Best Tool Box in 2023 | Reviews and Buying Guide

The importance of proper organization is one of the most understated aspects of any work. With proper organization, any work becomes significantly easier than it would have been without it. In the case of most DIY works, the best way to achieve this organization is by getting a tool box.

Tool boxes are perfect for storing and organizing all the tools that you may require in a way that suits you. The best tool box will make your tools accessible and easy to use.

In this article, we will take a look at these tool boxes. We have selected 7 of the very best to review in order to analyze what makes them great.

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Best Tool Box Made In USA

This is the section of the article where we look at the 7 products that we have selected. By reviewing their pros and cons, we aim to give you a better picture of what your options are.

1. Stanley Proto J9975-NA

Stanley is one of the leading companies when it comes to making tool boxes. The impeccable design of their products is subject to the praise of many in the DIY community. And the Proto tool box is a special product even from Stanley's standards.

The first noticeable thing about it is how different it looks compared to other products. It has a sleek steel body with a powder-coated finish that makes it look very stylish.

But this product doesn’t simply rely on looks. In terms of storage options, it gives you many. The box contains dividers that allow you to separate your tools based on your preferences. They also have a removable tote tray that is great for storing nuts and bolts.

And the overall lack of space has been subject to a lot of complaints, however. But the product makes up for this by being weighing very little. This greatly adds to the mobility of the box, and the small frame accentuates said mobility.

When it comes to the locking mechanism, this box uses a padlock system. Thus this product has you covered in terms of security.

Moreover, the only other issue with the box is the overall construction. It is made of steel, but the steel isn’t dent-resistant. In fact, it is very prone to it. So you have to be extra careful while using it.

Things we like:

  • Has a fantastic looking design
  • Contains multiple storage options including tote trays and dividers
  • Comes with a padlock system for maximum security
  • Lightweight and portable

Things we don’t like: 

  • Insufficient storage space
  • Not dent resistant

2. Kennedy Manufacturing 520B Machinist's Chest 

Kennedy Manufacturing earns its name by producing premium quality products. Their tool boxes always maintain a very high standard. But for that reason, they are also very expensive most of the time. This product also meets those criteria.

With that out of the way, let us now get into everything that makes this product truly a premium quality tool box. Firstly, it comes with a 7 drawer arrangement. Because of this, you can easily organize your tools based on their individual classification. It also gives you significantly more space.

These drawers are also wool-lined to protects the tools better. Even though it does come with 7 drawers, they don’t significantly contribute to the weight. In fact, it is actually quite lightweight, and the size is just perfect for transportation.

The overall construction contains no fabric and is made out of pure steel. And the steel construction makes the tool box very sturdy and resistant to dents and damages.

Also, the locking mechanism follows a tubular locking system. This is a good locking mechanism, but it will require you to keep a key with you at all times. Furthermore, it is not as safe as a padlock.

Things we like:

  • Comes with 7 drawers that give you more space and better organization
  • Very lightweight
  • Drawers are lined with wool to protect the tools
  • Has a sturdy and strong steel construction

Things we don’t like:

  • Very expensive compared to most tool boxes
  • Comes with a tubular locking system that isn’t secure enough

3. Kennedy Manufacturing 277Xb

Like the previous Kennedy Manufacturing product, this one is also quite pricey. But even by the standards of Kennedy, this product is very costly. This is the most expensive product on this list by a mile, and it can easily be argued that it is overpriced.

With that being said, as a product, this tool box is definitely top-notch. It also comes with 7 drawers that give you more room for storage and allow you to organize the tools better. The drawers can come with ball-bearing slides or friction slides depending on your preferences. So this company cares about your convenience.

The locking system in this tool box is spectacular. It has an internal automatic locking system for each drawer that is perfect for protecting your tools from thieves. And the construction is also very solid. The steel construction makes the tool box tough and durable.

It is completely dent resistant. Furthermore, this box isn’t too heavy. Despite such sturdy construction, it is actually quite lightweight.

And despite having so many attractive features, none of them, unfortunately, justify the price. The price is indeed way too high, and it is perfectly understandable if you want to settle for a cheaper alternative. In fact, that might be wiser.

Things we like:

  • Follows a 7-drawer style which gives you more options to arrange the tools  
  • Allows you to choose between ball-bearing slide and friction slide for the drawer
  • Made of durable and dent-resistant steel
  • Comes with an internal automatic locking system in each drawer
  • Quite lightweight despite a sturdy construction

Things we don’t like:

  • Very expensive and overpriced  

4. Stalwart Heavy Duty Rolling Tool box

In contrast to the previous two products, this product is actually quite budget-friendly. Furthermore, this is a rolling tool box. It comes with wheels so that it has better mobility. The lightweight frame also helps significantly accentuate that mobility.

One of the best things about this tool box is the compact design. It doesn’t take up too much space itself but has enough space for the tools. The box comes with multiple different compartments to store the tools. You can personalize how you want to arrange these tools, depending on your preferences.

Again, the compact design also contributes to making the tool box lightweight and more maneuverable.

Another aspect of the design and construction that is worth praising is the inclusion of cable hooks. Because of these hooks, it is much easier to store the tool box. You can simply roll it up and use the hooks to keep the box in place.

Speaking of the construction, however, the body could use some improvement. The box uses low-quality cheap plastic that is susceptible to external damages. That is why this product isn’t as durable as its contemporaries.

Things we like:

  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Has a very compact design
  • Very lightweight and mobile
  • Has cable hooks for higher convenience in storage
  • Contains multiple compartments to give you more storage options

Things we don’t like:

  • Made of cheap plastic that makes it less durable

5. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable

When it comes to maintaining the balance among the construction, design, and convenience, few tool boxes do it as well as this one. It may not blow you away in any department, but it will not significantly disappoint you either.

At first, let us talk about the overall construction. It is made of heavy-duty steel. The tough exterior is perfect for durable performance. However, it does make the tool box quite heavy and difficult to carry around.

And when it comes to storage space and storage options, this tool box delivers in both departments. It has sufficient storage space to store most of the required tools. Furthermore, it comes with 3 drawers. Thus you can arrange the tools in a way that suits you best.

For more accessibility, the drawers in this tool box can be separated and spread apart. Thus it makes your work even more convenient than usual.

The locking mechanism deserves praise as it focuses on maximum security. And the advanced padlock system used in this box is perfect for keeping the tools safe from thieves.

Things we like:

  • Durable steel construction
  • 3 drawers
  • Significant storage space
  • Allows you to separate and spread open the drawers
  • Comes with a padlock system

Things we don’t like:

  • Can be quite heavy and difficult to transport

6. DEWALT Tool Box

DEWALT tool box

This tool box right here is the strongest and sturdiest tool box on the list. And this is owed to the strong construction and materials used in the box. It is made of a special high-quality plastic composite that gives you a wide array of advantages. But it also makes the box heavier compared to most other boxes.

When it comes to the advantages, however, the storage space is a highlight. The box can carry at least 110 pounds worth of tool, which is more than you will ever need. You can store these tools in any manner or arrangement that you like. It comes with multiple dividers that make storing the tool easier.

The box also comes with a removable tote tray. In this tray, you can store your nuts and bolts separately so that they don’t get mixed up with the tools.

A very special feature of this tool box that separates it from most of the others is the fact that it is waterproof. Water can do significant damage to the quality of the tools. That is why this tool box comes with integrated water seals that are designed to keep the water out.

Things we like:

  • Made of a high quality plastic composite for maximum durability
  • Has a huge storage space
  • Comes with dividers that make storage more efficient and convenient
  • Has a removable tote tray to store nuts and bolts
  • Contains integrated water seals to keep water out

Things we don’t like:

  • Can be quite heavy and difficult to carry

7. Stanley 028001L 28-inch Structural Foam Tool Box 

The best part about this tool box is that it comes at an extremely low price. This may be the best tool box for the money. But the low price doesn’t come at the cost of significant downgrades. In fact, it has a lot of features that even pricier models don’t have.

Firstly, let us talk about the waterproofing. Like the previous tool box, this one uses integrated water seals to protect the tools from water by keeping them out.

Secondly, the entire body, including the latches, is rust free and lasts a very long time. However, we should mention that the construction on the latches is quite weak, and it is prone to falling apart.

Thirdly, the overall body is made out of hardened steel that makes the body of the box very tough. It stays strong even after taking many rough bumps.

Lastly, the box is extremely easy to carry around, and that is because of two main reasons. The first reason is that the tool box is very lightweight; the second reason is the soft grip handles that make the box comfortable to carry.

Unfortunately, this product has a very annoying design flaw. When the lid is kept open for a long period of time, the alignment between the lid and the body gets distorted. While closing it, it often doesn’t close properly.

Things we like:

  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Equipped with integrated water seals to protect the tools from water
  • Rust-free construction
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Very easy to carry and transport

Things we don’t like:

  • Latches can break off easily
  • Has a design flaw that ruins the alignment between the lid and the body

Factors We Considered Before Buying 

Now that we have reviewed 7 specific models of tool boxes, it is time to cover a more general topic. Here, we will talk about the things that you must keep an eye out in order to get the best possible tool box.


When it comes to size, a lot of people have the misconception that the bigger the size of a tool box, the better it is. But this is wrong on many levels. A bigger tool box does mean that you will have more storage space. But that would also greatly increase the weight and thus decrease the mobility of the box.

While finding the perfect size, try to strike the right balance between space and mobility.


This point was covered to an extent in the last point, but it is important enough to garner a separate point of its own. A heavy tool box will only slow you down and make your work difficult. So you need to make sure that your tool box is lightweight and mobile.

Furthermore, things like wheels and hooks also contribute to making the best tool box portable.

Storage Space 

The importance of this goes without saying. A tool box without sufficient space is unnecessary, and it defeats the purpose of buying one. But you should be smart about storage space. You should make sure your tool box doesn’t become too heavy to accommodate more tools.

It is better to look for tool boxes with multiple storage options like drawers, dividers, compartments, tote trays, etc.


The most commonly used materials in tool boxes are wood, steel, and plastic. And the right material for you depends on your priorities. If you are looking for a tool box that is very sturdy, then steel is the best bet for you.

Wooden tool boxes have a unique aesthetic, and a lot of people love that. But in terms of functionality, it doesn’t really have anything that a steel box doesn’t have. If your main priority is convenience and mobility, a tool box made of plastic or plastic composite materials is the best for you.


Like any product, you want your tool box to last for a long time. For that, you need a durable tool box. If you want your tool box to be tough and able to endure damage, then a steel construction is your best choice. But a plastic construction is better in terms of longevity.

But you shouldn’t sacrifice one for the other. As always, try to strike the right balance between the two to get the best tool box set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best tool boxes in 2020:

How to keep moisture out of the tool box?

Applying things like charcoal, desiccant silica gel packet, or large Ziploc bags go a long way to keep the tools safe from water.

How to organize a tool box? 

Firstly, you have to decide which tools you are going to keep and which you are going to discard. Secondly, pick a tool box that has sufficient space. Thirdly, arrange the tools in the best tool box organizer according to your preferences. Lastly, make sure you have easy access to the tools.

Why should I use a tool box?

A tool box is very important when it comes to the organization of your tools. It helps you keep all your tools in a disciplined manner and makes them easily accessible during work.

How to install a truck tool box? 

Firstly, take proper measurements of the truck bed and determine the right spot. Secondly, use foam padding in the selected spot for more support. Thirdly, install the tool box by using J-bolts in specific holes.

How to remove drawers from a tool box?

At first, pull the drawer out as far as possible. Then pull up or push down the lever if the drawer uses a friction slide. Press on the tab if the drawer uses tabs instead. This will dislodge the drawer, and all you have to do is pull it out.


After reading this article, you should have zero doubt on your mind regarding the importance of tool boxes. They make almost any DIY work easier with better organization. A Portuguese saying goes; the person who is well-prepared has won half the battle. A tool box helps you achieve this preparedness.

So you should make a decision to buy a tool box as soon as possible. Refer to this article for any guidelines and queries. Buy the best tool box today and enjoy all the benefits that you will gain from it.


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