Best Short Antenna for F150 [Buying Guide 2023]

The factory antenna on most Ford f-150 makes it tough for you to drive in your parking or garage spot in style. Their large and unpresentable size makes the antenna to whack on anything around hence producing unpleasant loud sounds. Also, when it comes to washing the truck, the large antenna will slow you down as it keeps flipping around and blocking your way.

However, you don't have to keep experiencing the same problem over and over. Today, there is hope for you to replace the factory antenna with a decent short and presentable antenna. This will ensure that as you drive your Ford F-150, the only sound you listen to is the flow of quality music from your channel.

However, with so many antennas on the market, choosing the best short antenna for F150 can be challenging. If that is your worry, this blog has you sorted. Here is a review of the top five short antennas on the market.


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AntennaMastsRus Aluminum Antenna 

CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna

Rydonair Antenna

1. AntennaMastsRus Black Aluminum Antenna - Made in the USA 

If you are having trouble getting fine-tunes due to a broken antenna, here is a solution for you. This AntennaMastsRus is made in the USA as a way to guarantee quality. It has a custom design that will give you a stylish look when installed on your ford150.

The antenna is made of quality 6061-grade aluminum material and has a durable anodized coating finish. This enhances the antenna's looks and also gives the aluminum material a strong metallic appearance.

If you frequently ride to places where the AM/FM signals are low, this antenna will make the difference for you. Although the antenna is quite shorter than the factory antenna, it gives you the best performance, especially for the local channels.

With this antenna, quality is not an issue, and it also gives you the assurance that your connection will be exceptional. The installation process of this antenna is simple and does not require any tools to get it done. Therefore, the only tool you will need is one to remove the current one.


  • Stainless steel threading for durability
  • Enhances AM/FM reception
  • Simple installation process
  • High quality 6061 aluminum design


  • Slightly shorter than the factory design

Bottom Line

If you frequently drive to rural areas or where there is minimal signal reception, then this is the antenna for you. It is manufactured using local raw aluminum for long-lasting performance. The anodized coating finish gives it a richer metallic appearance, something that you cannot ignore.

Although it is shorter in size, its performance is something you cannot overlook for size.

2. CravenSpeed Stubby Antenna for Ford F-150

This stubby antenna is all you need for your Ford F-150 truck. It can withstand whatever challenges that come your way. The stubby is manufactured as an original antenna version for Ford F-150 trucks. This gives you an assurance that the reception quality is exceptional.

Where you are going to the car wash or riding through harsh terrains, the short antenna is unbreakable. The billet aluminum construction gives the antenna a durable and stylish look. The threads of the antenna are made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant.

Therefore, when you have the antenna installed, it will give you unmatched performance. The black powder coat finish will last forever without chipping or fading risks.

Additionally, when it comes to channel reception, this stubby antenna from CravenSpeed should be your to-go product. Regardless of the short size, it has the ability to pick on signals from any location. This guarantees that you will enjoy your favorite AM/FM channels with minimal interruptions.


  • Withstands any challenges along the way
  • Durable billet aluminum construction
  • Easy installation process
  • Stainless steel and corrosion resistant threads
  • Exceptional channel reception


  • Slightly overpriced

Bottom Line

If you have the budget, this is the right antenna option for you. The manufactures pride in developing quality products to guarantee customer satisfaction.

What makes CS reliable is that in every package, they leave contact information to communicate with them for better experiences.

3. Rydonair Antenna For Ford F150

Rydonair is the ultimate antenna for your Ford F150 truck. It is compatible for both 2009-2020 F-a50 raptor/Ford F-150. Therefore, when you get it, you will not have to stress about getting it to fit in your current truck antenna mount.

The 7" low profile stylish look will improve your truck's appearance whenever you go. It has a carbon fiber column at the bottom, which helps in holding the antenna on the mount for stability.

When it comes to performance, this antenna guarantees better reception than other low profile antennas on the market. It is specifically designed for better AM/FM reception regardless of where you go.

The installation process is super easy and fast and will only take a few seconds to get it in place. However, when installing, you will require to have a screwdriver to ease the screwing process.

The antenna is constructed using flexible material and has a premium rubber outer. This enhances its durability and also guarantees that the antenna is weather resistant.


  • Perfect fit for 2009-2020 Ford F-150.F-150 raptor
  • Stylish low profile look
  • Weather-resistant guarantee
  • Premium rubber outer construction
  • Easy installation


  • Has poor reception of AM/FM bands

Bottom Line

If you are tired of flashing around with your 31" antenna, then this 7 low profile is the best replacement. It has a stylish look and will give you super performance too. The antenna is also a perfect fit and has a carbon fiber column at the bottom for a better hold on the mount.

Although it has issues with local AM/FM reception, it still makes a great fit for your truck and will make your ride look more stylish.

4. VOFONO 7 inch Spiral Antenna

This antenna is designed to provide you with exceptional performance when it comes to AM/FM reception on your truck. It is designed using premium quality metal material and has a flexible rubber wrapping. This guarantees that the antenna is durable and wear resistance hence giving you years of unmatched performance.

The rubber wrapping also protects the antenna against chipping or breaking. The flexible design also guarantees that the antenna will spring back to shape after bending.

The antenna is carwash safe, thanks to its firm fixing on the vehicle. Additionally, it can withstand various weather challenges; therefore, you don't need to remove it when washing the car or driving in harsh conditions.

Installing the antenna is also super easy and will only take a few seconds to get it done. It doesn't require any installation tools unless you require one to remove the existing antenna. This also guarantees that you will not require to have any mechanical skills to the antenna functioning.

On the other hand, its reception is on another level, it gives you amazing reception to all local channels, and the signals are quite strong.


  • Easy to install
  • Car wash safe
  • Premium quality metal with flexible rubber wrap construction


  • Slightly expensive

Bottom Line

If durability and quality in performance is something to go for, then this antenna is a perfect fit. It is designed to fit perfectly on your car and doesn't require modification.

Regardless of the price, getting this piece for your truck will enhance your r=radio reception as well as give your truck a sleek look.

5. AntennaX 50 Cal Black Bullet (5.5-inch) Ammo Antenna for Ford F150

If your factory antenna has been giving you trouble, maybe it's time to replace it with something stylish, low profile, and yet functional. Nothing gets the job done better than this antenna 50 cal black bullet. It is designed by Ford F-150 and doesn't require any modification to fit.

The antenna is designed using billet aluminum material with a black anodized coat finish. The material is quite strong and durable hence guaranteeing that you will enjoy years of performance. Additionally, the anodized coating is scratch and fade resistant, and it protects the metal from chipping or breaking.

Installing the antenna is also easy as it screws easily onto your existing mount. It has no wiring involved, so; you can do it at the comfort of your home and be sure to get it right. When it comes to reception, it is your best choice. It is super clear that you may not even notice a replacement from the original factory antenna.


  • Plug-N-Play installation technique
  • Stylish low profile design
  • Durable aluminum material with anodized coating


  • Poor reception, especially for long drives

Bottom Line

If you are working on a tight budget, this antenna could be your ideal solution. The stylish look will definitely upgrade your truck's appearance for the better.

However, if you are frequently driving upcountry, this may not be the right option. Its reception is not reliable as most channels will come and go, making it tough for you to listen y=to your favorite tunes.

Buyers Guide For F150 Antenna

When it comes to the short antenna for F-150, there are several things to put into considerations. Therefore, even with the above list of antennas, making the right decision is still tough, especially if you are buying for the first time.

This guide will compile the most critical issues that will help you get the best short antenna for F150 and give your truck a stylish and classical look.


Different car antenna manufacturers have their unique way of designing their products. This includes the choice of material and much more. However, when it comes to you as the consumer, getting the right material shouldn't be optional.

There are three common antenna materials to choose from aluminum, rubber, and plastic. Aluminum is known to be durable, while rubber and plastic are relatively strong. Therefore, when choosing, ensure to get one that meets your expectations and withstand a magnitude of challenges.


When buying a short antenna for your truck, looking at the installation process is critical. You need to find a replacement antenna that is easy to install and doesn't require any modification on your existing antenna mount.

Additionally, it is essential to find one that doesn't require any professional skills to install. This will ensure that you can install the antenna from any location you go with minimal challenges.

Signal Quality

The main point of having an antenna on your car is to enjoy clear signal reception for all your favorite channels. So, when purchasing your replacement antenna, you have to go the extra mile and ensure you are getting the best.

However, most brands claim that their products are the best when it comes to signal reception. But, most of them use that as a selling strategy, but it's not always true.

Therefore, instead of believing in everything they say in the product description, why not read the reviews and find out what customers have to say after using the antenna.


It wouldn't be justice to wrap up this buyer's guide without mentioning the price. Product prices are often influenced by brands. However, there are those influenced by performance. Therefore, when you are shopping, putting the price into consideration can also help you get the right product.

On the other hand, it is also convenient for you to remember that not all expensive products guarantee quality. Additionally, it is essential to consider buying from a reliable brand to ensure that the price of your antenna and performance.


Even if you are thinking of replacing your antenna for the first time, with the information above, you know how to choose the best short antenna for F150. However, if you still feel like you are unsure of what features to look for even after reading the post, it is essential to consult people with advanced knowledge for better decisions.

Before you settle for a particular brand, ensure to look at other options to be sure that you are getting the best. Also, ensure to have your budget checked to avoid stressing your account for an antenna while you can get another with almost the same features at a lower price.


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