Best RC Excavators Reviews in 2023

Parents will do anything to make their children happy and to support their interests. If you want to give your young one a gift, then they need no less than the best RC excavator.

These toys will give your children a unique experience and help teach them how to solve complex problems by playing. Build their interest in heavy machinery further by giving them a vehicle they can control.

Playing with these also builds up their hand and eye coordination as well as broadens their imagination and creativity.

So, if you’re planning on getting a gift for their birthday, here are some of the top toys available today.

Best Remote Control Excavator Toys in 2023

The good thing about a remote control excavator toy is that it is a good replica of a complex and awe-inspiring machine. It is not just an important piece of equipment in the construction industry, it is also an engineering marvel.

1. Top Race Remote Control Excavator Construction Tractor: Best Under $100


  • Best buy below $100
  • Heavy-duty rubber tracks
  • Up to 100 ft operation


  • Built on a 1:14 Scale
  • 3 separate motors on digging arm
  • Exclusive 15 channel functions

For many parents, the best toys are the ones that meet the budget criteria. This RC excavator is the best buy under $100. But that doesn’t mean that it is of less quality than the other toys in this review.

This is a no-nonsense toy that has individual motors to use for the moving parts. There is one motor for the shovel for up and down movement, one for the elbow for extending the arm, and another for the main arm for a precise movement.

Separate motors are also installed for the tracks so that you can control the movement in any direction you want. The workbench also rotates a full 680 degrees, just like a real excavator.

Moreover, the shovel is made with real metal so that you can dig up any kind of material. It will not break from use and can dig sand and soil whenever you please. While it may get some scratches from being used, it will only look more authentic the more you use it.

The total size of the excavator is 15-inches, and it's is made from heavy-duty materials, which makes it a tactile toy that gives a sense of reality. To add to the experience, it has realistic sound effects when operating.


  • Separate motors for each component
  • Easy to learn operation
  • Metal shovel
  • 680-degree operation


  • 80 minutes charge to full charge for 20-minute operation

2. DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator


  • Strong ABS plastic body and metal shovel
  • Waterproof and can work in mud
  • Powerful individual motors


  • Exclusive 17 channel functions
  • Equipped with 800mAh battery
  • Workbench can rotate 360-degree
  • Weight 4.5lbs
  • Battery Life: 30 minutes
  • Battery Included?: Yes
  • Age Range: 8+

This RC backhoe is a 1:16 scale model and works like the real thing. Controlling the excavator is simple, thanks to the detailed remote. Your young one will enjoy playing with this and learning things in the process.

The body of this toy is made from strong ABS plastic, and the shovel is made from metal. This allows the toy to dig up just about any type of sand and soil. It can roll on and off any hill with the thick rubber tracks.

Additionally, it has lights and sound effects that add to the experience of using the excavator. Operating this toy is a joy.

Separate motors operate the functions of this toy so you can move the shovel, arm, elbow, and the cockpit individually. You will have a variety of ways to move from point to point. Those motors are strong enough to lift this off the ground when operating on a tricky track.

You don't need to worry about this getting wet because it is also splash proof. It will work in the mud with no problems, just like a real excavator.

Children will have a great time using this remote-controlled motor for a long time as it comes with an extra pair of batteries. Just swap out the other battery when it is drained to continue the fun.


  • Comes with extra batteries
  • Has lights and sound effects when operating
  • Individual controls for shovel and movement
  • Great detail work


  • 10 to 15-minute play seems a little short

3. Fisca Remote Control Excavator


  • Metal shovel and cockpit
  • Has an alloy shovel for extra function
  • Nice sound effects when operating


  • 2.4G 11 Channel Full Functional 
  • Cab Can Be Rotate 680 Degrees
  • 3 Section Boom Lift Up and Down and Digging Arm
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Battery Life: 20 minutes
  • Age Range: 4+

This is more for moderate use than the previous products. It has 11 channels, which are still plenty of functions for full enjoyment. You can maneuver in all directions, rotate the cab all around, and, most importantly, scoop up dirt and pebbles.

It has a long-distance frequency and an anti-jamming feature, which will allow you to operate different radio-controlled toys all at the same time.

Also, the shovel bucket and the cab are made of metal. The shovel, on the other hand, is made from durable alloy. Your children or grandchildren can play with this without you worrying that they will break it.

Having a powerful motor control the arm, you can pretty much dig up any type of soil, and using the alloy shovel, you can push the material out of the way. This dual feature makes playtime with this toy double enjoyable.

Sound effects also help make playtime experience one of a kind. You can operate this both indoors and outdoors. The rubber tracks cling to surfaces fairly well. It is easy to move the excavator on any terrain.

You don’t have to buy separate batteries for this as it comes with 6 volts rechargeable battery pack.


  • Easy to operate
  • Great for younger children
  • Rubber tracks work on most surfaces
  • Good for indoor and outdoor play


  • 10 to 15-minute play seems a little short

4. DOUBLE E 17 Channel Full Functional RC Excavator


  • Three interchangeable tools
  • Detailed replica of a real excavator
  • Light and sound effects


  • 17 Channel Multi Functional
  • 680°Degree Cab Rotation
  • Rechargeable 800mah 4.8V Battery

If you want triple enjoyment for your child when playing with their RC excavator, this is the one you should get. It has interchangeable tools for various applications.

Your young one can use the shovel for digging, breaker for drilling, or grabber for grasping materials. You can replace the tools depending on the job at hand. All the tools are made from durable materials, so they won't break down with just routine construction play.

Having 17 channel multifunction, each component is operated by powerful motors that move each part for a specific purpose. You can rotate the cab, dig in any direction, move around the site, and do just about what a real excavator can do.

It also has added sound effects and lights to make playtime a unique and fun experience. Even adults will be impressed with the way this toy is made and operates.

You can easily move from one area to another, thanks to the tracks that are made from high-quality rubber. This will provide good traction on gravel, grass, sand, and even indoors.

The excavator is also able to work even in wet and muddy conditions. This is a toy built to be played and handled by a child.

An 800mAh battery pack is included. This will provide a long operation and enjoyment. You can also use batteries from the same manufacturer on this toy provided they have the same mAh and voltage.


  • Weatherproof
  • Thick rubber tracks for easy movement
  • Has separate motors for each function
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • The grabber function doesn’t have 

5. Top Race 23 Channel Hobby Remote Control Excavator: Premium


  • Metal tracks
  • Smoke simulation
  • Can carry up to 180 lbs


  • 23 channel excavator
  • Powerful a battery of 2000mAh
  • Workbench will rotate continuously and infinite.

To begin with the features, the body of this toy is made entirely of metal. That alone makes you see the durability and strength it has for anyone who owns it. This can carry up to 180 lbs, which is impressive for a toy.

It has a 23-channel functionality that makes it versatile and even more fun to control and operate. This runs on a powerful 2000mAh rechargeable battery. Also, you can play with the excavator for 45-50 minutes with a full charge.

You will get three tools with the pack. It has a shovel, a drill, and a clamp. All of these are made from heavy-duty steel that gives a tactile feeling of a real-world excavator. Swapping out the tool is simple enough thanks to the multi-tool included in the package.

Additionally, the tracks of this excavator are made from metal. While others fail to copy the tracks measurably, this premium toy successfully replicates the real deal.

Among the things that will make you smile about this is the smoke simulation. Don’t worry because the oil for the smoke is provided and is safe to use around children.

This is definitely not just a toy for children. It is also a must-have for anyone who collects premium hobby toys.


  • Premium toy for children and even adults
  • Full metal construction
  • Interchangeable tools
  • Long battery life


  • Expensive

6. Big Daddy Remote Control Excavator : Best under $50


  • Long battery life
  • 360-degree operation
  • Powerful grabber/excavator


  • Super Powerful 16 Channel
  • powerful 7.2 volt 400-MAH battery
  • 2.4 frequency control

If you are on a budget, this is one of the excavator toys that will give you more for your money. It is among the most budget-friendly toys in this review.

But don’t let the price give you an idea of a low-par build. This is a die-cast toy that can withstand being used daily by a young owner. It has the character to be among the best RC excavators available.

This is a close replica of an actual timber grabber and excavator. Meaning, you can use it to dig as well as move stuff with the metal claw. It has 16-channel functionality, which means you can operate this in a variety of ways and movements.

Details put into this replica will amaze you. The cockpit has clear glass, the hydraulic arms look like the real thing, and they even put workbench stairs for extra measure.

You can move the toy in most directions—forward, backward, and any maneuver you need to reach the next point. Movement is easy on almost any surface because of the rubber tracks. The cab also fully rotates so that you can dig and move stuff in any direction.

It is operated by a 7.2 volt 400mAh rechargeable battery. You can charge it using the USB charger, which you can also plug to a power bank for on-the-go charging. 30 minutes of charge will provide 15-20 minutes of play.

The 2.4ghz remote can control the excavator for up to 20 feet away.


  • 16-channel control feature
  • Great detail work
  • Durable diecast build
  • Boasts motors on each functional part


  • Transmitter doesn't come with a battery

7. Gili RC Excavator Toy


  • Wide range of movement
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with extra batteries and a drawstring bag for storage


  • Full functional RC With 350° rotating cab
  • Anti-interference Radio Controlled 
  • Non-toxic Durable ABS Car

While it seems like excavators are hard to control for younger kids, this one is made exactly for them with simple operation and parts that are safe for use for little ones.

The excavator is made from high-quality and durable ABS plastic, which makes it great for play in the sandbox. It is durable enough for everyday use. This is a helpful and fun teaching tool parents can give their growing child.

It has a 350-degree rotating cab, which will allow for a wide range of movement when digging or excavating on the sand. You can move it around easily, thanks to the installed rubber tracks.

This has an anti-interference feature that makes it suitable for play with other different remote-controlled track hoes.

As this is made for a younger audience, it has 8 channel controls, which will allow you to move forward, backward, left and right, move the arm up and down, and pick up and drop dirt—basically, everything you want for an excavator. Your kids will love you even more with this best remote control excavator.

You will get two battery packs in the package, which will give you and your child plenty of playtimes. And after you play, you can store it in the drawstring bag, which also comes with the package.

Cleaning this excavator is also simple. The rubber track is removable and can be cleaned with a damp towel, not soaked.


  • Best toy for younger children
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Made with strong ABS plastic
  • Rubber tracks make movement easy over sand and like terrain


  • Short battery life

8. DOUBLE E Remote Control Excavator Toy Truck


  • Auto-demo button
  • Detailed to replicate real excavators
  • Anti-interference feature


  • 8 Channel Full Function
  • 2.4Ghz Anti-interference
  • 3.6V 800mAh battery

If your children like heavy equipment and like to travel, this one is a good purchase. With its 1:26 scale, it is more portable than the previous toys in this review but works just as well.

Since 2019, this is an improved version of the well-loved series of construction vehicles. The changes they made have significantly improved the control and the durability of their entry-level toys, this one included. So, you get more for your money with this purchase.

As mentioned, this is an improvement of a previous unit, which is why it can do all the movements and controls of an excavator. You can move it in any direction as well as operate the arm with ease. Moreover, you can also rotate the cab around so that you can dig from any direction.

Additionally, it has a demo mode that features all the possible movements with a press of a button.

You can control this with the 2.4ghz controller for up to 100M. Don't worry about getting mixed up with other remote-controlled backhoes as this has an anti-interference feature.

This toy can dig up sand and other materials with its shovel. The entire unit is made from high-quality material, which makes it a durable toy that's not easy to wear out by everyday use.


  • Great for younger children
  • Works as well as any other excavator
  • Portable size
  • Powerful 800mAh batteries


  • Only has 8 channel control

9. VATOS RC Excavator


  • 17-channel control
  • Water-resistant
  • 360-degree rotatable cab


  • 1:16 scale
  • non-toxic ABS plastic body
  • Highly Realistic Operation Functions

Children ages 5 and up will fully enjoy this toy. This will further enhance their hand and eye coordination as well as teach them problem-solving as they play with this.

Made with ABS plastic, the construction of this toy is geared for outdoor play, but it is also great for indoors. It has rubber tracks that give a firm grip on the floor, on the sand, or anywhere your child wants to play with it.

It has 17 channel control features. This means you can operate each moving part with the dedicated motors. You can control the bucket when digging, the elbow when you want to reach out, the arm to extend the digging and the basic maneuver of the cab. Furthermore, you can also rotate it for more digging angles.

One thing you will notice is the addition of lights and sound effects. This adds to the experience and enjoyment of children when playing with this toy, making it one of the best RC excavators if you’re on a tight budget.

For more enjoyment, this comes with three interchangeable tools: the bucket or shovel for digging, the drill, and the gripper. You can change the tools using the multi-tool included in the set.

Even with a fair amount of distance, you can still control the excavator. You will also not run into any problems if you are playing with other kids with the same toy as these are designed to have their own frequencies, so no interference will happen.


  • Made with safe materials
  • Comes with three interchangeable tools
  • Runs on rechargeable batteries
  • Long-distance operation


  • Tools made with plastic may be prone to breaking

Buying Guide for the Best RC Excavator

An excavator is a fun and enjoyable toy for your kids. Sometimes, dads may also want to play with them from time to time. If you're considering buying one for a gift to your kid on their birthday or for holidays, here are some things to take into consideration.


If you’re not pressed for time, it is best to allot a fair amount of budget for such a toy. Because most of the time, the more you pay for a toy like this, the more you will get.

But you don’t need to worry if you have less than $50 to spare because there are excavators with those price points available.

Channel Control

Different remote controlled backhoes have different functions. Basically, the younger the child is, the fewer channels recommended for them. This is because you are matching the features to their capability.

Generally, if the child is less than 5 years old, then an 8 channel will be good for them. But if they have better hand and eye coordination, a 17-channel control will fit them better.

Power Consumption

Most remote-controlled toys need batteries. There is a wide variety of mAh per battery pack included in the package. As a rule of thumb, the higher the mAh, the longer the battery life, just like with your smartphone.

Only one caveat, inexpensive models with high mAh batteries tend to charge for a longer time. That's also one thing to look out for when purchasing an RC excavator.

Build and Materials

There are many options as far as build materials are concerned. But in this review, we saw three types, which are the most used materials: ABS plastic, diecast metal, and metal.

While all these three are durable and reliable to last a long time, metal is still the best one when it comes to strength and durability. But since metal toys are a little expensive, some manufacturers used a combination of materials to lower the price and still keep the toys durable.


Some of the RC excavators we tackled in this review had other tools like a drill and a grabber, which are good additions for extra fun. If you think your child will enjoy these add-ons, then it is no question that you should get it for them.

Final Words

Giving a gift to your young one is a privilege because it is sure to bring a smile to their face. If they show a keen interest in heavy equipment, the best RC excavator will be a good starter to their collection. With this review, you will have a good idea of the best toys to buy with different features and price ranges.


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