Best RC (Remote Control) Trucks: Top Picks for Racing and Bashing

Remote control trucks can provide hours of non-stop entertainment for people of any age. In fact, you’re never too old to race with your favorite wheeler or just drive it around. You can easily escape the distressing reality and jump into a world of ecstasy with a solid RC truck!

The market is full of various types of RC trucks, each made for different purposes. They vary in quality and performance as well. So, if you’re a newcomer, you wouldn’t know what to get.

But don’t worry, you’re in good hands. No matter what your purpose or budget is, we’ll help you to find the best RC truck!

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Best RC Truck Reviews & Recommendations 2020

Whether you’re in the market for a casual truck or a hardcore racing gear, our list makes sure there is one for every RC truck enthusiast!

1. LAEGENDARY 4x4 Off-Road RC Monster Truck

This beast of an RC monster truck is a true specimen in the world of RC vehicles. Invoke fear into your opponents on the race tracks with this formidable-looking machine and come out a winner. It will certainly make your friends jealous!

You’ll be able to cut through any off-road terrains with extreme efficiency with this absolutely incredible model. Whether you’re driving on sandy, muddy, or rocky terrains, it won’t falter, thanks to the tires with advanced tread design.

The rubber compounds provide extraordinary grips and take its off-road game to the next level! Additionally, the waterproof feature keeps this product well-protected.

Feel free to make this truck perform spectacular jumps without worrying about damages because the metal oil-filled shocks will ensure it lands safely every time! Besides, it’s engineered to be highly durable, so you can rest assured as this amazing gear will last a long time!

The dual powerful brushed motors make the vehicle move smoothly and much faster than other models in the market. You can easily rev up the speed to 30mph!This one comes completely assembled and ready to run right off the package.

Moreover, this product offers excellent maneuverability aided by the easy-to-control 2.4GHz radio remote controller. You can easily switch between two convenient modes to fit your needs.

The low-speed mode helps you to get used to the vehicle and easily drive through tighter spaces. In the case of races, you can change your gear to the high-speed mode! Also, you can control your gear from up to 250 feet away!

Boasting two 7.4V LI-PO 1600mAh rechargeable batteries, along with two amazing double battery connectors, this equipment can run up to 30 minutes straight! That’s a pretty long time for an RC vehicle.

Best of all, even with all these remarkable features, it doesn’t cost all that much to purchase! So, this is definitely the best RC monster truck on our list.

2. BEZGAR Hobbyist Grade 4x4 RC Car, Electric Monster Toy Vehicle Truck

The BEZGAR Hobbyist is easily an excellent product, known for its ability to leave the opponents behind with sleek performance and stylish design. It will intimidate your competitors on the race tracks, and if you play your cards right, you'll truly be unbeatable!

This thing is equipped with a robust RC390 motor that generates tons of horsepower. You can accelerate it to get 40 to 45 km/h of speed, which is impressively fast for an affordable RC truck.

Besides providing the high speed, the motor boasts multiple protective features like over-current protection and low battery voltage protection. The equipment meets the IPX5 level waterproof standard, which means it's protected from water as well.

You will love the model’s smooth steering and swift controllability. The wheels and the body of this RC car have thermoplastic rubber that offers better grips, so you can rely on it to race on any terrain with enhanced efficiency.

Additionally, the wheels are fitted with oil-filled metal shocks that absorb the vibrations produced by jumping or driving on uneven terrains. The inner electric components are also protected from shocks.

Combine this with the durable body frame, and you get yourself a toy truck that won't break into pieces no matter how many crazy stunts you pull with it! This one’s well-guarded from dangerous collisions as well!

The double 1500mAh Li-Ion batteries provide impressive runtime. You’ll be able to control it easily with the fast response 2.4GHz remote control system. This machine is designed for both beginners and professional RC racers.

3. Hosim Large Size 1:10 Scale RC Electronic Monster Truck

This machine is one of the best affordable RC trucks that is hailed for its amazing balance between price and performance! With a relatively low price tag, this one can easily compete against more expensive models available on the market. Many even go as far as to call it the best electric RC truck!

With the double rugged motors, you’ll easily be able to generate 46+ km/h of scorching speed. So, you’ll be wheezing past your opponents on the race tracks!

Thanks to the premium anti-skid wheels with shockproof PVC rubber, this RC gear will breeze through any type of terrain without slipping off! Instead, the wheels will stick onto the ground with impressive stickiness. So, you can drive on-road or off-road with no worries!

The bouncing spring materials on each of the wheels make this model drop safely onto the ground after jumping or ride on uneven surfaces with no issues. Therefore, it’s well-protected from vibrations and shocks. You’ll enjoy this vehicle’s superior control and handling whenever it’s on the road or race track!

This unit offers 10-15 minutes of runtime when it’s giving its max performance aided by the 1600mAh high-capacity Li-Ion-PO battery.

The transmitter works with a wonderful 2.4GHz of frequency that controls the car from up to 262 feet. Your vehicle will respond quickly to each instruction and move toward your ordered direction. So, you’ll get a seamless experience!

You can switch between the vehicle’s two modes, high-speed and half-speed mode. The high-speed mode is for those who have completely mastered the toy. If you’re just starting out, you should operate it on half-speed mode to get used to the product. This mode is also suitable for little kids.

4. XIXOV RC 1:14 Off Road Electric Monster Vehicle

Enjoy RC racing in style with this smashing RC monster truck. This unit will turn the eyes of anyone with its impressive performance and appealing design! The durability and controllability make it the best RC truck for kids and adults alike!

The complete metal frame and strong shockproof body give this incredible gear the ability to come out of strong collision almost unscathed! Additionally, both the front and rear parts of the frame are equipped with sturdy anti-crash bumpers to prevent damages from crashes.

This remarkable RC vehicle has non-slip tires with first-grade shockproof PVC rubber that provides impressive stability and friction. So, it will stick to the ground even when the road is all slippery due to rain and absorb the majority of the shocks.

The impressive suspension spring makes this car run on any terrains without getting damaged by vibrations. All these features allow you to push through any terrain, whether it is muddy, snowy, rocky, or even sandy without flipping over or slipping-off!

With the powerful, rugged motor, you’ll be able to generate a great deal of speed easily! The maximum speed recorded is 25 km per hour, which is pretty fast for an RC equipment. Even when it's running at top speed, you'll still be able to maneuver the car with amazing control!

You'll appreciate the non-jamming, fast, and responsive performance from the 2.7GHz wireless control system.

This thing comes with two 6V 800mAh batteries that can offer up to 20 minutes of runtime when it’s giving the maximum performance. However, you’ll get 30 minutes under normal circumstances. Recharging takes no longer than 2 to 3 hours, and for added convenience, it allows USB charging.

5.DEERC 4WD 1:18 RC Off Road Monster Truck

This 4WD off-road RC monster truck will give you a fantastic driving experience. With its high speed and amazing control, you would find yourself absorbed in hours of excitement and joy!

Built with superior components, this racing gear is capable of performing superbly under extreme pressure. The high-quality PVC car shell, along with the solid chassis, makes the body highly durable. Even after heading on collisions, it won't shatter and become unusable.

The oversized tough wheels are fitted with shock-absorbing metal springs, so it will scorch through any terrain with no trouble. Therefore, the model is shielded from vibrations caused by driving on bumpy terrains.

The front and rear sides sport oil-filled aluminum metal damper shocks that protect the vehicle from head-on collisions.

You'll be able to generate a blazing speed of 40+ km/h with its outstandingly powerful 380 motors. This is just about enough speed that can lead you to victory in most of the RC racing competitions! A great feature that is rare in other models is its fully covered metal heatsink that keeps the motor exceptionally cool.

This product offers superior proportional control through its 2.4GHz remote control. You won’t face any trouble in turning it around and savor the awesome handling. Additionally, the alloy differentials allow you to turn the vehicle easily even when it’s running at high speed!

It comes with two 7.4V 850 mAh first-rate batteries. As a result, you’ll get a staggering runtime of over 40 minutes on a single charge! A feature like this isn’t very common among cheaper products.

6. Altair Power Pro RC 4X4 Fast Off-Road Monster Truck

The Altair Power Pro 4x4 RC truck packs a lot of power under its superbly durable shell. This one is sure to impress any RC enthusiast with its peak performance and high-speed. Being a Ready-to-Run product, it comes assembled right from the manufacturer, and you can get into the action right after pulling it out of the box!

This model is designed to be heavy-duty as it’s constructed with the finest and most durable materials. So, the product can take a lot of beatings.

The bearings are completely sealed with durable metal. Combine that with steel-structured chassis along with a sturdy drive train, and you get yourself a piece of long-lasting equipment!

Moreover, the rubber all-terrain wheels are amazing for off-roads. Each of the wheels sport metal springs. As a result, there is no terrain that this unit cannot drive on or obstacles that it cannot overcome! You won’t be wrong to consider it as the best off road RC truck as many satisfied users do.

Whether you throw this gear on off-road or on-road, it will perform better than most of the models! Your friends would be awed by its performance!

This product doesn’t joke around when it comes to power. To ensure better and faster performance, it’s equipped with powerful double motors. As a result, whizz through all kinds of terrains with a top speed of 46+ km/h.

Thanks to the 7.4V 1600 mAh battery, you’ll get to be immersed in full RC vehicle action for up to 15 minutes! For a small price, you’d get a fantastic RC vehicle that performs better than many of the expensive ones!

7. Redcat Racing Volcano EPX - 4WD Monster Truck

If you’re looking for a fast and powerful gear that is also beginner-friendly, the Redcat Racing Volcano can be a perfect choice! Thanks to the amazing design and multiple outstanding features, you’re sure to enjoy playing with this one.

This 4WD 1/10 scale monster truck has large monster tires with impressive traction and solid grips, which allow you to slice through any terrain with buttery smoothness!

Additionally, the independent suspension system allows it to absorb all sorts of shocks. So, you can rest easy knowing that no form of shaking or jumping will damage the product. If you feel like it, you can even make it perform stunt jumps!

This machine sports a robust 19T brushed 550 electric motor, which provides swiftness and fast speed. Combined with the lightweight plastic chassis, which is also molded, you’ll enjoy outstanding speed even on off-roads!

The motor comes with a heat sink that keeps it cool even after prolonged use, and it’s designed to be waterproof for increased durability.

It comes ready and assembled from the factory, so you can start playing with this RC truck right off the box. The 7.2V 2000mAh battery provides longer runtime. You’ll appreciate how quickly the model responds to the radio controller aided by the 2.4GHz frequency.

What makes this product stand out is its almost unmatched tunability. You can adjust or upgrade any of the components whenever you want. For example, you can tune the shocks to meet your preference or even remove them and install different springs and weight oils.

Besides the shocks, the ride height, gear differentials, toe angles, and even the cambers can be tuned. So, it’s ideal for those who love to play around with the components and adjust them to whatever version seems the most fitting to them.

8. Traxxas Stampede 4X4: 1/10 Scale 4wd Monster Truck

Traxxas is one of the best manufacturers of RC cars. The Traxxas Stampede is engineered with all the ingredients that make an awesome RC truck! It looks and feels like it was made to triumph over any race track! You'll find hours and hours of fun in driving an RC gear of this caliber!

This model is tough enough to handle all the 4WD craziness that you make it go through. Aided by a durable design and the long-arm suspension, this one is almost indestructible! All the sensitive components are protected from water, so you can feel free to take it out in any weather.

The chrome all-star wheels and the Chevron Max 2.8” tires offer amazing traction and make this product suitable for any kind of terrain. It specializes in tackling rough terrains like sands, muds, thanks to the high ground clearance and remarkable suspension system.

This unit deserves a lot of praise for its high-level performance. It’s equipped with an incredibly powerful Titan12-Turn 550 motor. The motor’s performance is enhanced by the XL-5 electronic speed control, which ensures an efficient supply of power.

Additionally, the overall power output can be reduced by 50%.This would make it easier for newbies to learn driving the product using the XL-5 ESC. This actually makes it a great RC truck for a beginner. With the advanced drivetrains, you’ll get optimum performance every time!

This RC gear comes with a Traxxas 7-Cell NiMH battery. It has a massive capacity of 3000mAh, allowing you to drive around for a considerably longer time than other models on the market. Aided by the DC fast charger, recharging takes a very short time, so you can get back on the fun quickly!

For incredible control, the model comes with a TQ 2.4GHz radio system. As a result, you’ll relish the fast responsiveness!

9. Traxxas 1/10 Slash 4X4 Brushless Short Course Truck

We’ve got yet another RC truck from Traxxas. The Traxxas Slash 4X4 is one of the fastest RC vehicles on the market. If you’re a speed lover, you should definitely give this one a shot!

This sleek model boasts an impressive design that’s made with the finest components. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the truck getting ruined under pressure. Rather, it’s very likely to provide adrenaline-filled fun for years!

Enjoy superior handling and refined performance provided by the new lightweight Low-CG chassis. It's ultra-smooth on the underside, which reduces drags and snags to make sure you face no trouble in blasting through the terrains. Additionally, the chassis increases corner speed as well as stability!

The tires are fitted with superior traction to allow the vehicle to run swiftly on off-roads. Also, they will help you to stop faster on its track!

For amazing shock absorption, the product sports GTR shocks with aluminum coating, along with durable titanium nitride shafts. So, it’ll land safely without flipping almost always. If you like to make your RC vehicles perform crazy stunts, you can feel free to do that without worrying about breaking it into pieces!

This powerful equipment is completed with a mighty brushless Traxxas Velineon motor that allows you to reach 60+ mph of blazing speed with polished maneuverability. So, you’ll be crossing laps faster without colliding with other RC cars or obstacles.

Although it doesn’t come with a transmitter or battery, there is a wide range of great models offered by Traxxas. You can choose whichever seems fitting for you. One special thing about this unit is the clear polycarbonate body. This allows you to design the body’s paintwork to your liking.

10. Traxxas 37054-1 Rustler: Stadium Truck, Ready-To-Race

The Traxxas 37054-1 Rustler is a great way to dive into the blissful world of RC vehicles! With the insane performance and good handling, this one will make you fall in love with the fun hobby of RC almost instantly!

This solid unit is fitted with a powerful 12T 550 motor allows the vehicle to blast through the off-roads with an incredible 35+ mph of speed! The motor is well-protected from overheating as it’s equipped with a cooling fan that regulates the temperature. So, even after prolonged use, the engine will remain relatively cool!

The tires are big enough with remarkable grips to be suitable for off-road, and they offer great traction to prevent slipping. Even during rainy weathers, you can bring your RC gear out as its performance level won’t be reduced. Water won’t be able to damage the electric components as they are all waterproof!

The high-performing bell crank steering system takes the handling to the next level. You’ll be able to easily maneuver past the corners without bumping!

With this model, you get a brilliant transmitter of 2.4Ghz frequency and a really impressive range that communicates faster with the car. You can control your RC vehicle from 300 feet away! The transmitter itself is easy to handle with a comfortable grip and smartly placed buttons. It’s pretty lightweight too.

As for the battery, the product comes with Traxxas 8.4V power cell NiMH 3000mAh battery. This provides enough power to your RC equipment to run for quite a long time. With the 12V DC fast charger, you’ll be able to get back into the action within 40 minutes!

The XL-5 ESC makes this unit extremely easy to use by offering three different modes. If you’re just starting out, the training mode would be perfect for you. Sports mode is for casual driving. The racing mode unleashes its true potential by offering maximum performance!

What to Look for in an RC Truck?

Choosing the finest RC truck from thousands of models can be a dreary task. It’s easy to end up with an awful product if you aren’t cautious enough. We definitely don’t want you to make wasted investments. So, we invite you to consider a few things before buying to make sure you’re making the right purchase!

Type of Truck

RC trucks are designed to be either off-road or on-road. So, you must figure out what kind of terrains you’re planning to ride your vehicle on.

Off-roaders usually have more traction on their tires to smoothly ride on muddy and slippery roads. On those conditions, on-road vehicles won't perform as well, and chances are, they will flip easily.

On the other hand, off-roaders won’t be able to run as fast as on-roaders on smooth roads. So, make sure to get the type that matches your requirements.


RC trucks are usually modeled after life-sized vehicles. In general, they are ten times smaller than their life-sized counterpart. A ratio scale can be used to make comparisons. The best ones are often the ones with smaller scales because they require lesser maintenance.

Bigger RC vehicles are costlier because the replacement parts are more expensive, and they require more fuel as well.

Battery Life

Your RC truck should have a decent battery life. If the vehicle runs out of battery frequently, you’d be too busy with recharging rather than actually playing with it.Therefore, you should focus on getting a vehicle that offers longer runtime. Also, look for a fast charging feature.


Consider what you’ll be purchasing the RC truck for. If you’re looking for casual fun, any good quality vehicle will do the job. You don’t need the speed.

However, if racing is your main purpose, you’d require a fast toy that can sweep through the race tracks with high speed. Just keep in mind that faster ones are harder to maneuver.


RC trucks come at various prices. Some are quite cheap, that cost less than a hundred dollars. The premium ones can cost hundreds of dollars. Naturally, they are filled with amazing features and run faster than others. If you’re into competitive racing, you’d have to invest a lot of money to get the best and most advanced ones.

However, if you’re planning to use it for casual races and normal riding, you won’t have to spend all that much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all RC trucks completely waterproof?

Waterproofness isn't the most common feature of RC trucks, and not all of them are protected from water. Some high-quality ones are waterproof so you can let them drench in water every now and then.

How long can my RC truck operate on a single charge?

This depends on the type of battery that is used to power your RC truck. The average ones last ten to twenty minutes before they are completely drained. However, some premium models that are equipped with high-quality batteries can last up to 40 minutes!

How do RC trucks work?

The remote controller sends instructions like which direction to go and how fast to go to the truck through radio signals. As soon as the vehicle receives the instructions, it starts following them.

What does the RC truck scale mean?

The scale refers to the size of your truck. Each RC truck is modeled after a certain life-sized truck. The scale represents how smaller the RC vehicle is compared to its counterpart.

Where can I get an RC truck?

RC trucks are available in various stores. You’d find them in most toy stores or even super shops. There are also specialized RC vehicle stores, but they aren't as common. Most enthusiasts now purchase their preferred models from Amazon or other online marketplaces.

Final Words

Nothing comes quite close to the kind of fun that RC trucks offer. However, you can’t get the true experience without using decent gear. That’s why it’s important to get the best RC truck on the market.

With our in-depth reviews and detailed guide, you should now have it easy to find the right RC truck for yourself. You can go with any product from our list as they’re all quite good. Happy racing!


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