Best Jeep Renegade Lift Kit Review in 2023

Off-roaders often install bigger tires without lifting their Jeep. And when they do lift, many end up installing the wrong kit for the tire size. These mistakes might be common, but they might not be as forgiving. And you don’t want to compromise quality.

To help you find the best Jeep Renegade lift kit, we’ve listed the three best ones on the market. These kits are strong, precise, and as reliable as they come. Each one comes in a separate price bracket, so there’s one for every Jeeper.

The problem is that you still might have a lot of questions. So, we’ve addressed the most common confusions as well.


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TeraFlex Renegade 1.5” Lift Kit

Rough Country 2” Lift Kit

SouthWest Speed Lift Kit

3 Best Jeep Renegade Lift Kit Reviews

Different off-roaders need different kinds of tire-compatibility. Maybe you’re going for a modest set of tires, or you might want the biggest your Renegade can fit. Undoubtedly, we have a lift kit for you on our list. 

1. TeraFlex 1351200 Renegade 1.5” Lift Kit

If you want the most honest recommendation we can make, get the TeraFlex lift kit. It’s safe to say they deliver on their promises, and it’s a fantastic investment if you’re riding bumpy roads. The manufacturers design and produce these kits in the USA, and the quality screams America.

Let’s get the hard part off the table: it takes time to install this kit. If you have the experience, it might take you over eight hours to install it. In case you don’t have any experience, get it done by professionals. But the payoff is more than satisfactory; we can tell you that.

Third-party lifts often misalign the wheel offset. This kit is your best bet to make sure the offset is in tune with the company specs by the centimeter. The strut spacers on the front and back all make sure the alignment is perfect.

And you get a modest lift with this 1.5-inch kit. It’s not going to give you enough lift to fit a 35-inch tire, but this kind of lift is enough for the potholes off Route 66 (and even off-road close by).

For the expert enthusiast, you get all the necessary installation hardware included in the box. These are all high-quality parts that fit every nut and bolt. So eat a big lunch before you start the installation; it all fits like Cinderella’s shoe.


  • Maintains factory suspension alignment
  • Includes all installation hardware
  • Made in the US
  • Incomparable quality
  • Best for bumpy roads


  • Lengthy installation process
  • Might miss a few bolts

 2. Rough Country 2” Lift Kit

Rough Country

Okay, not everyone has years of experience with cars. But that shouldn’t mean you can’t fit your lifts on your own. Rough Country makes things much easier for the average off-roader with their bolt-on lift kit. Most of the components just fit without a fuss; it’s quick too.

Another thing we like is the price; yes, it’s more affordable than you’d think. And there’s not much of a quality trade-off just because it costs less (it might miss a bolt or two, though). But, if you ever have issues, the lifetime warranty is a big relief.

A bigger lift essentially provides you more headroom for suspension and bigger wheels. In this case, the 2-inch lift allows room for you to install a 33-inch wheel comfortably. You could use the extra space for the suspension to go crazy on rocky terrains.

The whole kit is a little heavier than others on the market, admittedly. But that might not be a big issue for most people; you’re going to install it and forget it’s there anyway. And the extra grounding can be helpful where roads get too ragged.

There’s one con that might frown some brows: the quality control isn’t the best. Sure, the kit gets the job done well. But if you look closely, the threads aren’t the most accurate, and the material just feels off. That’s when you might want to redeem your lifetime warranty, though.


  • Quick bolt-on installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Allows greater ground clearance
  • It looks great
  • Relatively affordable price


  • Quality control issues
  • Heavier than the competition

3. Southwest Speed Daystar 1½” Suspension Lift Kit

A lift kit is an investment. You don’t want to change it every year because it rusted or corroded. Thankfully, the Daystar kit uses polyurethane front and rear coil spring spacers. These don’t rust, corrode, or succumb to metal-to-metal contact. You can use it for years without a durability complaint.

The suspension is just as good, if not better. It keeps your factory specs as they were. And that means a comfortable cruise every time you go for a drive. The 1.5-inch lift isn’t the biggest number, but it’s perfect for stability on the road.

As for installation, we have three words for you: ‘piece of cake.’ Almost all the parts bolt on where they fit, and it’s a pretty quick job. The instructions manual has so many details that pros get annoyed. And the customer service hotline is very helpful too.

There’s no getting around it; this kit is as high-quality as they come. Their attention to detail is precise, and not one thread is out of place. The quality control department does its job perfectly. Although, it comes with one disadvantage; this thing is expensive.

Of course, there’s no bargaining with build quality when it comes to cars. But this kit aims at customers who put quality over price. That’s not necessarily something to avoid, honestly. If you can afford it, it’s an amazing kit with all the bells and whistles.


  • Smooth cruise
  • Great quality control
  • Extremely durable
  • Helpful customer service
  • Easy installation


  • Pretty expensive
  • Overly-detailed user manual

Why Should I Lift My Jeep?

If you are for serious off-roading, you need to lift your jeep to increase ground clearance, suspension travel, and be able to fit larger tires better suited for off-roading.

First of all you have to consider why you will install a lift kit, for off-roading or simply aesthetics? Now, you will get a clear idea how much you need to spend, and how difficult it may be to install.

Usually, our jeep is a combination of a daily driving, off-road toy, camping vehicle, and perhaps a little towing here and there. As we use the jeep for multi-use situation we have to use the suspension lift kit for proper balance between on-road drivability and off-road suspension flexibility. On the other hand for the luxury of owning a dedicated wheeler, most of its higher speed handling traits can be sacrificed to maximize suspension articulation.

It's important to remember, jeep suspension is only one part of the equation. Make sure to address your rig's wheels and tires along with the drivetrain. All these three systems need to work perfectly together to provide the best possible traction at all times.  Some of the more important questions to ask:

  • How will you use your Jeep?
  • What size and type of tires would you like to use?
  • How much are you willing to spend on your Jeep's lift?

Types of Jeep Lift Kits You Need

Before going to buy a lift kits, you have to pay attention that there are different lift kits for different Jeep models, but there are also several different kinds of lift kits. It depends on factors like your driving style, budget, and the type of driving you often do.

What Jeep lift kit that’s right for you? We can't exactly suggest the right one but we recommend you to research on lift kits and thinking seriously about how you will be using your Jeep. 

Why Choose a Body Lift?

If you want to lift your jeep on a budget, body lift kit is perfect for you. These kit involves adding space between your Jeep Renegade body and frame. You don't need to change your wheels, tires, and suspension components. It will save your money bit while adding a couple inches of stature to your Jeep. But if you want serious off-roading, you may do well to look into other lift options

Why Choose a Coil Spring Spacer Lift?

Using coil spacers over your jeep's existing coil springs can add almost 2 inches lift. These coil spring spacer will work like your stock one but a bit quality will be added. It’s worth noting that it’s also more meant for cosmetic purposes.  This kind of lift does often require larger tires, though. 

Why Choose a Coil Lift?

Coil lift is an opposed to a coil spring spacer. A coil lift will add new, longer coil springs to your Jeep that can add up to about 3.5 inches space. Coil lift will improved articulation capability that can benefit to do any real off-roading. 

Why Choose a Short Arm Lift Kit?

Add a longer front control arms and rear control arms, heftier sway bar links, and heavier-duty shocks, and you’ve got a short arm lift kit, which can provide anywhere from about 2 to nearly 6 inches of lift for your jeep. This type of lift is extremely versatile and ideal for adding top-notch off-road capability

Why Choose a Long Arm Lift Kit?

If someone wants to increase articulation on his Jeep or better crawling ability on Wrangler, a long arm lift kit could be right one for this purpose. These kinds of kits significantly increase articulation and crawling ability by adding longer control arms placed further to the back of Jeep’s frame. To install this kind of lift, welding process is required. That's why to install long arm lift kit we should take help from jeep experts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a Jeep Renegade be lifted?

It’s a common question since the Renegade already stands so tall. But yes, you can use a lift kit to lift this Jeep model. It’s especially useful for off-road driving.

2. Does lifting a Jeep cause problems?

Most issues arise from a lift if you don’t install it properly. We only recommend attempting to install a lift kit if you have the proper experience. If you don’t, leave it to the professionals.

3. Can I put bigger tires on my Jeep without a lift?

You can, and it’s best to use bigger tires off-road anyway. But exceeding 33x10” tires can cause issues on a Jeep Renegade. In any case, you should lift your Jeep before using bigger tires.

4. How fast can you go in a lifted Jeep?

Users have lifted their Jeeps from 2” to 4” to go over 95 to 105 MPH. Accurate statistics are hard to find, but a lift can make your Jeep faster as a rule of thumb.

5. Does a spacer lift void warranty?

In some cases, yes, but it’s unusual. Unless the modification you make specifically causes a failure in your Jeep, your warranty isn’t likely to be void.

Final Words

There you have it. Our review list has three of the best lift kits you can find on the market today. Each has its perks and quirks, but we liked these the most.

Your choice might change depending on what you’re looking for, but you can’t go wrong with the TeraFlex. And the two other kits are feats of engineering in their own right. Make sure you find the best Jeep Renegade lift kit for you before you run off in the wild.


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