Best On Board Air Compressors for Jeeps and Trucks

Air compressors are a must-have if you own a vehicle and love to take it out for long drives. However, jeeps or trucks are not usually the common kind of vehicle that a regular person might own.

If you own a jeep or a truck, that means you travel a lot and with heavy loads. For that reason, the best on board air compressors for jeeps is what you need. Sure, users can go for portable models, but we doubt that those will have enough power to inflate large vehicle tires.

That is why an onboard compressor is so useful. It is small in size but at the same time has the strength to work with truck tires.

6 Best On Board Air Compressors Reviews

Having different types of tire inflators is mind-boggling, and on top of that, there are multiple models of onboard compressors as well. But fear not, as we have a well-rounded list all ready for you.

1. ARB Inflation Kit Air Compressor

These on-board products go everywhere with you after installation. So, whether it is an extremely sunny or rainy day, the product has to endure that along with the truck. That means it needs high-quality material and proper protection.

Luckily, the ARB model has all of that. The cylinder itself is hard-ionized, so friction from the surface of the truck will not be an issue. That will also reduce the generation of heat. Besides that, the motor also has thermal protection.

So, it will stay stable internally and will sustain less heat or cold damage. The entire product has industrial grade aluminum to keep it lightweight. Additionally, Teflon infused piston that also incorporates carbon fiber adds more strength to the product.

It also comes with multiple accessories to help with an easy installation and a bright orange hose. This 18-inch long hose itself is heat resistant, and the ionized surface keeps the product dust, moisture, and dirt sealed.

Overall, it is one of the best on board air compressors for trucks. Besides amazing safety features, its additional attachment, such as the air chuck fitting, heat-resistant hose, and T-fitting, will also help in various camping and outdoor sporting activities.

2. VIAIR 200 PSI Ultra Duty Onboard Air System

The whole purpose of the best truck mounted air compressor is to fill up large jeep and truck tires. If it cannot do that, then you just wasted a lot of money on an on-board compressor. But if you get a VIAIR product, you will be well covered.

This small compressor weighing .16 ounce can easily charge up to 200 PSI, and at 0 PSI, it functions as 1.76 CFM. That much pressure can easily fill big fires, and this product can certainly work with tires that are even 37 inches. So, you will not have to worry about the motor lacking power.

Like any onboard compressor, you will have to install it on your truck, but the process will be very easy. It comes with NPT fittings, drain docks, and several other features for installation. Besides that, the coil hose drains the air from the tank.

The tank itself can hold about 250 gallons of air, but you should know that it will need some time to replenish between each usage. But while working, it provides a fast output and can fill large tires as fast as 7 minutes.

It features a permanent magnet type motor that runs on 12 V, So the standard intake makes the model quite versatile and user-friendly.

3. VIAIR 10002 Quarter Duty Onboard Air System

While you cannot increase the range of how much pressure the compressor can provide, you should certainly be able to tweak it as per your need. Thus, you need a compressor that has a smooth pressure switch to help you do that.

Well, the 10002 model by VIAIR can, in fact, jump from 90 PSI to 120 PSI whenever the user desires. However, you should keep an eye on the duty cycle, which is 25% at 120 PSI. Otherwise, the motor can heat up quickly and cause disruption if it does not follow those levels and the 2.03 CFM level.

But besides that, it has quite a spacious tank for its small size. The tank holds about 2.0 gallons of air, and you can effortlessly work with 31 inches tires or smaller ones. However, this model is more suitable for small leveling and air locker adjustments.

The motor has a shiny silver body, thanks to the stainless steel build, and the tank is also very sturdy. This kit comes with a long black hose for the air horn and air locking inflation jobs.

You will receive all the small pieces for a seamless installation. However, it will be better to use a sealant rather than the tape that comes in the kit. Proper sealing will ensure maximum torque.

4. ARB CKMTA12 ARB505 On-Board Air Compressor

One thing you need to remember about jeep onboard air compressors is that once the product is installed, it will go with you everywhere. So, it is portable in a sense, but you have to ultimately install it, and that process can be tricky.

But the ARB505 will not be a headache in that field. It features a full wiring loom system and comes with very simple plug-in ports to control the solenoids. Consequently, it will be an effortless fitting.

Moreover, since this product will be on the truck at all times, it has internal thermal regulating features that will ensure protection from extreme heat. The pistons for the compression also have heavy-duty roller bearings that are European made.

Additionally, the inflator also comes with an exciting deflator kit. It is of corrosion-resistant brass and has a bronze bourdon tube that can accurately tell the readings without being affected by humidity and altitude. You can store the deflator safely in the canvas pouch that is available with purchase.

The motor is a 12V motor, so it can easily provide a 150 PSI transmission. But you have to consider the duty cycle as well as the 6.16 CFM level to get the maximum benefit.

5. Wolo (860-C) Air Rage Heavy-Duty Compressor

These products essentially store pressurized air, and when needed, pass it along to other empty tanks. However, the placement underneath trucks and jeeps means that some debris can easily pass along with the air.

That can be problematic for the tank and the compressor. However, Wolo Air Rage takes care of that with a simple step. It features a sturdy mesh wire that stops the debris from flowing while still maintaining accurate pressure.

This model is also great because of the 100% duty cycle. The cooling fins around the pump's cylinder and head allow for easy heat dissipation. As a result, at even 120 PSI, the motor does not overheat. Moreover, it also requires less cool off time.

Since it provides a high-volume output of about 3.5 CFM, it does not need a resting time of 20 or 30 minutes. Another ingenious feature is a rubber bushing that reduces vibration significantly, making it one of the best truck mounted air compressor.

Besides that, this 12V motor compressor has a very handy and long hose that is stainless, and also makes for an effortless installation. Thus, you will not have to carry a toolbox around for installing this air compressor.

6. Vixen Horns 2.5 Gallon Train/Air Horn Tank

Vehicles like truck and jeep can demand high power, and sometimes an on board compressor might fail to meet that demand even though manufacturers designed them for jeeps. However, Vixen Horns and their air horn tank is certainly capable of handling beastly vehicles!

The model has a heavy-duty 2.5-gallon liter tank that is not only precision welded but also has strong brackets. So, it will require less refilling. Additionally, the 200 PSI tolerance also allows users to inflate at a tremendous rate.

You do not have to worry about heating, as the ionized cylinder has a thermal overload system to regulate temperature. It also features an oil-less design, which is why dust and moisture will not stick to the surface. On the surface of the tank is a superior black powder coating that keeps corrosion at bay.

With the help of a pressure switch, users can also preset the PSI if it is functioning below 170 PSI. So, when it reaches the maximum level, the compressor will shut off automatically. This 12 V product is also quite convenient thanks to the many accessories.

Those will help with easy installation. The kit also contains a top-notch leader hose that has a braided stainless steel design.

On Board Air Compressors Buying Guide

If there was ever a need for a buying guide, it would be for products like compressors or other things dealing with pressure, heat, and temperature. You do not want to mess around with those factors.


Since we are looking for best on board air compressors for truck, means that they have to be tanked. A tanked product stores more air and also has a longer working time. Besides that, mounting tanks underneath the vehicle is also easier.

However, these devices have multiple usages, and if you need them for any other purpose other than jeeps, then looking for tankless compressors can also be an option. But, keep in mind, the bigger the tank will be, the more expensive it will get.

Pressure Level

PSI is the indicator of how much pressure that air will have when it comes out of the tank. Higher PSI means the outcome will be faster, and you can fill larger tires.

There are pressure switches that let you increase or decrease the level, but each model comes with a maximum range. So, if the product says that 150 PSI is its maximum capacity, you cannot go beyond that, and it is not adjustable. Hence, users must know the operating PSI levels of the compressors. Besides pressure levels, users should also consider the CFM levels as it is closely related. At certain PSI levels, the CFM will increase or decrease, and it also has a limit.


The product will stay attached to your truck no matter where you go. But since it is mounted, you do not have to care for the weight, as the truck can easily bear its weight. However, some compressors can be really heavy, in which case you should be mindful.

Now, the issue is completely different if users want a portable inflator. For those situations, they must check the dimension and weight of the product and then buy it.


Certainly, look for as many attachments as you can find in these kits. You would not want to go out and search for small parts just for the installation process. Usually, these kits come well-equipped, but in case they do not, skip those brands. Moreover, strong sealing is necessary; otherwise, the compressor will start leaking.

Some brands even often additional deflators, which can come in handy. When buying portable ones, keep an eye out for carrying bags as well. That will make traveling ten times easier!


Different protective features are a must for on board compressors. Those can get heated quite easily, which is why most manufacturers include heat dissipation systems and durable construction material. Sometimes Teflon, aluminum, and carbon coatings also do the job in the form of ionized bodies.

Besides that, it is the user's duty to know the duty cycle of these items and give the machine a break accordingly. Without breaks, it cannot function no matter how many safety features it comes with.


In addition to the motor and tank being heat-resistant, there are also heat-resistant hoses. So, those work amazingly for an on board system. If it is an oil-less design, then it will attract less moisture and dust as well. Sometimes, these also come with a heavy rubber bottom to reduce friction and vibration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a built-in air compressor in your truck?

It is not a must to have a built-in compressor as you can buy multiple kinds from the market and even choose a suitable one. However, if the jeep or truck comes with a compressor, then it is a score.

Home made onboard air compressor – is it worth it?

A person who has a lot of experience in this field might be able to build a compressor that does not have any faults. However, if you have never done that, it will cost time, effort, and in the end, the savings will be insignificant as well.

What size air compressor do I need to fill truck tires?

A compressor with a 12V motor and 150 or more PSI limit should easily fill truck or jeep tires.

How long can the product work?

That will usually depend on the duty cycle, but these should work for 20-30 minutes and will need a rest time of 10-30 minutes.

Can these products help with deflation?

Yes, if the brand specifically mentions, then some of the compressors can assist with deflation as well.

Final Verdict

Carrying these products is a must when you drive a truck, but you need the best on board air compressors for jeeps if quality and outcome is your concern. So, make sure to check for those and then be on your merry way off-roading!


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