Best Superwinch Review [Updated 2023]

And this Superwinch review will cover some of their most popular series and products they have to offer. We covered four of their series and a total of nine different winches that have won the people's hearts.

But in case you don’t have much knowledge about the company and prefer to know about them before you jump into the best superwinch products and their reviews, don’t worry, we have done the work for you!

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A Brief About the Company

Superwinch is a well-known company for producing winches. As they have a larger production value and number of quality products, before getting into the reviews, let us tell you all you need to know about the company’s development.

Establishment and History

With their start from a Ford Motor Company project, their founder soon realized their chances and passion for providing something a bit more. Once they took the project privately, their first partnership was with a wire cable supplier.

Things took off quickly, and soon they focused on manufacturing a complete line of winches dedicated to the boating market. This line-up included up to 8000 pounds capacity winches with capstan power.

Later in 2015, Kinderhook Industries took charge of the company, but their new management team still managed to deliver the same quality loved and trusted by the customers.

Influence in the Industry

When their first launch of the line for the boating industry was a success, the company and the management understood the versatility of winches. Soon they manufactured and tested out different varieties of materials for improvement.

In the end, Superwinch became the first in the industry to implement synthetic ropes in place of wire ropes successfully. They were the first company that offered a complete winch with synthetic rope and became its pioneers.

Also, they delivered a lighter, safer winch without compromising on the quality or the performance to the customers. Their 45 years of experience in the industry have earned them the title and reputation of being the leading company, designer, and manufacturer in the industry.

Now, almost every company offers synthetic ropes as an option. But not only that, professionals and casual users also prefer using synthetic rope more than steel wire ropes.

In the Market for Winches

Superwinch is not only the leading company in the industry for winches but also the largest manufacturer, designer, and marketer for winch systems and their accessories in the world!

Throughout the decades, the company manufactured a wide variety of winches, some of which you will find in our review. These include power drives, electric winches, hydraulic winches, and more. You can even see them on the industrial end of the markets and with professionals.

They offer recovery winches for racing, boating, and off-roading. All of them implement their versatile design and quality that is also easy to install. Right now, their different winches’ capacity ranges starting from 1000 to 30,000 pounds!

If you have a hard time finding the perfect fitting winch for your vehicle, the chances are high Superwinch already has it for you.

1.Superwinch Terra Series Winch Review

The Terra series offers an overall excellent versatility among others in the industry. Read through our reviews to find out more.

i) Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45

If you are looking for a winch that goes with almost all the four-bolt pattern ATV winch mount kits on the current market, then look no further. It will fit any of your utility vehicles virtually.

This is thanks to their permanent magnet weather-sealed motor of 1.6 horsepower. It can mount to your vehicle without a hassle and also establish a secure permanent connection to the battery easily.

Its 55 feet long and ¼ inches thick steel wire rope offers a line pull rating of 4500 pounds or 2041 kilograms. You can use it to pull out your ATV or UTV from any dire situations or pull other vehicles connecting to your vehicle.

Plus, it has the all-metal 3-stage planetary gear train, which gives it the heavy-duty quality, performance, and reliability you need for it to last you a lifetime. And not only that, its machined-in bronze bearings and wide all-steel rugged gears provide years worth of uncompromised smooth movements.

It is also functional on all weather conditions, making it a truly versatile and durable winch. Along with that, it comes with an ergonomic cam action free-spooling clutch, which allows you to manually draw out the winch rope by quickly disengaging the motor.

Moreover, this high-efficiency all-terrain winch comes with a handheld rubber remote. Its extension cable is 10 feet long. Additionally, to avoid wire rope slippage during a power failure, it has a dynamic brake and mechanical load holding.

If you have ever looked for winches online or in stores, you probably have seen the name “Superwinch." This leading company offers winches of a wide variety for different vehicles, including boats.


  • Equipped with a permanent magnet weather-sealed motor
  • Mounts on almost any vehicle easily
  • Offers to draw out the winch rope manually
  • Its construction provides uncompromised smooth movements
  • Versatile and durable


  • Installation may require special brackets
  • Instructions for wiring is hard to follow

ii) Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35

This is the perfect winch for those serious power-sports users out there. It has the high-end power and both the durability and versatility required in such a field. Plus, it includes a 4-way roller fairlead in the kit.

So, it prevents the rope from losing its quality from friction and, more importantly, from getting tangled while wrapping it around the drum. It acts as a barrier and provides an easier method of fixing the rope onto the drum properly.

Its design is an excellent fit for all the power-sport vehicles you will find in the market, especially the winch mounts of the four-bolt pattern ATVs. The engine uses a 1.6 horsepower low-amp motor.

And its power is enough to pull up to 3500 pounds or 1587 kilograms weight of the load. It uses a steel wire rope, but you can also ask for a synthetic rope if you prefer it over steel. The length of the rope is 50 feet, and the diameter is 13/64 inches.

Besides that, the motor has a weather-sealed permanent magnet construction, which makes it possible to use in any weather conditions and temperature. This means you can simply pour water over the engine to cool it off if it overheats, escaping any long-term internal damages.

Lastly, it won't be fit for power-sports if it didn't have a 3-stage planetary gear system. These all-metal planetary gears are twice the width of the competitors' versions, which deliver much smoother performance for years.


  • Includes a 4-way roller fairlead in the kit
  • Motor has a weather-sealed permanent magnet construction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Planetary gears deliver smoother performance
  • Excellent fit for all the power-sport vehicles


  • The provided wiring instruction may be incorrect

iii) Superwinch 1125220 Terra 25

The Terra 25 of the series delivers the same quality and performance as the previous ones. It has the weather-sealed Solenoid, ergonomic cam action free-spooling clutch, 4-way roller fairlead, and more.

If you want a winch from the series that is more affordable without much compromise on the quality or performance than the other ones, then this will not disappoint you. It still holds the power to pull any power-sport vehicles.

Although its load capacity is lower along with the motor power, it is still an excellent winch for your ATVs. The motor is a 1.3 horsepowerlow-amp draw engine and offers a pull rating of 2500 pounds or 1134 kilograms.

Moreover, with a design to handle all the toughest terrains, it has a waterproof water-sealed permanent magnet motor. Dirt, mud, snow, rain, or dust, it can handle any weather without affecting the motor engine.

Besides that, the superior 3-stage planetary all-steel gear train along with the oil pocket, machined-in bronze bearings add to its performance. It makes the pulling and operating of the machine much smoother than before.

And like the others on the Terra series, it uses a standard steel wire rope of 50 feet long and 3/16 inches thick or diameter. However, you can buy the synthetic rope separately and switch to it if needed.


  • Affordable price point
  • Designed to handle all the toughest terrains
  • Provides smoother movements and improves performance
  • Can handle any weather without affecting the motor engine
  • The kit offers a 4-way roller fairlead


  • Might show some drag while pulling

2. Superwinch Tiger Shark Series Winch Reviews

This series from the company is truly raising the bar for winches in the industry. And through our review of these two, you will understand the reason.

i) Superwinch 1511200 Tiger Shark 11.5

Focusing on the "standard issue" of a winch, it has all the general features that will satisfy an enthusiast-level consumer. It is also considerably affordable, given its design and features.

The 1511200 model has a sealed contactor Solenoid, roller fairleads and hardware, a 3-stage planetary gearbox, ergonomic free-spool lever, etc. Its Solenoid is also submersible, so even if your vehicle and the machine are under mud, water, etc., it won't affect it.

Next, the roller fairleads are of stainless steel material, which means they are free of any corrosion or rusting. Hence, this ensures a good reliable quality along with an easier to manage winch rope.

Along with that, the 3-stage gearbox comes with steel cut gears, which help to provide and handle torque and stress on demand. But what makes it stand out among the others we reviewed is the free-spool rotating gear.

Thanks to this unique free-spooling mechanism, it gives this winch the reputation for being one of the easiest free-spooling winches out there. So, it makes the process much easier and convenient.

Additionally, the winch's textured and severe-duty finish ensures it can handle both off-road and other harsh outdoor activities without damages. Worrying about the exterior damage of the winch will not be on your list.


  • Free-spool rotating gear makes spooling easier
  • Comes with roller fairleads and hardware
  • Exterior has a textured and severe-duty finish
  • Can handle torque and stress on demand
  • Has a submersible Solenoid


  • Doesn’t come with a neoprene cover

ii) Superwinch 1595201 TS9500 SR Tiger Shark

This model from the Tiger Shark series offers the same affordable and full of standard features as the previous. It uses a unique gearbox and comes with luxury stainless steel hardware.

Along with that, it has a weather-sealed Solenoid motor. So, you can have it mounted to your vehicle on any given weather condition, especially the damaging rain and snow, and rely on it fully through the way.

The planetary 3-stage gearbox includes the same steel cut gears and thus handling the stress and torque on demand. And along with the planetary gearbox comes the rotating free-spool gear.

It makes the spooling process much quicker and provides a smoother and easier experience than most other free-spooling winches you will ever find. Its motor engine is a powerful 5.2 horsepower.

Moreover, the controller for the free-spool has an ergonomic shape. This further adds to the easy process as you are getting a better grip and control on the system, which most other models and brands lack. So, operating it will almost feel effortless!

Furthermore, apart from the stainless steel hardware, its roller fairlead also has a heavy-duty stainless steel construction. This is so it can prevent chipping and damage from the wire rope or cable while also protecting itself from harsh weather conditions.


  • Offers a weather-sealed Solenoid motor
  • Unique planetary gearbox handles stress and torque on demand
  • Free-spool controller has an ergonomic shape
  • Roller fairlead has a heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Prevents fairlead from chipping and damage from the cable


  • Has no neoprene cover

3. Superwinch LP Series Winch Review

This series is for those who own trailers and utility vehicles. But they will fit other vehicles as well with not much downgrade on performance.

i) Superwinch 1510200 LP10000

Easy to use and versatile, it is the perfect utility winch that fits mostly any 4 x 4 vehicles. But not only that, it can fit onto your RVs, trailers, and other similar-sized vehicles.

It uses a steel wire rope that measures 85 feet long and 3/8 inches thick. The load or pull rating is 10,000 pounds, or 4535 kilograms on a 5.1 horsepower series wound motor. Its design makes it easy to make a permanent connection to the vehicle’s battery.

Besides its substantial pulling power, it also has some safety features. They include the mechanical brake and the automatic load-holding. The mechanical brake provides a quick stop of the drum when it is out of rope.

And the automatic load-holding feature ensures no wire rope slippage occurs. Whether it is a surge or power failure, it will hold the load and thus prevent any accidents from happening.

The Solenoid has a tight-sealing and this, along with the circuit breaker protection, makes sure the machine always delivers a safe electromagnetic power. It also protects the engine from snow, rain, mud, and others that could otherwise damage it.

Moreover, the rubberized remote switch offers a 12 feet long extension cable. So, you can stay at a safe distance from the vehicle during the process without trouble. It uses a planetary gear train with a gear ratio of 235:1.


  • Fits mostly any 4 x 4 vehicles
  • Includes two safety features
  • Boasts a sealed Solenoid and circuit breaker protection
  • Offers a 12 feet long extension cable
  • Uses a planetary gear train


  • Controller may show some issues
  • Motor can be noisy

ii) Superwinch 1585202 LP8500

The LP8500 model from the series is the ideal winch for both 4 x 4 and utility vehicles. It measures 21.3 inches in length, 6.3 inches in width, and 8.58 inches in height and fits trailers and RVs as well.

Next, the winch comes with a 4.5 horsepower series wound motor requiring 12 VDC. It has a weather seal as well, so it will protect the interior of the machine from possible damage from dust, rain, snow, mud, etc.

Furthermore, its pull rating is 8500 pounds or 3855 kilograms with the steel wire rope. The rope measures 94 feet of 5/16 inches and with it comes a heavy-duty latched hook to help improve the performance.

Besides that, the package also offers a rope thimble. This will ensure that the rope doesn’t come directly in contact with the load, which could cause excess friction and pressure on the rope leading it to wear out quickly.

Along with that, there is the mechanical load-holding brake feature as well that adds to this winch's overall ease of use quality. It is automatic, so it will do its thing and prevent the loss of excess winch rope even if you are not noticing.

Moreover, the remote it comes with provides a long 15 feet distance with its power cable. The hawse fairlead has a heavy-duty powder coating to avoid damages caused by friction against the wire rope.


  • Equipped with a weather-sealed 4.5 horsepower series wound motor
  • Comes with a heavy-duty latched hook
  • Offers a handy rope thimble
  • Remote’s power cable is 15 feet long
  • Hawse fairlead has a heavy-duty powder coating


  • May need to relocate the Solenoid box

4. Superwinch Talon Series Winch Review

Constructed for ATVs, the Talon series offers great features and performance, all at an affordable price. Here are the reviews of their two popular winches.

i) Superwinch 1140220 LT4000

With a universal fit, it is a reliable winch for all your vehicles. It has other useful features as well, such as a dynamic and mechanical brake, ergonomic clutch, roller fairlead, etc.

Its design especially fits UTV and ATVvehicles. You can choose between a synthetic rope or a steel wire rope version without having to buy it separately. Both the steel and the synthetic wire measures 50 feet in length and 3/16 inches in diameter.

The motor engine uses 1.4 horsepower energy and provides a rated pull of 4000 pounds or 1814 kilograms. It requires 12 volts DC to run the engine and includes a circuit breaker for safety and protection.

Along with that, there is also the 3-stage planetary drive gearbox. It not only provides the support and power needed to pull the load without any drag but also is very quiet as well.

Moreover, with the help of the ergonomic clutch, you can switch between free-spooling and powering in. And because of its ergonomic design, it is also very easy to use. Plus, thanks to its steel drums, you can safely add one more synthetic rope to the mechanism if you need to.

Additionally, the remote’s handlebar rocker has a switch for easy power on and off. The length of the power cable of the remote controller is 15 feet. Its automatic load-holding brake can hold 100% of the weight without fail.


  • Offers both synthetic and steel wire rope versions
  • Ergonomic clutch allows switching between free-spooling and powering in
  • Includes a circuit breaker for safety
  • Steel drums make it possible to add extra synthetic rope
  • Automatic load-holding brake can hold 100% of the weight


  • May need to replace the front bracket
  • The remote control is a bit flimsy

ii) Superwinch 1130220 LT3000 ATV

Great for all-purposes and versatile, it is the winch for the outdoorsmen. If you are looking for a large and durable winch, then look no further! And of course, it has the Superwinch brand-name quality and reliability.

The winch has a low amp 1.2 horsepower permanent magnet motor, which helps to deliver a reliable performance. Plus, the motor comes with circuit breaker protection, so it remains completely unaffected by rain, snow, or mud.

Moreover, you can also use the winch as a casual ATV snowplow application. Its wire rope provides a pull rating of 3000 pounds or 1360 kilograms. The length of the cable or steel rope is a standard 50 feet with a 3/16 inches diameter.

It also comes at an affordable price range, and with that, you are getting a full-metal 3-stage planetary gear train and a 4-way roller fairlead. The planetary gear system adds to the smooth and long-lasting performance.

Along with that, the 4-way roller fairlead provides an excellent guide and protection to the wire rope. It has a heavy-duty construction, which means it won’t lose its quality over time.

Besides that, there is the free-spool with an ergonomic control that makes the entire process of spooling much quicker and easier. Thanks to it, you can easily engage and disengage the mechanism.


  • Excellent all-purpose and versatile ATV winch
  • Motor has a circuit breaker protection
  • Affordable price range
  • Offers free-spool with an ergonomic control
  • Boasts a 4-way roller fairlead with heavy-duty construction


  • Doesn't include mounting hardware for the Solenoid

Final Words

If you are here after thoroughly reading this best Superwinch review article, then you know by now they offer a wide variety of winches and all with promising performance and quality. We hope you have a clear concept of the brand now.


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