The Best White Wall Tire Cleaner in 2023 [Buying Guide]

Cleaning tires is the hardest part of car cleaning. Sometimes it gets much harder to remove dirty elements from the tires. When it comes to cleaning stubborn messes, shampoo and soapy water don't seem to hold up well for white wall tires. The white color doesn't seem that white after a few months.

To clean such messes, you need the best white wall tire cleaner that is specially formulated for rubber and white rims. Using one of these cleaners will make your tires and rims look new if there's no major damage on the tire surface.

As there are countless numbers of automotive accessories and cleaners, finding a tire cleaner can be an overwhelming task. However, I have already spent a considerable period of time knowing the products that provide the best value for the money.

Best White Wall Tire 2021

No matter how dirty your car's tires and rims get, cleaning will be more convenient and fun using any of the cleaners below.

1. Duragloss Whitewall Tire Cleaner 22 oz.


  • Volume: 22 fl. oz.
  • Surface recommendation: Whitewalls, black walls
  • Gets rid of: Dirt, grease, oil, grime, old tire dressing
  • Can be diluted: Yes

Just about to replace the yellowish whitewall tires of your car or bike? If you tried soap, bleach, magic erasers, and all of them failed, this cleaner from Duragloss won't disappoint you whatsoever. Bring the lost white glory to the tires while spending a lot less than what it would require to replace the wheels.

Besides using it on the car's tires, you can use it on other vehicle's whitewall wheels. The formula doesn't cause any harm to spokes or surfaces close to the tires.

This cleaner is a blend of some selected cleaners and surfactants to make the impossible thing possible. Give it a try; it will surely whiten the tires no matter how dirty the surfaces are.

Simply spray the cleaner onto the tires, wait for a few minutes, and brush the surface a bit, and then rinse with water. Be prepared to be shocked! Your tires will look as if you just bought them from an auto parts store.

Apart from using it on tires and wheels, you can use it to clean mats, black walls, and engines as well. The result will impress you this time as well. When you are to use it to clean anything other than whitewall tires, be sure to dilute the solution a bit.


  • Effectively whitens whitewall tires
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be diluted for using on other solid surfaces
  • Doesn't harm spokes or other surfaces
  • Great value for the money


  • Doesn't whiten stubborn yellowish things
  • Great value for the money

2. Black Magic Bleche-Wite Tire Cleaner 1 Gallon


  • Volume: 32 fl. oz.
  • Surface recommendation: Whitewalls, white letters on tires, black walls
  • Gets rid of: Brake dust, road film, grime, grease
  • Can be diluted: No

Being America's #1 tire cleaner, Black Magic Bleche seems to do really well cleaning whitewall tires. The formula is a fast-acting one. So, unlike conventional cleaners, you don't have to do the muscle job for scrubbing and wait for a long time to whiten the tires.

Its powerful cleaning agents dissolve more effectively and take care of dust, grime, stain, and other messes with great results. Whether your vehicle has black wall or white wall tires, this is the only solution you will need to keep its shine and color long-lasting.

If there is any white lettering on the tires, the cleaner will clean it as if it came out of the warehouse.

Tough to remove soils make cleaning tires a hassle work, which is one of the reasons why people try different solutions to clean the tires. Black Magic is fortified with a Prim scrub that has some serious cleaning agents, which are designed to remove soils that adhere to tire surfaces.

All you need is to spray the cleaner on the tire surfaces and wait for a while, and then rinse with water. Compared to conventional cleaners, the waiting time is much less for this one.

As the formula is a bit strong, it's highly advised that you wear rubber gloves and eye protection before you spray it on tires.


  • Powerful cleaner works on black and white wall tires
  • Cleans stubborn soils
  • Requires less cleaning effort
  • Easy to use


  • Might not be able to whiten some tires that are extremely hard to clean

3. CarGuys Wheel and Tire Cleaner


  • Volume: 18 fl. oz.
  • Surface recommendation: Whitewalls, black walls, rims, exhaust tips, braking systems
  • Gets rid of: Dirt, road grime, brake dust
  • Can be diluted: Yes

Those who don't bother much cleaning their vehicle tires find cleaning tires extremely difficult. If you are that kind of a person who maintains or cleans the tires once in a while, you need a strong cleaner like this one.

Salt is one of the enemies of your car tires that you shouldn't take lightly. This particular element eats away wheels and causes severe damage to the protective layer of tires. Also, it's the main reason for causing rust and corrosion issues to your expensive wheels. But, once you get this cleaner, you have no reason to worry.

You will hardly find another cleaner similar to CarGuys Premium Cleaner to effectively wash away salt and its particles from tire surfaces.

If you think stronger formulas are always toxic and contain harmful chemicals, then you probably didn't come to know this environment-friendly cleaner. It's acid-free, pH balanced, and non-toxic that doesn't pose any harm to your skin or other sensitive objects that contact the cleaner.

The formula is very effective in cleaning different types of materials. Whether your tires are made of aluminum, alloy, chrome, etc., materials with anodized, polished, painted, plastic-dipped, or clear-coated rims, you will be able to whiten or make black wall wheels darker using the cleaner.

Apart from car wheels, it comes really effective in cleaning white wall tires of bikes. The tires will look like new, and your friends might ask about the price of these newly replaced wheels.


  • Non-toxic and environment free cleaning solution
  • Effectively washes salt and stubborn messes
  • Can be applied to a wide variety of materials
  • Doesn't cause harm to skin
  • Perfect for both white and black wall tires


  • Requires more amount to use for cleaning
  • Expensive option compared to others

4. Detail King Tire and Whitewall Cleaner


  • Volume: N/A
  • Surface recommendation: Whitewalls, braking systems
  • Gets rid of: Dirt, road grime, brake dust
  • Can be diluted: Yes

Tires are the parts that get exposed to more dirty and messy elements than other exterior parts of your vehicle. So, these require some special attention prior to others. Having a cleaner like this one assures you of whitening the tires without putting much effort.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty cleaner to clean the toughest messes from the tires, Detail King Tire cleaner is something you can rely upon. Once you apply the solution to the tire surfaces, it starts to break down grime instantly. Let it do the work for a while, and then wash away to make the tires look like new again.

Unlike conventional and cheaper ones, the cleaner doesn't make white yellowish. In addition to that, if your tires have white letters on them, the solution will not cause any damage to those letters at all. It only deals with the dirt, grime, and messes, that you cannot clean using other cleaners.

Apart from cleaning the white rims, you will find the cleaner to provide great results to make the black tires even darker. It will bring back the rich and true black color to the tires. Also, for tire dressing, the results come excellent without requiring much labor work from you.

The solution doesn't contain harmful chemicals such as Phosphates and Butyl. Its biodegradable lemon scent will spread a refreshing smell to nearby areas.


  • Cleans heavy-duty tire messes and grime
  • Fairly quicker results
  • Brings the true black tire color
  • Can be used for dressing
  • Chemicals aren't harmful


  • Requires a little scrubbing

5. Coker Tire Wide White Whitewall Cleaner


  • Volume: 16 fl. oz.
  • Surface recommendation: Whitewalls, black walls, rims, exhaust tips, braking systems
  • Gets rid of: Dirt, road grime, brake dust
  • Can be diluted: Yes

Last but not least, a whitewall tire cleaning solution from Coker Tire that doesn't disappoint its customers. Whether your tires have black or white rims and rubber, it will bring back the lost glory to these.

Unlike conventional products, the cleaner assures you of the most cleaning results. However, the only drawback is that it requires medium to hard scrubbing depending on the dirt type. If it's too stubborn, you will need to scrub a bit harder. For normal messes, it handles most tasks on its own.

This 16oz spray bottle will be more than enough for multiple cleaning. Cheaper cleaners require a great amount of liquid to spray on tires. And this is not the case with Coke Tire cleaner. You will find this deal to provide you great value for the money.

Compared to the rest of the other cleaners on the list, the waiting time for this one is a bit lengthy. You might have to wait for 10 minutes or more for hard to clean messes. Even though the waiting time seems too much, once you wash the liquid and see the results, the time would be worth spending.


  • Effective cleaning results
  • Doesn't cause harm to spokes and other parts
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to use


  • Long waiting time
  • Requires hard scrubbing

How to Keep Whitewall Tires Clean?

Even though car manufacturers don't release cars in the market with whitewall tires, back in the old days, these tires were a sign of luxury and elegance. Compared to black tires, these require more cleaning effort. And still, it's very hard to keep the whiteness on whitewall tires.

White rubber on the tires gets dirty sooner and takes a lot of hassle work and scrubbing to remove messes that make the tires looking yellow. And after a few years of using, the yellowish color doesn't seem easy to remove.

Using a strong and effective cleaner isn't everything. You must ensure that the cleaning procedure is right as well. If you have just bought a whitewall tire cleaner and are looking for the right method to clean the tires using the solution, be sure to follow the instructions below.

Get the Right Whitewall Tire Cleaner

You must have the right cleaner for the job. Most rubber cleaners that people use for cleaning tires are for black wall tires. Be sure to buy a cleaner that is specially formulated for whitewalls. It will provide you the best cleaning results.

If you use any harsh household cleaners that contain chlorine bleach or alcohol, it will make the tire surface dry, which will cause premature wear on the tires.

Prepare the Tires

Don't start cleaning just after you have driven the car somewhere. Let the tires cool down; these should be cool to touch. Consider giving a pre-rinse using normal temperature water.

Spray the Cleaning Liquid

Get the cleaner that you have bought for your whitewall tires. Spray it all across the tires, including on the rims. Let the liquid activate its cleaning agents to break the grime, dust, and other messes. Depending on the cleaners, it will take 2-10 minutes to deeply penetrate dirt and grime and make them easy to get off.

Make sure the cleaner is safe for rims and other parts as well. Cleaners that are made of harsh chemicals will cause severe damage to the spokes and nearby parts.

Wash Away the Liquid and Tires

After a certain period of time, use clean water to rinse the tires and rims. Your tires should look as if you have just bought them from an auto parts store.

For Removing Yellow or Brown Stains

If there are still some brownie or yellowish stains left on the tire surfaces, you will need to put a bit of effort to get them off effectively.

Consider using a scrub pad or sandpaper, and slowly and gently scrub on the stained area to remove the layer. Eventually, you should see the yellowed layer coming off and the whitewall regaining its true color.

Whitewall Tires Cleaning Tips

Be sure to clean the tires on a regular basis. This will not allow the tires to get excessively dirty. Thus, you don't need to scrub hard and spend much time and effort to whiten the tires.

Consider dressing the tires once in a while, using a quality tire dressing solution. It will make it easier to deal with damages caused by the sun and also protect from further sun damage.


What Is The Best Way To Get Clean Whitewall Tires?

The best way to get clean whitewall tires is to use a tire cleaner that is specifically designed for that purpose.

There are many different brands and types of tire cleaners on the market, so it is important to do some research to find the one that will work best for your specific needs. Some tire cleaners are designed to be used with a power washer, while others can be used by hand.

Can I Use Bleach To Clean White Wall Tires?

When it comes to cleaning white wall tires, you may be wondering if bleach is the best option. The answer is yes and no. While bleach can be effective in removing dirt and grime, it can also cause tires to become discolored and brittle.

If you do choose to use bleach, be sure to dilute it with water and only use it on a small area at a time.

How do I keep my white wall tires from turning yellow?

The yellowing of white wall tires is caused by a number of factors, chief among them being UV exposure and atmospheric pollutants. To prevent your tires from turning yellow, you'll need to take some proactive steps.

First, try to park your car in a garage or under a carport whenever possible. This will protect your tires from direct sunlight and help to keep them clean. Secondly, wash your tires regularly with a mild soap and water solution; be sure to rinse them thoroughly afterwards.

Final Words

Make sure you don't underestimate periodical cleaning once you start to use the best white wall tire cleaner. Run periodical cleaning to keep the tires in good condition. If you use a strong chemical, don't attempt the cleaning process without wearing gloves and eye protection.


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