Best Tile Leveling Systems 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

There's a hell lot of tile leveling systems available today. And if you have limited knowledge of these systems, you'll have a really tough time trying to pick the best tile leveling system for your unique needs.

We have created this guide to make things easy for you! Below, we'll give you our complete list of the top-rated tile leveling systems that will help you lay your tiles uniformly, eliminate lippage, and get the job done right.


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Raimondi Leveling System Starter Kit

Frosch Tile Leveling System

Storystore Tile Leveling System

YEFU Tile Leveling System

ASIBT Tile Leveling Spacer System

10 Best Tile Leveling Systems – Reviews:

1. Raimondi Leveling System Starter Kit

This is one of the most popular tile leveling systems available today. This complete kit comes designed to revolutionize the world of tiling as it makes leveling tiles easier and ensures you do your job correctly. It helps speed up the tiling process—saving you time.

The leveling system is packed complete with everything you need to get the job done. It features wedges, clips/spacers, and pliers—all of which are packed in a bucket for safe storage or carry. The system is incredibly versatile as it allows you to easily use it for flexible, larger format, heavy, and even lot thickness tiles.

You'll love that these components (wedges and spacer clips) are reusable, meaning you can use them forever. The wedges can even work for two clip sizes (i.e., 3 to 12mm and 12 to 20mm in thickness), helping eliminate the need to purchase new wedges now and then.

The included pliers come in 2 different versions to facilitate multi-use. You can not only use them for the floor but also wall tile leveling. The pliers even have unique traction that you can always set according to your needs.

Highlighted Features

  • includes installation floor plier
  • 100 leveling spacer clips included
  • 100 reusable leveling wedges included
  • allow for easy and fast floor installs
  • tile thickness: ⅛" min and ½" max
  • minimum required joint: 3/32"

2. Frosch Tile Leveling System

If you're looking for a leveling system for doing a professional tile laying job, this Frosch is worth giving a shot. The system enables you to work on both floor and wile tiles and lets you obtain perfect results.

The complete package presents you with up to 2000 pieces of 1/16-inch clips. These can work with virtually all tile sizes and will ensure your tile installation remains level, and without any lippage.

All the clips included in this system are quite sturdy, and you'll not encounter a single breakage when using them. They're soo strong that they can handle significant abuse. Bending twisting or stepping on them will not cause them to break. This means they'll last and serve you reliably for an extended period of time.

Highlighted Features

  • ensures your tiles remain level
  • eliminates lippage
  • works for both floor and wall tile
  • woks with tile thickness: 3mm (1/8") - 12mm (1/2")
  • provides 1/16" (1.5 mm) wide grout line

3. Storystore Tile Leveling System

This is the best tile leveling system for both pro and DIY use. It's great for floor and wall tiling and helps prevent your tiles from being uneven, enhance your tile laying flatness, and improve tiling speed to help you save time and effort.

When you open this kit, you'll find a total of 300 pieces of tile clips inside. These are suitable for use with tiles with a thickness running from 1/16" (1.5mm) up to 1/2" (12mm). These are extremely easy and fast to install/remove and don't require any assembly tools.

What's more, the package comes packed with up to 100 tile wedges that let you hold 1/16" minimum grout joint. These will firmly hold your tiles in place, provide better adhesion, and faster tiling.

Whether you're a DIY or professional who want to increase your efficiency in laying tiles and obtain a brilliant, lippage-free finish, this leveling system is for you. Its affordable cost makes it one of the most economical systems you can get around today.

Highlighted Features

  • 300pc 1/6" leveling spacer clips
  • 100pc reusable wedges
  • lippage-free tile & stone installations
  • suitable for pro and DIY users
  • easy to install and remove clips

4. YEFU Tile Leveling System

Here's another economic and practical tile leveling system for you. Like any other top-rated system, this kit also comes dedicated to solving slow construction, preventing tiles from being uneven, and boosting your tiling speed.

The complete kit provides you with 300 pieces of tile spacers that work with tiles of thickness 0.1" -0.47". The spacers feature a thin design off the cut that promotes quick disassembly and can be used for both wall and floor tiling. Moreover, you'll get 120 pieces of reusable wedges with a larger tile contact area for even easier leveling.

Note that both the wedges and spacers are made from high-quality PVC material to resist breakage and withstand significant abuse for the ultimate longevity.

Using the tiling system is easy as a breeze! The kit comes with labor-saving push pliers whose lever design offers increased clamping force, enabling you to push the wedge and tiles spacers and get them tightly fixed. It also offers you six-gear positions that you can easily adjust to save effort and comfort.

Highlighted Features

  • 300pcs PVC tile spacers
  • suitable for 0.1" -0.47" thick tiles
  • excellent for floor, wall installation
  • promotes easy and quick tiling
  • comes with labor-saving push-on pliers
  • 30-day refund and exchange service

5. ASIBT Tile Leveling Spacer System 

This ASIBIT leveling system might also be a good buddy for DIY and professional installers. It's unlike its competitors in that it comes with 100 pieces with straps and caps that are pretty easy to fix on each other. The straps are also super-easy to fix and place tiles around them.

The kit also comes with "+" and "-" strap types. For starters, the "+" type straps come designed for corners and with 4 tiles while the "-" work with any other type of layout. Needless to say, these straps make this leveling kit incredibly versatile.

Keep in mind that this kit is also easy to use and will help you speed up the tile leveling process, whether you're a beginner or experienced installer. The product works with tiles with thickness ranging from 3mm to 20mm, and can be used on both wall and floor tile projects.

Highlighted Features

  • usable for wall and floor tiles
  • great for large floor tile projects
  • includes 100pcs spacers
  • included caps removal tool
  • features "+" and "-" strap types
  • tile thickness: min. 3mm and max. 20mm

6. Perfect Level Master 1/16" T-Lock Anti Lippage

Looking for the best tile leveling system for professional use? If yes, you should include this Perfect Level Master 1/16" T-Lock in your final list. Marketed as the most precise and reliable leveling kit on the market today, this system is popular among professionals all over.

This kit comes with 300 spacers plus 100 wedges packed in a handy bucket for safe storage and transportation. The tools work together to ensure your tile installation, whether the wall or floor, will stay level and uniform. The system also helps you prevent tiles from warping as the adhesive cures.

All the pieces included in this kit are made using the highest quality materials for precision and durability.

The system will let you hassle-freely install large format, heavy, and wood plank tiles. They quicken the tiling process so you can save more time—a plus for professional tilers. Since the system is fast to install/remove, you'll have an easy time using it for your tiling work.

Highlighted Features

  • 300 spacers & 100 wedges
  • comes packed in a handy bucket
  • extremely fast to install/remove
  • eliminates floor/wall tile lippage
  • speeds up tiling work
  • made with the highest quality & precision

7. Perfect Level Master Professional Anti Lippage Tile Leveling System

Why install your tiles the traditional way while you can do a more appealing job with this reasonably priced tile leveling system? Also made by Perfect Level Master, this is one of the most precise tile leveling systems for both DIY and trade professionals

It features a total of 500 1/26-inch clips with built-in spacers. These help you create nice, thin, and clean-looking grout lines with no need for any additional classic spacers, like in the competing models. This makes your process of laying tiles easier and faster than ever before.

The anti-lippage also ensures that your tiles installation will be on the point tile-to-tile and keeps off warping of your tiles as the thinset cures. The system is super-easy to install or remove by hand, and with no need of any additional tools. Since the system is made with the highest quality materials, you can trust it to serve you for a longer period of time.

Highlighted Features

  • anti-lippage leveling system
  • 500 1/16-inch clips
  • super-fast to install and remove
  • durable and precise system
  • suitable for DIY and trade professionals

8. Perfect Level Master Professional Anti Lippage Tile leveling system

This Perfect Level Master system also helps you eliminate floor and wall tile lippage, saving you time and reputation.

The system includes 100 wedges made using the highest-quality materials, making them some of the strongest and most durable materials on the market today. They don't easily bend or break. These wedges come with built-in spacers at the tip, whose unique design enables you to use them as classic spacers: 3/16", 1/8", 1/16", and 1/32.

These wedges are reusable, and you can use them thousands of times for recurring jobs. Using them doesn't require any special skills. You can easily and quickly remove them by hand. No additional assembly tools are needed.

Highlighted Features

  • up to 100 red T-Lock reusable wedges
  • strong, durable and long-lasting wedges
  • wedges have built-in spacer
  • eliminates floor and wall tile lippage
  • backed by manufacturer lifetime warranty

9. QEP 99722Q LASH Tile Leveling

If you're looking for the best tile leveling system that's cost-effective and ideal for one job, you can't go wrong with this QEP 99722Q LASH system. While the package might not be as elaborate as the other kits we have featured in this list, it still gets the job done pretty well.

It comprises of simple plastic pieces which will be held in place using leveling wedges when you slide them into sides of tiles you're working on. From there, you can let the grout dry and then remove the wedges tops.

Again this tile leveling system is super easy to use and comes at a really affordable cost, making it the perfect option for your DIY home tiling project.

Highlighted Features

  • ideal for tiles up to ½" thick
  • produces 1/16" grout joint
  • produces ¼" grout joint when used with traditional tile spacers
  • features small holes to let mortar disperse evenly

10. YIYATOO Tile Leveling System

last but not least, we have this YIYATOO, a cool choice if you want to achieve a flawless wall or floor tile leveling job! The system comes at an extremely low price but enables you to achieve truly professional, well-polished surfaces.

The system works well for tile gaps between 2 to 6mm, making it ideal for most tiling projects. All the pieces included in this leveling system are made of durable and wear-resistant material to enable them to give you reliable performance and for an extended period of time.

Something else worth mentioning is that the leveling system is reusable, so you can use it as many times and in as many jobs as you want, without spending extra money on a new kit.

Whether you're a starter or professional tiler, you'll like easy it feels to fix or remove this leveling system with just a special wrench (included). Likewise, the tools are designed to install with ease, eliminating the grinding and plashing work associated with other models.

Highlighted Features

  • wall & floor tile leveling system
  • suitable for tile gap: 2mm to 6mm
  • durable and wear-resistant pieces
  • reusable to eliminate future costs
  • easy to fix/remove with a special wrench

How To Choose The Right Tile Leveling System

When you go shopping for the best tile leveling system, the numerous products out there can make it hard for you to choose the perfect system for you.

In this section, we'll give you the key considerations to help you pick out the right leveling system for you.

What's in the kit?

By now, you might have already noticed that the composition of items included in a kit varies as you move from one model to another.

Most of the packages out there include pliers, clips, and wedges. Some systems also come with straps and baseplates (a type of clip) and caps (an alternative to wedges).

The perfect kit should come complete with all these essentials, as each of them plays a huge part in making your tile installation easier and faster.

Suitability of The Kit

Next, you should check how suitable the system you're planning to purchase for the tiling project you want to work on.

Different systems are designed to work with varying thickness of tiles. Luckily, the manufacturer of leveling systems always indicates the minimum and maximum tile thicknesses their systems can handle.


You'll also need to look for a tile leveling system whose tools are made of good quality. This is important, keeping in mind that the clips and wedges will undergo a lot of abuse when using them.

Getting a system made of highest-quality materials that don't break easily will ensure they hold up to various forms of abuse and serve you reliably for a long time.

How to Install Tiles Using A Tile Leveling System

If you're using a tile leveling system for the first time and not sure how to use it correctly, this is your part. The following quick guide to take you the crucial step for installing tiles with your new leveling system:

1. If the surface where you plan to install the tiles is uneven, then you should by flattening it before laying any tiles. A spirit level will come in handy by ensuring your wall/floor isn't far from the vertical or horizontal.

2. Next, you'll need to identify where to start laying out the tiles. We suggest that you identify a corner that's as close as possible to right angles to the walls of the room and as flat as possible. This is important because the first tile plays a crucial role in helping all the other tiles find their level.

3. Now apply your thin set cement or the adhesive you're using on the corner you have decided to start form and lay your first tile. Employ spacers to ensure you maintain an even distance along the tile edge.

Where necessary use wedges to raise the height of the adjacent tile to the same level as the first. And remember to use additional thin set as you move on along your first line of tiles.

4. To facilitate tile leveling, use the special adjustable pliers included in your kit. The pliers help you apply even pressure on a tile as you press it into the thin set.

5. When you're done laying the tiles, leave the clips in position and let the cement or tile glue dry as directed. When the thin set has set, remove the clips and the wedges. You can simply kick them out or use a rubber mallet to remove them. To achieve a clean break, be sure to follow the grout lines.

Video: How to Use a Tile Leveling System the Right Way

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

How Do You Tile a Wall With Leveling?

If your tile leveling system allows you to it for both floor and wall tiling, then you can use it to level your wall tiles. Though the general steps for tiling a wall are similar to those of floor (as outlined above), there might be slight differences and tweaks you'll need to keep in mind when tiling your wall.

Video: How to use a Tile Leveling System for Walls

What is Lippage in Tile Installation?

The term lippage in tile installation refers to a case where the adjoining tiles have varying heights. It describes an uneven floor where the tiles aren't laid on the same level; some appear to be raised than the others. This usually occurs if the tiles are not leveled, are laid onto an uneven surface, or if there's variation in the design, size, and style of the tiles used.

How Do You Prevent Lippage in Tiles?

You can prevent lippage by ensuring where you plan to lay the tiles is perfectly flat before you can begin any tile installations. With each tile installation, be sure to make the necessary adjustments to further prevent lippage.

Even if you still have a perfectly flat floor, you can still get lippage, due to varying thicknesses of the material used. In such cases, you'll need to use a tile leveling system to prevent tile lippage.

What Size Spacers Are Best For Large Bathroom Tiles?

The right size of spacers for tiling generally boils down to personal preferences. That said, you should consider tile spacers of around 2-3mm if you're doing ceramic wall tiles installation. Or you can use 5mm when installing floor ceramic tiles. In case you're installing marble, porcelain, or granite tiles, then you can use the 3mm spacers for the job.

Additional factors that might influence your choice of spacer size include unusual contours (such as the curvature around the shower), odd-shaped bathroom, cut tiles, and straight lines.

How Do I Make Sure The Tile is Level?

The best way to ensure that you lay our tiles in level manner is by using a good tile leveling system. When laying your tiles, you'll be installing the leveling tools and let the grout dry (as we outlined in the above procedure). Afterward, when the grout dries, you can then remove the tools, and you'll be left with perfectly uniform and level tiled floor.


Keeping your tile floor uniform and level is key for safety and aesthetic reasons. With a good tile leveling system, you'll have an easy time fully leveling your floor and achieve great results at the end of the day. We have just given you our top picks for the best tile leveling system you can get on the market today to make your tiling job easier and get brilliantly tiled floors.


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