Best Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit in 2023 [Expert Opinion]

Are you looking for ways to endeavor your everyday truck-driving experience to the next level? Maintaining a desirable truck like the Toyota Tacoma is not an easy task. However, if you enjoy taking care of your vehicle and paying attention to the smallest details, then the perfect tool for that is a lift kit.

Fixing your truck’s suspension will never be a hassle anymore. We have been dealing with lift kits for years. Hence, we know everything there is to know about them.

Therefore, buckle up because our review of the best Toyota Tacoma lift kit will blow your mind.


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Supreme Suspensions Front Strut Spacers

Orion Suspension Lift Kit for Tacoma

Torch Lift Kits

Leveling Strut Spacers Kit For Tacoma

WULF Add-A-Leaf Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit

Benefits of Tacoma Specific Lift Kits

Lift kits are special tools for your vehicle. It helps to not only maintain but also provide a superior look.

However, how can a truck-like Tacoma benefit from it? It will help you achieve chassis modification without the hassle of professional help. Getting OEM-grade products to upgrade your vehicle without an actual OEM product is truthfully a great benefit.

Furthermore, you can also level the suspension of your vehicle. Unlike regular leveling kits, the ones specific for Tacoma come with the necessary features for this type of vehicle. Hence, you will not have to check the lift measurement or have trouble with balancing the front and rear leveling.

10 Best Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit Review

Here are the top ten lift kits that come with excellent features. You can sit back and relax; our product listing will clear up everything you need to know about lifting equipment.

1. Supreme Suspensions Front Strut Spacers

If you are looking to enhance your vehicle’s look, there is no alternative to getting an excellent quality lift kit. No other equipment will provide your truck with a better level of aggressive look. But not just any lift kit will do; you need a set of tools that will come with specific front strut spacer lifting features.

For this reason, the Supreme Suspensions Front Strut Spacers product will be the perfect option. You can take advantage of the latest metal fabrication technology that will ensure your truck looks and runs like the mighty cheetah.

The front strut spacer of this product contains the touch of a unique CNC machine which provides precise results. Furthermore, the in-house engineers test each lift kit with accuracy so that the tools you purchase function well.

It is only natural that a high-quality product like this one will provide superior ground clearance. Therefore, you can rest assured that your truck will have proper space between the ground and its lower surface.


  • Convenient installation process
  • A built-in taper will correct the pinion angle
  • You can maintain factory ride quality
  • Improve the look of your truck significantly
  • Achieve a superior level of ground clearance


  • It does not come with any shim and may cause vibration

2. Orion Motor Tech Store, Suspension Lift Kit for Tacoma

One of the most common issues you will have to deal with if you own a truck is the fitment of equipment types.

No matter how recent the model is, if it is not an OEM product, then there is a high possibility that it will not match your truck model. It can be a real pain to search for the proper lift tools that will provide appropriate fitment.

Let us introduce these 3 inch lift kits for toyota tacoma. This product comes with excellent fitment for the recent models. Hence, this kit will be perfect for the 2005-2019 Toyota Tacoma models. 

Next comes the problem of installation. But you do not have to bother with executing the lift kit because it comes with simple instructions.

Furthermore, if you want to have proper control over the truck’s factory handling mechanism, this product will come in handy. It will help to minimize the center of gravity effect of your vehicle, and you will get superior balance.


  • It comes with a 2 x 3 aircraft billet
  • Maintain the factory handling mechanism
  • The installation process is not tedious
  • You will face no trouble with fitment
  • This product will allow you to fit larger tires


  • It does not come with any differential drop spacers

3. TORCH Off Road, Full Lift Kit for Toyota Tacoma

When it comes to truck equipment, you can trust the manufacturers that have been in the business for years. Their experience in the field helped them to create superior vehicle pieces of equipment. One such popular company is the TORCH Off-Road company which makes it the best tacoma lift kits. 

The Torch 3” Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit is one of their popular products because it provides factory-level quality. Meaning, your truck will get an OEM-grade lift. Furthermore, it comes with front strut spacers. It is a bolt between the strut top hat and chassis that helps to provide better-quality assembly.

This product will give your truck extra lifting boots of three inches; this amount is enough to provide the vehicle a roguish and aggressive look.

Furthermore, you will have no trouble mounting or installing this kit. As it comes with all the necessary instructions, you can simply manage your truck’s leveling by yourself.


  • Generates a three-inch lift effortlessly
  • Front strut spacers are available
  • It comes with extra extended U bolts
  • This lifting kit provides superior durability
  • A 2” rear tapered lift block comes with it


  • The lifting may cause stress to the front shocks
  • Axle shim carriers do not come with the product

4. Leveling Strut Spacers Kit For Tacoma

Lifting your truck helps to provide a unique and roguish look. If you enjoy driving by mountain-side roads or rocky areas, you need an appropriate quality leveling kit for your vehicle’s safety.

Since it is only natural that your extreme riding conditions will not be comfortable, you can, however, make it less painful by managing your truck with a leveling tool.

One kit that will help you overcome such problems is the Leveling Strut Spacer Kits For Tacoma by the Goldenlion manufacturing company.

This product is perfect for conditioning your Tacoma and giving it superior safety if your diving conditions are not comfortable. However, you may have to check the alignment once you start using it.

Moreover, the primary component of this kit is an aircraft-grade aluminum billet. This material will ensure safe driving. Therefore, not only will the kit contain factory ride quality, but also it will provide more comfortable and safer driving conditions.


  • Fast installation process available
  • You will not have to modify the vehicle for using it
  • Maintains factory ride quality
  • Simple but useful for rough driving conditions
  • A superior aluminum core component


  • Not compatible with all Tacoma models
  • Relatively more expensive than other leveling kits

5. WULF Add-A-Leaf Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit

As much as the front tires of trucks like Toyota Tacoma need lifting, the same goes for the rear tires.

If you do not maintain a proper balance between the front and the back portion of the truck, you will not achieve an appropriate ground clearance level. You will see many people not maintaining this balance, preventing their vehicle from reaching its optimal function.

Now, if you wish to avoid such hassle, the WULF Add-A-Leaf Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit comes with a top-notch rear lifting or leveling feature. You can now have extended alignment bolts for your truck, which will help achieve that correct leveling level.

One primary issue with most leveling structures is the vibration that it causes when you drive. If you find such vibrations uncomfortable, you can opt for the Wulf product because it will provide a quiet ride.

The soft rider isolator pads that come with this product’s hardware will ensure that you can ride smoothly without a worry.


  • It comes with superior compatibility
  • Ergonomic built that helps level your truck easily
  • A smooth and quiet ride possible
  • Perfect for lifting the rear tires
  • This product comes with alignment bolts


  • It is expensive
  • Not very durable

6. ECCPP Black Rear Leveling Kit

One of the primary issues with most leveling kits is the lack of durability. If the core components do not contain superior aluminum grade quality, that may not last long. Searching for a rear leveling kit with better quality material is not an easy task. Hence, let us introduce the ECCPP Black Rear Leveling Kit product.

This tool contains a high-quality 6061-T6 model aircraft-grade aluminum billet. Such material can withstand high temperatures without melting or losing any of its functions and properties.

The manufacturer has installed 10.9-grade bolts with heat treatment and hardening. Hence, you can rely on this rear leveling tool to do the job correctly.

Furthermore, if you want your truck to look noticeably aggressive, this product will help you achieve that look. You will have no trouble managing the ground clearance level because there will be a smooth balance between the truck’s front and rear leveling. Overall, this product will help to level your vehicle superbly.


  • Superior quality compared to steel spacers
  • It will raise your truck by two inches in the rear
  • This product helps to eliminate the factory rake
  • No strut pre-loading needed beforehand
  • The installation process of the kit is easy


  • The lift height and thickness is not 1:1
  • It may create driveshaft vibrations

7. Heavy Metal Suspensions - Carbon Metal Lift Kit

When it comes to lifting your truck, nothing will work better than the kit we will talk about now. One of the key features that sets this kit apart from others is the carbon component and its rear leveling mechanism. The product we are talking about is the Heavy Metal Suspensions - Carbon metal Lift Kit.

So far, we have spoken about aluminum and steel components. Now let us talk about zinc plated bolts and carbon rear steel which this product contains. Unlike conventional steel kits, carbon steel provides superior strength. Use this leveling kit, and you will not have to worry about your vehicle performing poorly.

Since the purpose of getting a leveling tool is to ensure proper ground clearance, if the product does not contain appropriate composition, then it will damage your vehicle.

Fortunately, computer-programmed pulse-weld and CNC construction guarantee that this product does not break even during severe conditions. Hence, you will have no trouble driving the Tacoma in rocky areas. You can consider this lift kit as one the best tacoma suspension kit. 


  • Provides a safe way to lift your vehicle
  • The high-grade steel provides durability
  • Leveling installation instructions are available
  • It comes with zinc plated U-bolts
  • You will be able to perform one inch rear leveling


  • The U-bolts can require a change
  • You may have to inspect the hardware

8. ZY Front Leveling Strut Spacers

There are two types of clearance for your vehicle that you have to keep in mind; ground clearance and fender clearance. We have often spoken about ground clearance. A product that provides both these advantages is the ZY Front Leveling Strut Spacers. This device will lift your truck like no other tools.

You may be wondering why fender clearance is essential, especially when it comes to a mighty truck like the Tacoma. The gap between your vehicle’s tire and its non-wheel part is what we call its fender clearance. It provides enough gap between the two pieces so that there is an appropriate balance.

Additionally, this clearance will allow you to install larger wheels or tires to achieve that aggressive look. A truck like Tacoma requires precise leveling, and you can get that done thanks to this leveling tool. Furthermore, unlike conventional lift tools, this one will correctly align with the truck’s rear level.


  • It makes your truck look noticeably aggressive
  • Correctly levels with the rear tires
  • Additional fender clearance available
  • Easy to install
  • You will not have issues with fitment
  • A 2 x 2-inch front spacer comes with the product


  • You may have to purchase extra bolts for installment

9. MotoFab 95Taco-3F-2R Leveling Kit For Tacoma

Are you tired of having to purchase different leveling kits for front and rear upgrades? Tools like these are a must-have for your vehicle’s maintenance. However, nobody wants to buy two different lifting tools, especially since you can get the job done with one.

For this reason, let us introduce the MotoFab 95Taco-3F-2R Leveling Kit For Tacoma. This product will not only manage the ground clearance but also provide excellent balance.

Furthermore, it contains CNC machined aluminum billet. This CNC material is known for its durability and longevity. Sometimes, the non-OEM vehicle tools do not match the look of your stylish vehicle. This product comes with a black powder coating finishing which will complement the look of your Tacoma.

Unlike conventional leveling kits, this one does not require extra coils or strut disassembly. Meaning, you can install this kit yourself without professional help and within a few hours. Plus, the aluminum material will provide reliable, long-lasting quality, so you will not have to re-purchase it.


  • It takes a short time to install it
  • The black powder-coated finishing provides longevity
  • You can get both rear and front lifting features
  • This product contains an aluminum billet
  • No need for strut/coil disassembly


  • This leveling kit is expensive
  • You may have to match the 1:1 ratio manually

10. TORCH Leveling Kit For Toyota Tacoma

If your leveling kit does not provide you with superior and comfortable factory travel, it is not doing the job correctly. A good-quality leveling tool comes with excellent lift and off-road capability.

Let us introduce the TORCH Leveling Kit For Toyota Tacoma. This lifting tool will help to provide the appropriate amount of leveling your Tacoma requires. It does not contain random thickness or tapers, unlike conventional kits.

If such products’ measurement is not accurate, it can pose a significant problem for your truck. To avoid such issues, the TORCH Company has created this product with precise measurements through testing. Hence,  you will get a best lift kits for toyota tacoma. 

We can vouch that this leveling kit will help your vehicle achieve a proper ground clearance level. Since it contains functions for both front and rear portions of the truck, you will notice the correct balance level. You can rest assured that fitment will not be a problem if you choose this product.


  • Additional bolts are available with the product
  • It comes with both front and rear strut spacers
  • You will also get extended U-bolts
  • No issues regarding fitment
  • This product will generate a three-inch lift


  • The rear blocks may not always fit well
  • This leveling tool is relatively expensive

Best Lift Kit For Toyota Tacoma: Buying Guide

Now that we have talked about the ten most popular leveling kits in the market, let us discuss the unique and essential features you will have to look out for before purchasing one.

If you want your Toyota Tacoma to stand out among the numerous ones out there, our in-depth description will be of help to you.


The first and foremost topic will be the material of the leveling kits. Why is this the most critical factor? If you choose the wrong equipment, then it will not be of any use to you. Save your valued money on lift or leveling kits that will not function properly.


This component is basic. Sometimes, you may just need the most basic leveling tool. If your Tacoma does not need much of an intricate balancing, then this one will be great for you.

Although it might not provide a higher fender clearance, you will still manage the leveling functions well.

Aircraft-grade Aluminum

If you need a kit that will last a long time, you have to go for the aluminum one. It contains unique properties that provide anti-rust features as well as durability. We ensure you that the aluminum kits will save you multiple trips to the store.

Carbon Steel

Another popular leveling kit material is carbon steel. It can work as an excellent replacement for the aluminum one. Interestingly, it also comes with powder-coated finishing to provide that OEM-grade looks to your Tacoma.

Ground Clearance

Let us move into the functions of leveling kits. What is ground clearance, and how can a leveling kit help your truck achieve that?

In simple words, it is the distance that your vehicle will need to have between its lower body surface and the ground. The higher the clearance, the better balance and aggressive look you will be able to achieve.

Several types of leveling kits can lift to approximately six inches. But that depends on how much distance you prefer your vehicle to have. You can customize the kits as well and manage the level manually.

Fender Clearance

Just like the ground clearance, this one also is a type of measurement for your vehicle. It shows the amount of space your vehicle’s tire and the body have. As you lift your truck both on front and rear ends, you can also have bigger tires. The addition of the tires relies on features like fender clearance.


If you enjoy maintaining your vehicle, then you are no stranger to leveling kits. Now, if you choose one from our review, we assure you that you will not face any trouble installing it in your vehicle. However, you can also opt for mechanics who can professionally get it done for you.

Some products come with additional installation instructions and bolts that will make the process effortless. A product like that is the ECCPP Black Rear Leveling Kit. It contains clear and appropriate leveling instructions to guide you.

Front & Rear Strut Spacers

If your vehicle does not contain appropriate strut spacers, then you may be in trouble. These tools help to provide a particular gap between the tires and maintain balance.

Some leveling kits only contain either the front spacers or the rear spacers. Depending on what your truck requires, you will have to purchase the front or the rear one.

However, some exceptional products like the TORCH Leveling kit For Tacoma and the MotoFab 95Taco -3F-2R Leveling kit come with spacers. These two kits contain both front and rear strut spacers, and you will not have to purchase them separately.


Compatibility is one of the primary problems when it comes to leveling kits. You may find leveling equipment that you love, but it will be useless if it does not match your Tacoma model.

Some leveling kits only go with the newer and recent truck models. On the other hand, the more experienced companies create both lift and leveling kits for older models.

Whatever the model you choose, it should contain OEM-like properties and proper fitment for it to work optimally.


Leveling kits do more than just providing balance and ground clearance. They can ultimately give your Tacoma an aggressive look that will make your vehicle stand out among so many ones out there.

If that is the purpose of purchasing kits, you have to go for the Supreme Suspensions Front Strut Spacers. This kit will help to improve the look of your Toyota Tacoma significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions   

What is a leveling kit?

A leveling kit is an essential tool you will need for your vehicle. It helps to provide proper balance so that you can drive comfortably. Furthermore, it will also help your truck achieve more of an aggressive look.

Which leveling kit is the best one?

There are many good-quality kits out there. The best kit depends on what type of work your truck requires.

If you need just front leveling, then the ZY Front Leveling Strut Spacers will be an excellent option for you. On the other hand, if the target is rear-leveling, we suggest you go for the ECCPP Black Rear Leveling Kit.

How can I increase ground clearance?

Ground clearance is a necessary feature for your truck. It means the space between the ground and your vehicle’s lower portion. This space will ultimately indicate how much of a balance your ride will provide. You can increase it by leveling up either the front or rear parts.

What material is best for leveling kit?

There are three main types of materials; steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. All three of these core components have different benefits. Hence, which leveling kit material you should go for depends on your needs.

However, we suggest the aluminum one. It is not an ordinary aluminum component. Aircraft-grade properties are also present, which helps to provide excellent strength and durability.

Can I install the kit by myself?

Most lift or leveling kits come with clear instructions. You should be able to put the kit together within a few hours. Some products like the Heavy metal Suspensions - Carbon metal Lift comes with zinc U-bolts. Such bolts help install the equipment effortlessly.

However, if you want to be cautious while managing the leveling tools, we suggest seeking professional help.

Final Words

All the information regarding leveling kits you need to know about is now available to you. You will not have to worry or feel intimidated by vehicle equipment anymore. We understand that it is not easy to choose the correct kit to provide better ground clearance or a superior look.

However, we can assure you that our review of the best Toyota Tacoma lift kit will help you choose the correct one. Now you will be able to drive on rough terrains without worry and comfortably.

So what’s stopping you from purchasing the perfect lift kit?


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