Best Portable Jump Starter for V8 Engines 2023

Portable jump starters are life savers for vehicle owners. They make it easy for you to boost your dead car anywhere anytime, without bothering other road users.

That said, your vehicle engine size is a KEY consideration when you’re looking for a great portable jump starter. The bigger the engine, the more powerful a jump starter you need. The V8 engines fit in the category of bigger engines.

If you have a V8 engine-powered vehicle, you need to ensure you choose the ideal jump starter for this type of engine. Find below some of the best jump starters for V8 you can find on the market today for you to choose from.


Product Name

Our Rating


NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Jump Starter

DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter

clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC770R

DEWALT DXAEJ14 Portable Jump Starter

What Are Jump Starters?

Jump starters are portable devices that transfer power directly from their built-in battery to your dead car battery to help jumpstart your car. The devices work similarly to the jumper cables. But instead of using another vehicle, you connect positive and negative cable clamps from the jump starter to your car battery’s positive and negative terminals respectively.

Since these power packs are fully portable, they’re more reliable than traditional jumper cables. as you can use them anytime or anywhere if your car engine fails to start. They’re much easier to use and work with all vehicles. Plus, they eliminate the risk of damage to your vehicle's electrical components associated with the traditional jumpstarting method.

Best Jump Starters For V8 Engines

1. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Jump Starter Pack

Starting our car battery booster reviews is the Noco GB40 jump starter. This compact but powerful portable starter pack is designed to start anyV8 with up to 6L diesel engine or 3L diesel engine. It lets you safely jumpstart your car in seconds.

The starter pack boasts boasting a 1000-amp built-in lithium battery which delivers up to 20 jump starts for your car on a single charge. Unlike the traditional jumper cables, this Noco GB40 comes with spark-proof technology and reverse polity protection—letting you safely jump-start your vehicle without damaging its electrical components.

Besides starting your car, this Noco device also features a built-in emergency 100-lumen flashlight. it also acts as a portable power bank for charging your mobile devices.

Noco uses rugged, water-resistant housing for this pack to enable it to withstand elements. it also features a rubber over-molded casing that keeps away scratches and mars on its surface.

At just 2.4 pounds, this start packer is incredibly lightweight and highly portable. It’s also compact and takes less space in your car. Inside the pack, you’ll get a microfiber storage bag to allow for even more convenient carry.


  • Safe for your car
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Jumpstart up to 20 cars on a single charge
  • Reliable multifunction light
  • Easy to use


  • Not ideal for larger V8 engines
  • No wall outlet charger

2. DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter

This DBPOWER car jump starter also yields sufficient juice to jump your V8 engine. We feature this as another best Portable Jump Starter for V8 due to its ability to easily power 5.2L diesel or 6.5L petrol V8 engines.

Despite its small size, this unit is pretty powerful and delivers a peak current of 1000A, enabling it to boost a dead car battery in seconds. It features a powerful 20800mAh built-in battery which delivers up to 20+ jumpstarts on a full charge. This is equivalent to jumpstarting a total of 20+ V8s on a single full charge.

The included all-metal spray gold clamps offer better durability than standard clamps. And they come integrated with an intelligent protection device to offer protection against common issues like reverse polarity, over-voltage, low-voltage, over-discharge, over-current, and so on.

With the included dual USB outputs (including a 2.4 smart USB output) plus a DC output, you can also rely on this portable jump starter to charge other devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and kindles at the fastest speeds.

The portable jump starter features an overall size of 7.5L x 3.4 W x 1.4 H inches, making it one of the best compact jump starters available. At 1.35lbs only, it’s also a lightweight jump starter that you can easily carry to any place.


  • Intelligence protection feature
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Multiple charging ports
  • High portability
  • Incredibly easy to use


  • No spark-proof technology
  • Cannot be used with V8 gas engines over 6.5L

3. Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Jump Starter

You’ll have peace of mind carrying this highly reliable Clore JNC770R jump starter in your car. This device comes packed with multiple features that work together to make jumpstarting your V8 more effective and efficient than using a donor car.

The unit gets its power from Clore’s 22Ah Pro-former battery which is specially designed for jumpstarting applications. It yields a whopping 1700 peak amps and up to 425 cranking amps. This makes Clore Automotive JNC660 one of the best v8 jump starters with unmatched cranking power, extended cranking period, and increased jumps per charge.

The device presents you with an extra-long (46-inch cable), letting you easily reach the starting point of your vehicle. Its industrial-grade Hot Jaw clamps effortlessly penetrate corrosion for the best possible connection.

With this portable jump starter, you’ll enjoy additional cool features like a fully automated built-in charger for its battery, a voltmeter to help you check the battery status, a DC outlet for charging your 12V accessories, and automatic circuit protection.

A heavy-duty housing makes this car jump starter impervious to fluids and enables it to withstand the rigors that come with everyday use.


  • 40 jumps per charge
  • Works with bigger 10L V8 engines
  • Built-in automatic charger
  • Extended cable length
  • Heavy-duty clamps


  • No USB output ports
  • No reverse polarity protection

4. Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC770R Jump Starter

Like its sibling above, this Clore Automotive JNC770R also comes with Clore PROFORMER 22 Amp-hour battery. It works with large V8 engines (up to 10L, both diesel and petrol engines).And delivers 20-30 jumpstarts on a single charge.

Jump starting your v8 gets easier with the extra-long 68-inch cables that come with this device. The cables are also heavy-duty and remain flexible in extreme temperatures to ensure easy placement. The jump starter comes with clamps designed in such a way that the entire clamp acts as a jaw for increased power capacity.

The intuitive digital LED display lets you monitor the remaining battery charge as well as the charge level during charging.

You’ll enjoy additional features like a built-in 3Amp automatic charger which makes reaching your unit hassle-free and quick. You’ll also get dual USB outputs, 12V power output, and high-intensity LED light (helpful when jump starting your car in the dark).

A master ON/OFF switch is also integrated into this unit to ensure the clamps stay inactive during storage or transportation.

The Clore JNC770R Jump Starter base features a durable case to enable it to withstand daily abuse. It also features an extra-strength rubber to offer excellent stability, so you can easily place your jump starter anywhere without worries of tipping off.


  • Super-easy to use
  • Lengthy 68-inch jump cable
  • Built-in automatic charger
  • Features USB and 12VDC ports


  • The unit is bigger and heavier

5. DEWALT DXAEJ14 Portable Jump Starter

DEWALT DXAEJ14is another best vehicle jump starter that comes ready to take away your worst nightmare of being stuck by the road when your V8 won’t start, with no cars in sight.

The compact, highly portable device delivers serious jump-starting power with up to 1400 peak amps and 700 instant starting amps. This is sufficiently high power to start any 12V AGM, wet, or gel battery. The unit will jump start any car with a V8 engine, whether it’s your SUV, truck, RV, tractor, etc.

For the construction part, this jump starter has an impact-resistant housing and full-metal, powder-coated clamps for increased durability and long-lasting use.

Besides being the best portable car battery jumper for your V8, this jump starter also doubles as an air compressor. It features a digital 120PSI air compressor with auto stop and Surefit nozzle to help you easily inflate your car tires if they have low pressure.

A high-powered LED light comes with this portable jump starter to help you easily jumpstart your car in the dark. The included LED screen is easy to use and features a backlight function to help you easily read in the dark. The built-in USB ports will help you easily charge your smartphone and other handheld devices.


  • Digital air compressor with hose
  • High-intensity LED work light
  • Works with all v8 engines
  • Built-in AC charger


  • The unit is bigger and heavier
  • No DC outlet port

6. WEEGO 66 Jump Starting Power Pack

This is one of the most powerful jump starters from Weego. It is great for jumpstarting cars, boats, trucks, and SUVs with large V8 engines. It’s one of the safest and easiest devices to use and even absolute beginners can easily use it to jumpstart their cars.

We rate this unit as one of the best portable jump starter for V8 models because of its ability to deliver as high as 660 cranking amps. This means it delivers enough power needed to start larger V8 gas engines hassle-freely.

The unit comes with smart clamps with a suite of built-in protections to safeguard against wrong connection, reverse polarity connection, anti-spark, over-heat, and power surge.

The Weego 66 comes with USB ports and will let you easily charge your iPhone, iPad, etc. It also features a 12V DC outlet for charging your 12V tools and accessories. The 600-lumen ultra-bright flashlight integrated into this unit enables you to jumpstart your car in dark or lowlight conditions.

With an IP65 waterproof rating, this unit offers great resistance to elements like water, moisture, dust, and dirt. This makes it a perfect companion for job sites, hunting, fishing, and trail-riding.


  • Recharges quickly
  • Heavy duty carry case
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Multiple charging ports


  • No digital control panel
  • Doesn’t hold charge for long

7. OzCharge RescueMate 12-Volt Super Capacitor Jump Starter

If you’re looking for a maintenance-free jump starter for your V8, the RescueMate jump starter is for you. This unit is battery-less and uses Ultra-capacitors, setting it apart from lithium, AGM, and lead-acid jump starters that require regular charging.

RescueMate delivers a whopping 1000 Amps, which is high power ideal for starting 10L gas and 5L diesel V8 engines. Besides, this power can start 50HP 2 Stroke outboards, 350 HP 4 Stroke outboards, all motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles.

The Super Capacitor that comes with this jump starter gives it SUPER jumping powers! You can store this unit in your vehicle for 5 years without bothering with charging it and its capacitors will still start your engine over and over again—1000s of times!

Another BIG benefit of using a super-capacitor portable jump starter is the elimination of fire hazards associated with lithium batteries. You can store and use this unit at extremely higher temperatures or colder temperatures than lithium without developing any problems.

Extras that come with this package include a USB charging cable, cigarette lighter/accessory plug, and 16-inch clamps.


  • Maintenance-free
  • Fast charging
  • 1000s of jumpstarts on single charge
  • Can work in extreme conditions
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty


  • Pricey

8. TACKLIFE T8-Newer Model Car Jump Starter

Do you want a jump starter that offers you value for money? If yes, consider this TACKLIFE T8 car jump starter. The model is designed to jump-start all vehicles with large V8 (7.0L gas or 5.5L diesel) engines.

As one of the best jump starters for V8, this portable jump starter delivers even more power than most models out there. It boasts a 18000mAh capacity battery that yields a peak power of up to 800amps. This is enough juice to boost up to 20 cars on a single charge.

The fairly priced jump starter comes with smart clamps with built-in red and green indicator lights. What’s more, the cables feature up to 8 built-in protection functions, including reverse polarity, spark-proof, and mistake-proof protection.

The jump clamps are quite lengthy—at 53.5cm(21.06in)—and will easily reach your vehicle battery terminals as well as the chassis ground.

As with the other top-rated jump starters, this unit comes optimized with fast-charging ports including dual smart USB ports to let you quickly charge multiple devices like laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Tacklife has equipped this jump starter with an easy-to-read digital LCD screen to let you easily tell how much charge is remaining in the battery. Also, it offers you extras like an outdoor compass and 3-mode LED flashlight to help you easily find your way home in case you get lost in the wild.


  • Built-in led light with 3 modes
  • Multiple USB charging ports
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Comes with a heavy-duty carry case


  • Only works with smaller V8 engines
  • The package is bulky

9. Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR Jump Starter

Can’t figure out the best gift for your husband or anyone in your life who owns a V8 car, camping trailer, or RV? How about getting them this high-end Clore Automotive JNCAIR jump starter?

With its jump starter and air compressor functions, this unit is a truly valuable device to have in your car and a lifesaver when your car battery or tires decide to surprise you in the middle of nowhere.

The jump starter provides you with up to 1700 peak amps and up to 425 cracking amps. This makes it ideal for starting just about any car regardless of type or vehicle engine size.

It comes with heavy-duty, extra-long (68-inch) jump cables for easy placement of your jump starter relative to your vehicle. It also features industrial-grade clamps that easily penetrate corrosion on the battery terminals for the best possible connection.

Since this jump starter cokes with a built-in AC charger for automatic recharging, you’ll be able to easily keep your unit charged and ready to use at all times.

And yes, this Clore portable jump starter also comes with an integrated air compressor with a 12-feet air hose. This allows you to inflate your flat tires on the go. Additional features include a built-in pressure gauge and screw-on chuck.


  • Delivers lots of starting power
  • Simple to use and operate
  • keeps charge for long
  • Easy to carry
  • Extra-long jump cables


  • The compressor is a bit slow for filling a full-size tire
  • Relatively heavy unit

10. Wagan EL7552 Jumpboost V8 Air Jump Starter

Despite being the last unit on our list of top battery booster pack reviews, this Wagan jump starter is rated as one of the most powerful jump starters for V8 engines on the market today with affordable pricing.

The jump starter delivers a whopping 1000 peak amps, 300 cranking amps, and 120 CCA (cold cranking amps)—making it powerful enough to power engines up to V8. It is accompanied by 24-inch jump cables for hassle-free setup.

Since this model features built-in anti-spark and high-temperature automatic shutdown, you’ll enjoy a 100% safe jumpstarting experience.

The multi-functional Jump boost also offers you an air compressor rated at 260psi, to allow you to easily inflate the tires of anything from a bike, motorbike, passenger car, truck, or SUV.

For your nighttime emergency roadside repairs, this unit offers you an extremely bright 200 Lumen COB LED work light. This makes working at night a breeze.

The Wagan Jump boost weighs approx. 12.5lbs, meaning it's lighter and easier to carry/transport to any location. Additional features that make this unit a must-have for any serious outdoor enthusiast include a USB power port and 12V DC output port for easily charging your devices.


  • Multiple power outlet ports
  • High jumpstarting power
  • Ultra-bright work light
  • Affordably priced
  • Powerful air compressor


  • No carry pouch for the accessories
  • Low-quality air hose
  • Bulky for small cars

Types Of Jump Starter

When shopping for the best v8 jump starters, you must understand the different options you’ll likely come across at the market.

Let’s briefly discuss the most common types of jump starters available:

1. Portable car jump starters

These jump starters usually come in a compact design and you can easily carry them in your car without taking a lot of space. They come with a built-in battery and require that you fully charge them before using them.

Portable jump starters can be further divided into power parks(designed for smaller battery needs)and jumper packs (designed to jumpstart cars by offering high outputs in a short period of time). Though these two variations can help with a low car battery, jump packs will work better for a battery that’s completely dead.

The key advantage of using the best compact portable jump starter is that you can carry them everywhere and use them in case of a dead battery. The downside is that they need to be charged before use. They also tend to lose their ability to hold a charge for long with time.

2. Plug-in car jump starters

As the name suggests, these jump starters need to be plugged into a power outlet for you to use to start your car.

These units don’t require prior charging which is an advantage over portable models that must be charged before use (and the charging can take quite long).

Plug-in jump starters are usually large and bulky and not as portable. The fact that they must be plugged in for them to work makes them less convenient.

3. Ultra-capacitor jumper starters

This is the newest player in the market and comes in the form of a lightweight and highly portable unit with superior jump starting performance. Unlike the two options above, ultra-capacitor jump starters are battery-less and use capacitors to store energy.

The biggest benefit of these units is that they don’t require regular charging. Some of them don’t even require any charging at all and simply use the residue energy in your battery to start your vehicle. And the few that require charging can hold their charge for years before you can think of charging them again.

Frequently Asked Question

How Many Amps Does it Take to Jump Start a V8?

A: A V8 engine can be jumpstarted with anything from 400 peak Amps and approximately 300 CCA (cold cranking amps) in cold weather.

What Size Battery Jump Starter do I Need?

A: It depends on how much space you have available in your car. The type of battery a jump starter uses also affects its size. Lithium-ion batteries are usually smaller and more portable than lead-acid batteries.

Does a Jump Starter Have to Be Fully Charged to Use?

A: Not really. A jump starter can perform well even when the charge level is at 50%. However, charging your unit to full capacity has an advantage in that it delivers more kicks.


That’s all about the portable jump starters for a V8 engine. We have provided you with a list of the best jump starters for V8 that will reliably and efficiently jump start V8 engine powered vehicles. These units deliver varying jumpstarting powers and capabilities, functions set of features, and price points. Thus, finding the perfect model for all your unique jump starting needs from this list should not be a problem for you.


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