhesive sticker is of 3M quality, you can unstick the light for battery changing purposes without damaging the glue.


  • Ultra-bright 10 LEDs
  • Motion detector sensor auto on-off
  • Easy to mount and unmount
  • Long battery life
  • Multi-purpose light bar
  • Made of quality materials


  • Short motion detection range
  • Requires complete dark environment to turn on automatically

What to Look for Before Buying?

All these lights have one thing in common, illuminating dark places. However, they differ from each other in terms of features, functions, and controlling systems. Determine your using purpose, and if you need a more convenient one, such as having a remote control feature, and then check for the following things.

Lumen Ratings

As not all the lights are equally bright, you don't need extremely high or low brightness to fulfill the illumination purposes, you must get a light with enough lumen rating for your needs.

Puck lights have relatively low ratings ranging from 50-80 lumens, whereas light bars come with 100-250 lumens or even higher. If only under cabinet space is your concern, a 60 lumen light will be more than enough.

However, if you plan to use it for other purposes or mount a lightbar on an area where more illumination is required, the light should be at least 150 lumens.

Adjustable Brightness

As you don't need the same brightness during day and night, having an adjustable brightness feature ensures that your eyes don't feel uncomfortable due to extremely high or low light.

Motion Detection

Some light bars come with motion detection sensors that detect movements and turn on and off the lights depending on the condition. If you need to illuminate an area that only requires turning on the lights when you access or go nearby it, make sure your light has this motion detection feature.

This particular feature is extremely beneficial for maintaining a good battery backup.

Operating Type

As you are looking for a wireless lighting system, you will come across either a remote control or physical button or tap control units. A remote control system allows you to operate and control the lights from a certain distance.

You can set the timer, adjust brightness, and turn it on and off while staying further away from the light.

If you go for a light with physical buttons, you will have to come close to it to be able to switch between modes, adjust the brightness, and turn ON and OFF. Even though this might seem less convenient than remote control ones, when it comes to brightness, lights with buttons can illuminate brighter and cover more space.

Power Type

Wireless lights are all battery-powered. However, some models are equipped with rechargeable batteries, whereas some have AAA or AA batteries inside them, which aren't rechargeable.

You can use a USB cable to charge rechargeable batteries. And you need to periodically charge those depending on the usage, similar to smartphones and laptops.

This is something that AAA or AA battery-powered units don't require. After a certain period of time, you just need to replace the batteries.


Most wireless illuminating lights use magnetic fields and adhesives straps to be able to mount on walls, cabinets, and other positions.

However, there are some that require nuts and screws to be able to mount them. Once you install the light, it's pretty much settled there for a long period of time, unless you want to place it in another place.

If you plan to use the same light for various purposes, be sure to get a unit with adhesive stickers and magnetic fields. These are much easier to mount and unmount.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lumens are needed for under cabinet lighting?

A lightbar with 250 or more lumens will be more than enough for standard-sized under cabinet space. However, there are lights with 400 and 500 lumens also, but these are expensive and hard to find.

What color LED wireless under cabinet light is good for eyes?

LED lights with warm white color effects are the most soothing for eyes if you are to place them in a low position. However, if you consider placing it a bit higher, pure white color effects would be the best.

Does under cabinet lighting add value?

If your under cabinet space has shadows, and you mostly prepare meals, make the batter and other pre-cooking stuff over there, then an under cabinet light will add great convenience and increase your productivity. This lighting system also makes a kitchen room look modern and elegant.

Are LED strip lights bad for your eyes?

LED strips that are extremely bright can cause issues to the eyes if regularly or occasionally the light directly illuminates the eyes. However, if you use low lumen rating LEDs and don't look directly at the LEDs, this is okay for your eyes.

Puck or lightbar, which one is best for under cabinet?

Puck light provides a more of a warm white color with relatively low lumen ratings. At the same time, lightbars can get very bright due to high lumen ratings. If you need to illuminate the under cabinet space from a close distance, puck lights will be enough. If you are to set the lights in a higher position, go for a lightbar.

Final Words

Don't get confused about seeing lots of features and functions of wireless lights. The best wireless under cabinet lighting for you would be the one that illuminates the space with enough brightness, having adjustable brightness settings, and user-friendly or convenient to use.

No matter which one you get, this will enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen and complement the interior design.


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