Best Pigment Ink Printer 2023

Where would we be without print technology? Well, printing makes life easier for the resident of the modern world. But not all printers will make your life easy - some printers will do quite the opposite.

They will certainly cost a lot of money but end up causing an equal amount of frustration by merely being insufficient. But we are not going to talk about those here.

We’re going to talk about the good ones so that you can find the best pigment ink printer for yourself from among them.

In this article, there is a very detailed list of 5 printers and an essential buying guide that will help you get a complete understanding of these machines.

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Best Pigment Ink Printer Reviews

With so many choices of amazing printers in the market, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we got your back. This list has 5 of the best printers of the current market - pick any of them, and you will get your money’s worth.

1. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 | Best Pigment Printer

This printer will get you prints that are of superior, high definition, and professional in quality. The biggest paper that you can feed into this machine can be about 13 x 19 inches.

The machine is as good for printing posters and stickers out as it is for monochromatic documents. And if you want borderless prints on your paper, then this the printer to go with. Also, you can, fortunately, use any type of paper for this printer - starting from basic A3 sizes of writing paper to cardstock.

But you have to keep in mind that this printer accepts no other cartridge except cartridges from Epson, no matter what the label says on the anonymous cartridge box. This strict cartridge preference is also a measure taken for ensuring a greater life of service for the printer.  

In total, it will hold about six cartridges of Claria HD photo ink. Among the colors, you will find red, gray, black, and white to accompany two of your preferences. This color range will be a complete gamut to ensure that you get amazing HD quality ink on the prints.

Also, there are two sheet trays - one on the back that can carry about 50 papers at once and another on the front that can hold about 200 printer papers at once. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Will work with quite a number of paper varieties
  • Able to print on both sides of a single piece of paper
  • The back-sheet tray can hold 20 papers, and the front one can hold 200 papers
  • Very compact size but can get out prints that are as big as 13 x 19 inches
  • Doesn’t accept ink cartridges from any other company except Claria Epson

2. Canon PIXMA PRO-10 Color Professional Inkjet Photo Printer

With this PIXMA Professional Canon printer, you get what you’re promised and what you’re promised looks just so much better when you see it on paper!

This Pro-10 printer uses a special generating system to produce image quality of the best caliber. It is done because of the blessed combination of the chroma optimizer technology along with the pigment-based inks.

Chroma optimization on the ink seals it further into the paper to ensure a longer-lasting image while also putting over the ink a layer of glossy coating that brings out the color gamut to make prints look vibrant as ever!   

The special image generating system organizes the layers of inks on your paper with a highly mathematical accuracy so that the colors sit against each other in the perfect composition and alignment.

Long story short - you are going to be in awe of the quality of ink work that this printer can do on your paper.

This printer can hold ten cartridges. The colors that you will find are two types of black (matte and photo), two types of cyan (regular and photo), two types of magenta (regular and photo), after which you will have red, gray, yellow, and then finally another cartridge tank with the Chroma Optimizer.

Moreover, the monochrome tones included in the color set will produce the best gamut for black and white prints without locking out the luster.

Highlighted Features:

  • Takes in 10 x 15 cm paper as well as A3+ ones
  • Comes with a special built-in image optimization system
  • Three monochrome colors have been included for top-notch black and white prints
  • Has a tank full of the chroma optimizer coating that can preserve color and prints properly for much longer

3. Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer

If you are looking for a printer for use in the office where your colleagues will need to use it, then this Epson Stylus will be quite a fitting machine for the job because it works with both Mac and Windows due to the parallel and USB ports that it has.

With this printer, the recommended ink for use is DURABrite ultra pigments that sit very nicely on all kinds of paper regardless of whether they are plain or glossy.

The printer is fast enough for busy places like the office because it can produce 23 pages of monochromatic texts on print within 1 minute, while color takes a bit longer to process so that in one minute, you get about 14 colored prints.

There is space for individual ink cartridges inside to get a refill for only the colors you have run out of.

It can produce prints of a resolution no more than 5760 x 1440 PPI, which is quite typical for ink printers like this. The range of this resolution is not bad, but you will get the best results out of this printer if you use plain paper to print on. 

You can also good results for getting borderless photos out of this printer in the paper of various sizes starting from 4 x 6 inches and going all up to 8.5 x 11 inches.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has an ink resolution of 5760 x 1440 PPI
  • Feed tray can hold about 12- sheets at once
  • Will work best with plain paper but can also work well with other paper types like bond paper, cardstock, semi-gloss, matte paper, and so on
  • Comes with USD and standard ports for both Apple and Windows connectivity

4. Epson SureColor P600 | Best Pigment Photo Printer

This printer can go wireless if you want it to, and it can also work as a wired connection. There will also be a USB connection for connecting it directly to your laptop. This is a trusted wirelessly connecting printer that produces excellent quality of black, white, and colored prints altogether.

You can feed all sorts of paper into this machine - plain paper, thick canvas paper, glossy paper, and so on. It can hold about eight individual color cartridges that combine on paper to produce the most beautiful and clean prints you can ever get from these printers.

The highest resolution for the prints you’ll get is about 5760 x 1440 PPI, which is the industry standard that never disappoints.

Another great thing about this printer that makes it a bit more futuristic is the touchscreen interface that it has. Every single of the buttons is clearly labeled on it, and that just makes it much easier for you to work with this printer.

This printer from Epson is amazing to look at as well. It has a compact design with a glossy surface that can add more liveliness and style to any corner of your office. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Holds about 8 ink cartridges
  • Features an LED touchscreen display
  • Comes with ADF and duplexing features
  • Can work with all kinds of paper, photos, and discs
  • The highest working resolution for the ink will be 5760 x 1440 PPI

5. Canon Pixma IX6820 | Cheapest Pigment Ink Printer

This printer is at the epitome of effortless modern printing - it connects with Mac and Windows, has the AirPrint technology, and also supports Cloud transfers.

But the most impressive aspect of this printer is that it has the best resolution among all the printers discussed in this list, which is why we are calling it the best pigment ink printer here.

The resolution is 9600 x 2400 PPI, and this produces crystal clear prints on any sort of paper. It also works on paper of various sizes, starting with tiny 4 x 6-inch papers to big spreadsheets that measure 11 x 17 inches.

Moreover, it comes with a patented 1-drop picoliter technology that spurts ink onto the paper in extremely tiny droplets so that no detail goes missing from the printed paper.

Also, it has software built into the system, which is called My Image Garden and the main function of this software is that it can help you organize the orientation of your prints, enable special improvement filters on them, and set up Full HD movie prints.

There is the only caveat of using this printer, and that is the number of ink tanks that can be put inside it. Well, there is space enough for only five tanks, one of which will carry black while you can choose the remaining colors to match your necessity.

Highlighted Features:

  • Only has 5 color tanks
  • Can produce prints super-fast
  • Comes with special software that helps you to organize
  • Produces very sharply detailed photos due to 1PL technology
  • Provides a great abundance of image resolution at 9600 x 2400 DPI
  • Has excellent compatibility with Mac, Windows, CloudPrint, AirPrint, USB, Wireless connections 

Factors To Consider When Making Your Purchase

There are several types of printers in the market, but you will only need to look at a certain number of factors when it comes down to the real deal. We have listed them down here to help you out. Check them out below.


This is the most exciting aspect of pigment ink printers - they can print color.

The majority of pigment printers in the market have about 2 to 4 ink cartridges in them. One cartridge will be the black ink, and the other three will have ink of different colors.

If you want more colors, then you will be able to find printers that can hold about 6 to 12 cartridges inside - these will give you a more satisfactory printing experience.

And if you are looking for a printer to get print-outs of general documents, then you can go with the printers with the lowest number of cartridges - these are relatively cheap.

Lastly, if you want to get prints of art, stickers, or posters, then go with the printers that can hold more cartridges.   

Remember, the greater number of ink cartridges a printer carries, the more versatile prints it can produce.

Resolution/Quality of the Prints 

After you have decided on the number of color cartridges you need, you need to look at the quality of prints that the machine is capable of producing.

The print quality depends on the resolution. There are two types of resolutions - monochromatic and colorful.

Look for high monochromatic resolution if you need the printer to print out documents in black and white ink.

And if you need to produce colorful prints, then get a printer that has a high resolution for colors.

Printer Technology

There are two types of technical abilities that the best printer for pigment ink should definitely have, and these are ADF and auto-duplexing technology.

ADF means automatic document feeding - if you are printing multiple pages at once, this ADF system will keep feeding new black paper to the printer without your constant assistance. This is incredibly useful and will come in handy one time or another. 

Then there is auto-duplexing. This means that the printer will have the ability to make clear and legible ink prints on both sides of a single page so that you have to use less paper. Using less paper is both cost-effective and environment-friendly, so we insist that you get a printer that comes with this feature built-in.

Pigment ink
Paper Suitability 

There are many different kinds of paper - you might not have been aware of this before, but this matters a lot for printers.

Certain types of paper are thicker or thinner than others. So, when you buy a printer, you will need to keep that in mind.

For a more versatile printing experience, get a printer that will be able to support paper of varying thickness, like writing papers, canvas papers, hot-pressed paper, cold-pressed paper, writing papers, A4 paper sizes, A5 paper sizes, and so on.

Speed of the Printer 

If you have ever stood by a slow printer waiting for it to be finally done with the printing, then you know the importance of speed here.

Some printers take ages to get prints out, and we don’t know who those are meant to be for. But if you need to get prints out very frequently, or even at a normal pace, we recommend that you get a fast printer. 

However, color printing and monochrome printing do not happen at the same pace. Color printing is usually just much slower than monochrome printing - so choose a printer that works at a decent speed based on your daily printing requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wireless printers lack anything that wired printers have? 

No, you can pretty much do the same thing regardless of how the printer needs to be connected. But in general, wired printers are cheaper, faster, and more secure than wireless ones.

Are dyes better than pigment?

Yes, somewhat. Pigments show up better on any kind of paper. They also have more vibrancy and long-lasting quality.

Are pigments water-proof?

Yes, pigments are generally very resistant to the effect of strong UV rays and water.

How often do I have to clean my printer?

You have to clean your printer every time you’re done using it. Otherwise, a layer of dust will accumulate over it and damage the internals of the machine.

What will happen if I don’t clean the printer?

Your printer might get very scary if it’s not cleaned often enough. If too much dust collects on it, then the pages that are fed to the machine will get crumbled and distorted while passing through the rollers inside. Also, the ink will start to spurt out, and there will be a mess inside. So, make sure to clean your printer diligently.

Final Words 

Hopefully, you have learned by now that you won’t get a peaceful printing experience if you don’t buy the best pigment ink printer you can find. 

We hope that our list has greatly helped you to choose a printer for purchase finally. So good luck with it, have fun printing and don’t forget to clean it regularly.


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