Best PETG Filament Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

3D printing is getting more and more popular nowadays. In fact, in 2018, almost 600,000 3D printers were sold worldwide, which is a testament to how popular they are.

When it comes to 3D printing, there are a few materials you can choose to work with – PLA, ABS, PETG, etcetera. PETG is gaining popularity among 3D printers due to their flexibility & durability. With gaining popularity, many companies are entering the industry to sell PETG products of their own.

Choosing one from all the variations is a challenge. To find the best PETG filament, we have tested out many different models you can get from the market now. In this article, you will find reviews of the 5 best ones, according to us.

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5 Best PETG Filament Reviews

The products that ended up on our list are very popular in the market, and it’s clear why. Read our reviews to find out what makes them so great.

1. HATCHBOX PETG 3D Printer Filament

Hatchbox is a solid brand with a good mix of different kinds of filaments for 3D printing. If you are looking for reasonably priced good quality products, then don’t miss this brand.

This filament provides very high-quality printing performance. Moreover, it allows the user to print just about anything, so let your creativity spark! The results will be clog-free, bubble-free, and tangle-free. Also, they will not be warped. So, you will be getting high-quality results from this filament.

If you do not like the odor, some filaments make when they are being melted with a printer, I have good news for you. This filament creates almost no odors. You can even call it odorless. I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried this filament for the first time.

Also, with this filament, I did not face any issues with the plastic not sticking to the print bed. It easily sticks on the bed and stays there. So, you will have a trouble-free experience with this product.

And if hardiness is important to you, then you’d be pleased to learn that this filament is nearly indestructible. Even after being so tough, it is very flexible when used in thin layers. You can use many different nozzle temperatures; it supports any nozzle between 230 to 260-degree Celsius.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-use, suitable for many different items other than 3D models
  • High detail resolution with bold, vibrant colors & easy adherence
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • No bubbles, clogs, or tangles; high-quality results
  • Safe for the environment


Overture3D is a company that has been in the industry for 8 years. At this point, they are pretty knowledgeable about 3D filaments. So, you can put your faith in their products.

Much like the previous one, this one provides smooth, stable, great quality results that are bubble-free, tangle-free, and clog-free. This is possible because the manufacturer has a clog-free patent that they use to make their filaments.

A known weakness of PETG filaments is that they are hydrophobic. So, moisture present in the environment can damage any 3D models made of PETG over time. To prevent that, Overture suggests to vacuum them in aluminum foil packaging after drying the models for 24 hours. This protects the models from moisture.

When choosing a 3D project filaments, the sizing is a very important consideration. This spool has a 1.75-millimeter filament. And this size is pretty versatile and compatible with many different kinds of 3d projects. So, you will be able to use it for almost anything you want.

Another thing that adds to the versatility is the range of heat temperatures that this filament can work with. You can go as high as 250-degree Celsius with it. If you prefer lower temperatures, you can do that too! This filament allows temperatures as low as 90-degree Celsius.

Highlighted Features

  • Vacuum aluminum foil packaging protects the piece from moisture
  • Guaranteed smooth & stable printing thanks to the clog-free patent
  • The longer size makes it perfect for larger projects – 322 m
  • Can work with an extensive range of temperatures – 90 – 250 degree C
  • Free reusable aluminum foil bag provided for protection

3. DURAMIC 3D PETG Printer Filament

Duramic is another key player in the industry, known for making products you can blindly rely on. So, if reliable products & service is something you are after, this is the brand for you.

When you are shopping for a filament, you would obviously want something that will not get clogs, bubbles, or tangles. To ensure that all of their products are up to that standard, Duramic has a very rigid quality control system in their manufacturing plant.

All of their products get checked thoroughly before they can make their way to the consumers. To save costs, many manufacturers use recycled plastic that is poor in quality. As a result, you get poor quality filaments that have mixed, dull colors.

This brand ensures that it does not happen with their products. All of their filaments are made in the US, with pure raw materials that make the highest quality products in beautiful colors. Speaking of colors, the color selection of this filament is very impressive!

You can get this in Black, Blue, Grey, Red, Silver, Transparent, White, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Marble, Orange, and Yellow variations. As a fan of bright colors, I sure loved this range of vibrant, fun colors. You can almost make a rainbow with the color selection.

As for the thickness, this 1.75-millimeter filament is evenly thick for the best output.

Highlighted Features

  • Rigid quality control ensures the best quality
  • Stable, smooth performance with perfect adhesion
  • Made with pure, premium raw materials
  • Universally compatible with all 3D printers
  • Odor-free & eco-friendly

4. SUNLU PETG 3D Printer Filament

Sunlu is a Chinese brand dedicated to making 3D printing consumables. They have strong technical capabilities and a rich R&D department; so, they are always coming up with the best products for the highest consumer satisfaction.

This product is a set of three additive colors – Red, Green, and Blue. They have a nice glossy finish, which will be transferred to any 3D model you make with them. So, your pieces will have a beautiful glossy finish.

Because Sunlu cares about customer satisfaction, they have made this product very easy to use. A common problem all 3D printers have faced at least once is the filament not sticking to the printer bed properly. With this one, you will not even need to heat the bed before sticking!

Moreover, this filament sticks to the bed well by itself. The no-heat requirement also makes it safer to work with, not to mention faster. Want your projects to withstand the test of time? Then definitely consider this set. The products I have made with this set ended up being very solid and strong.

With proper care, they will undoubtedly last for years. Printing with this was flawless, with minimal warps and no clogs or bubbles. Since it has full mechanical winding, you will not face any tangling from this filament, either. Overall, this set is a steal in my books. But the choice is still up to you.

Highlighted Features

  • Attractive glossy finish
  • Sticks to the bed easily without any heat
  • Smooth spool feeding for hassle-free use
  • Compatible with most printer brands
  • A broad range of application

5. OVERTURE 3D Clear PETG Filament

We are ending our list with another product from Overture. This one is very similar to the previously featured one, but it's transparent in color. Read on to know more!

Transparent colors are very popular in 3D printing. The reason many people even buy PETG filaments is because of their transparent color. This is a color that is very tough to get right. It is quite easy for transparent filaments to get cloudy. And because they are transparent, even the slightest mistake shows up.

This is why it is quite tough to get transparent filaments right. Overture has managed to do that with this product. You will get a clear, transparent color from this filament. However, keep in mind that a lot of times, clear filaments look whiteish or unclear because of the way they have been printed.

The dimensional accuracy of this product is pretty great, too, thanks to the self-adaptive control system and advanced CCD diameter measuring. It is 1.75 millimeters in diameter, with a range of +- 0.05 millimeters. So, you will get consistent performance through and through.

Performance gets an A-plus from me. It is easy to use while also being lightweight & flexible. The spool itself is very sturdy & resistant to impact. All of these great features make this filament ideal to make RC planes with.

Highlighted Features

  • Very clear & transparent finish
  • Clog & bubble-free
  • Full mechanical winding & strict manual test
  • Advanced CCD diameter measurement & self-adaptive control arrangement ensure accurate, consistent dimension
  • Affordable with high performance

Things to Consider before Buying

If you wanted to look for PETG filters yourself, aside from the ones we have recommended, there are a few things you should be mindful of. Without knowing what to look for when browsing, you might end up with an unsatisfactory product. Here are the things you should know–


Not every spool will work with your 3D printer. If you accidentally get a size that is incompatible, you will waste your money. This is why you must check the diameter of the filament, as it is the most important dimension. A common diameter is 1.75 millimeters, and it works with every printer.

Size matters because it determines the size of the 3D prints. If you want to print thick items, get bigger sizes. But, ensure that your printer can handle them first.

Consistency & Accuracy

An uneven spool is a common problem with cheap filaments. If you have varying thickness, then the projects you make will not be up to your expectations. Consistent, accurate filaments are a must if you want to have high-quality 3D models.


One major reason for PETG’s popularity is its safe chemical composition. The FDA even approved this material for making food preparation tools. So, check that the manufacturer provides the highest quality PETG that is actually suitable for food preparation and storage. Otherwise, you might face health hazards.

Moisture Protection

PETG filaments are very hygroscopic in nature. When left unused for long, they will easily attract moisture and get ruined. Adhering to the layers of the material will get tougher if this happens.

So, make sure the product you buy is shipped in a proper airtight sealed bag. Otherwise, the filament might get damaged when transporting.


PETG filaments come in a variety of fun, vibrant colors. Make sure you get high-quality products. Otherwise, the color will not be as good as you’d expect. If you get transparent filaments, always check reviews of the product beforehand.

Transparent filaments are hard to get right, and you may end up receiving white color posing as clear. If you want a glossy finish from the material, check if the manufacturer offers a glossy variety.


In order to be freely used for many things, PETG filaments must be totally recyclable. High-quality PETG remains completely unaffected when printed with a 3D printer. This is only possible when the product is recyclable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best PETG filaments:

Can I leave my PETG pieces out?

PETG is hydrophobic. So, if you leave PETG models in the open air for too long, it can pick up moisture from the air over time. It’s best if you store all PETG products in airtight plastic bags.

What is PETG popularly used for?

PETG offers a great combination of clarity, durability, suppleness, and toughness. You can process a PETG filament over a broader processing range compared to traditional PETG filaments. They are popularly used for making transparent or lightweight 3D items.

Are the fumes from 3D printing harmful?

Yes. Especially for PETG and ABS filaments, prolonged exposure to 3d printing fumes can cause headaches or nausea. Always use a 3D printer in dry, cool, dust-free, and well-ventilated rooms.

Which filament is suitable for watertight prints?

As long as the design that you use is watertight, any filament would work well. Use a meshing program to make sure the prints you have are watertight.

How do I make the filament stick to the print bed?

Use painters’ tape on the print bed. It will create an adhesive surface. You may also use a glue stick for stubborn prints.

Final Words

The best PETG filament should be flexible, tough, clear, or vibrant, and even. All of the products we have featured today check these boxes. If you want something other than those, then check the buyer’s guide to know how to choose one. All the best! May you make many cool 3D prints in the future.


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