Best Printers for Cricut Print and Cut in 2023

Do you sometimes feel like you have an artist inside you, ready to burst out? But somehow, you are held back because you always seem to lack the right tools?

Well, this won’t happen anymore, because we will do the tool searching for you! We will help you find the best printers for cricut print and cut, and if you are into crafting, you should know that the printer is the single most vital component.

While finding the right printer is tough, this guide will act as a beacon due to knock off’s out there. By reviewing the top 4 Cricut printers out there, we will give you the best and hope your dream project sees the light as soon as possible!

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4 Best Printers for Cricut Print and Cut

Time for the reviews! Check out the top 4 best printers for Cricut out there, and see whether you find your pick.

1. Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless

This one is the Ix6820 from the world-famous printer manufacturer, Canon. Equipped with the finest features, this is a product for the ambitious.

Featuring high-end compatibility, this is a product that will work virtually with any OS. With windows, you will be able to use this product with all versions between XP and 8.1.  It also supports Mac equally well and runs with versions v10.6.8 and  v10.913.

Equipped with the latest air print, this product always allows you to be connected to cloud storage devices and systems. This enables you to connect during emergency situations or when you need to download something from the cloud on short notice.

An amazing feature of this product is the level of engineering that went into building it. With Fine print head technology, the nozzle of the inkjet has been designed to deliver at the maximum possible efficiency and low wastage.

When using this product, you will never run out of ink or ink options ever again. That is because you have five ink tank systems to choose from, and each tank is different from the other.

The automatic feeder cuts down work for you quite significantly, as there is no need to insert the paper into the machine anymore manually.

With its auto power feature and setting, you do not even need to power on the product if you need your work done. By simply sending the file to be printed, the product powers up automatically, preventing you from walking over to get it started.

Enjoy the full extent of this product resolution by utilizing every dpi of its 9600 x 2400 resolution. If you want to print in black and white, you further have the option of printing in 600*600 dpi, should you so desire.

Highlighted Features

  • Powers up without manual intervention when needed
  • Allows connection to cloud storage services
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Provides 5 ink tanks to choose from.

2. WF-7710 Wireless

The ultimate item for Cricut printing ! WF-7710 from Epson display’s class, style, and of course, efficiency. Made to be versatile, it is a statement in quality.

This is a product that can handle whatever you throw at it. From scanning, printing, and faxing, there is nothing that goes beyond its range. It will make your work immensely easier and allow you to get all things done with one swipe.

The product also allows you to create your very own borderless prints. With a size limit of 13’’*19’’, it will be more than adequate for most of your needs.

If you feel tired of changing paper all the time and are looking for a wider or more expansive tray, well, then you are in luck. This product comes with a 250 sheet holding capacity.

To make things even better, you can also hold up to 20 sheets of photo paper and an astounding 10 envelopes.

While most conventional printers can print on only one side, this product is a class apart in that department. Its automatic two-sided printing will ensure that the entire paper is utilized to the full extent.

The 4.3’’ color touch screen adds to the stylish look. It also makes operating this amazing product as easy as pie since you will not have to push pesky buttons repeatedly to carry out simple tasks.

With the wireless printing feature, you can avail the best of this product even while you are away. Simply connect it to your android or iPhone or even your tablet, and let it do the work for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Large paper holding capacity
  • Double-sided printing possible
  • Connects to voice control programs
  • Enabled with touchscreen for better operation.

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 7720

No printer review is truly ever complete without mentioning the one and only HP. For years, they have delivered the best, and with the Pro 7720, their reputation as the top dog is only further fortified.

Connect this product with your smartphone or tablet to enjoy the best of its connectivity features. Using WiFi, you can print fast, smoothly, and most conveniently, remotely.

To make professional flyers and postcards, this product further allows you to print without any borders. This just adds to the aesthetic appeal of the final product and makes the colors stand out.

If you are away on business or travel around a lot, you may need to set the printer up on short notice. For this, the HP Smart app is provided to scan documents straight from the cloud service and print them at your command.

Since this product can fax, scan, and print, it will make the workplace more productive and saves time. Furthermore, using the touchscreen, you can speed up the process even faster by providing customized commands.

It can support a wide range of paper sizes, making perfect for just about any task. As a matter of fact, it supports different legal sizes, letters, cards, and even tabloids. This allows you to experiment with your dream projects and try them all out to good effect.

Highlighted Features

  • Supports different paper sizes
  • Can scan, fax, and print
  • Has a capacity of more than 30k pages.
  • Can be remotely set up

4. Epson SureColor P400 Wireless

Get your creative juices flowing with the P400. Coming straight from Epson's factories, this product is the best printer for cricut print then cut projects due to its high durability, multisystem compatibility, and strong connectivity options.

This black inkjet product is perfect for the innovator and the dreamer. It can handle a professional-level cut sheet and deal with paper for advanced tasks and projects.

Capable of printing up to 13 inches, it will also print without any borders, making your artwork the sole focus of attention.

If you want your work to have a certain vintage look, this product can even turn back the clock. Well, not literally, but it allows archival printing. This type of printing amps up the black and white color settings to induce an archaic 18th-century look.

Coming back to the present, this product also allows for sustained connectivity. By pairing it up with WiFi, you can provide all commands remotely and never have to worry about manually inputting every line of command.

If you desire to impart a vibrant look to your design and print, then utilize the red and orange inks this product provides. The two inks are there specifically to induce a more lively look in the print.

Finally, get the most out of this printer with whatever OS you are currently using. This product supports all the versions of windows ranging from 8 to 10. It also works with Apple OS, namely versions 10.11.x, 10.10.x, 10.9.x, 10.8.x, 10.7.x5.

Highlighted Features

  • Allows for amplified shades of black and white
  • Borderfree printing
  • High levels of color accuracy
  • Can handle roll paper.

Before You Buy What to Look for

With the reviews done and dusted, let's now look into some key aspects to watch out for when preparing to buy the best printer for print and cut with cricut

The section will provide valuable pointers that could make your investment worthwhile and also provide some tips that could benefit you in the long run. So, let us get started!


This is, without a doubt, the era and age of connectivity. We expect and desire greater connectivity with almost every gadget or device we use. From phones to laptops to now even printers, staying connected to the device helps.

By connectivity, we do not mean communication in the raw sense; rather, we mean how well the product can operate via wireless commands. This means it is compatible with the internet, Bluetooth, and ethernet.

While this requirement may not seem very important, it would certainly make your life easier. Instead of walking to the printer every few minutes to print and collect your work, a simple wireless command via your phone could do the trick.

This will significantly speed up productivity in the workspace and save some time that you could invest elsewhere.

OS Compatibility

While the original Windows OS was in vogue back in the day, things have changed drastically over the last few decades. Now, Mac OS is taking quite a stand-in both offices and homes.

When buying a printer, always go for one that is compatible with a different version of Windows or Mac. Better yet, go for one that is compatible with both.

While this may seem redundant if you are a single OS user, it is always better to stay prepared. You never know when you might have to change the OS, and in that event, all your work will come to a standstill because you cannot even print.

Hence, bypass all that by going all-in for compatibility.

Can Accommodate Various Paper Weights

If you are into Cricut printing, you will undeniably know that different types of paper have different weights. Furthermore, the weight of the paper can affect the quality of the overall design, print, and product.

The most commonly used paper is writing paper and weighs around 20 lbs. All machines can handle this.

Other types of commonly used paper for crafting include index paper and text paper. Index paper weighs between 90 to 114 lbs and is used in postcards. Text paper weighs between 50 and 100 lbs and is used in notebooks.

You should ensure that the printer you buy supports at least some of the common paper sizes and weights for greater productivity. That way, you can experiment a bit with different papers before finalizing your results.

The most common types of paper are the ones listed above, and while more exist, these are widely used.

Auto Feeder System

Another feature that could make life a bit easier when working on important projects. Old model printers are fitted with a manual page feeding system, meaning you have to insert the pages after every round manually.

However, newer models are more user friendly. They have sensors that detect when the printing round is over, and they automatically take up paper from the tray and insert it into the printer.

Provided the option, always go for printers with auto feeder systems, as this will significantly cut down some mundane tasks for you.

Cloud-Based Storage

Another key feature that you could look out for is whether the printer connects to cloud-based storage systems, like Google cloud and dropbox.

The reason for this is that often you may need to print out work that has been uploaded online for safe storage, and in that case, you may not want to go through the hassle of downloading the file, transferring it to the printer, and then getting the job done.

Instead, you can call on the printer to print directly from the cloud, saving you time and effort.

Good Resolution

We understand that good resolution may mean differently to different users. However, the gist of it remains the same; the better resolution will improve your project's overall quality.

The lines, edges, and shades will be more visible, and fine detail will be captured more easily if the resolution is high. How high it needs to depend on you, but for standard uses, 600 dots per inch is a good start.

Of course, higher resolutions exist, so you have to decide beforehand on your project's accuracy and color shades.

Good Speed

Speed is everything nowadays. After all, who likes to wait in line for hours just to get a small postcard printed? A faster printer means less time wasted and more productivity.

For this reason, among many others, speed should be a top priority when you go out searching for a good printer for cricuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time for the much-awaited FAQ section. Here, you will find answers to the most common questions regarding printers for Cricut prints.

I have a laser printer. Can I use it for Cricut printing?

Unfortunately not. Only inkjet printers can be used for Cricut printing. Laser printers will damage the Cricut printing materials because of the high amount of heat produced.

Is the ink from Cricut printers safe?

The ink has been tested for harmful chemicals, and in most cases, is safe. There are no deadly chemicals in it. However, if the ink comes in contact with skin, we recommend washing it off.

Will the printer make too much noise during operation? I work at night, so this is a concern for me.

Not really. Most modern-day printers are quiet in operation, but there is a further option of silent mode with some printers. This eliminates most of the noise.

Can I work on vinyl projects using Cricut?

You most certainly can! Vinyl is one of the materials. Cricut machines can handle, and vinyl projects are quite popular.

My project has multiple layers. Can I print it via a Cricut printer?

If the printer has a flatten option, then yes. The flatten option enables the multilayer work to be projected on a single plane, which is then printable.

Final Words

Crafting is taxing art. However, the joys outweigh the hurdles, and Cricut printers are a big reason behind this. We hope your search for the best printers for cricut print and cut has yielded fruit.

While it’s daunting to start, we want to make things easy for you. Hopefully, we will have the chance to help you again soon. Till then, happy crafting!


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