Best Glue For Felt: Reviews by An Expert [2023 Recommended]

Among the most recent trends among millennials, very few hobbies have reached the popularity of DIY crafts.

Taking social media by storm, crafting is a great pastime that can help you decorate your home with a vast array of beautiful accessories and decorations. Among the many tools and stationery items that you will need for making DIY products, nothing is more necessary than glue that is applicable to felt.

Selecting the best glue for felt is extremely important, as it plays a vital role in determining the longevity of the crafted products and its quality.

Best Glue for Felt Reviews

Below are reviews of five of the most effective and popular glues for felting in the recent market. Read through the product details, its advantages and disadvantages to get a better idea of which option is more suitable for you.

1. Elmer’s E461 Craftbond Tacky Glue

Using glue for felting requires the product to be in a small container so that you can easily apply it into remote places and critical areas without the glue going into unwanted places. Elmer's Craftbond Tacky Glue comes in a small compact bottle that users will find comfort in applying it in the tiniest of regions.

And users often tend to worry about the glue getting runny after application, which may ruin the entire item they use. Thankfully, a unique formula goes into this unit's manufacturing process that ensures that the glue stays in the same place after application and doesn’t damage the craft item.

Most glues tend to be one-dimensional and are not usable on multiple surfaces or for a large variety of projects. Universality is an excellent feature with this item as it is applicable on both semi-porous and porous surfaces, making it a smart option for use on various arts and crafts and decorations, ornaments, and even gifts.

One of the most significant flaws that felting glues have is a lack of strength, which makes craft products quite tacky and easily break apart. However, this unit has an assertive, wet tack that dries fast and clearly while remaining considerably flexible.

Even though this product is an upgrade and is an improvement compared to most of its flaws, it does have a significant defect that can significantly affect your craftwork. The glue itself is quite thick and requires a brush to smoothen and thin it over the project.


  • Unique formula to prevent runniness
  • Compact container for easy application
  • Easily applicable for most projects
  • Dries quickly and clearly


  • Thicker than similar adhesives
  • Does not give a clean finish

2. Aleene’s 29-2 Tack-It Over & Over Liquid Glue

Applying glue to your crafts and projects can be a very straining task as all it will take is one small error to ruin all your efforts. However, the Tack-It Over & Over is a repositionable glue that allows you to correct any of these unfortunate errors.

Nowadays, glues that people use on felt are available in various colors, limiting their compatibility. This product by Aleene’s comes in clear color, thus giving you the benefit of using it anywhere without ruining its aesthetics.

Most glues for painting and crafting are typically effective on soft surfaces like cloth and paper. This unit is different from all of them as you will be able to use it on tougher surfaces like wood, plastic, and metal without it losing its grip.

Glue can be a safety hazard to users when applying them as they are made with various chemicals, and some are toxic. This unit isn’t as risky as they follow ASTM D4236, which helps users know which components make this product and is non-toxic.

DIY craft enthusiasts tend to spend a lot of money every year on pre-made glue dots. If you have waxing paper at hand, you can make your own glue dots by squeezing the contents directly from the container onto the paper and save a lot of money.

Even though this product is quite nifty, it also comes with its fair share of problems. One of the most significant issues of using this product is the tip's tendency to close off continuously, and users will have to open it with a pen to continue using it.


  • Repositionable glue to fix application errors
  • Clear body for universal use
  • Applicable on hard surfaces
  • Usable for making glue dots
  • Available in 118mL containers


  • Tip tends to close off periodically
  • Not user-friendly

3. Tombow 62191 MONO Multi Liquid Glue

Among the popular glues for felt, maximum units come with one output option, which extracts glue at a particular volume regardless of the use. The MONO Multi Liquid Glue comes with two types of dispensers that allow users to customize coverage according to their needs.

Many craft tubes of glue have different acids as components, which can harm users in different ways. This unit by Tombow is perfectly safe for use as it is free of acids, and you will not have to worry about any accidents.

Glues that are usable for crafting tend to be thick and incompatible with thin material like paper or nets. However, you can use this product without any worries as it works great for paper projects and is also safe for use on photographs.

The glues that are available for felting currently tend to come in large packaging mostly. However, this glue comes in a small volume of a mere 25mL, making it perfect for precision application.

Product weight is a massive factor for glues for felt as it can be tough to apply glue properly onto small surfaces with a heavy container. Thankfully, this item's total weight is a mere 0.5 ounces, which highly increases its overall portability.

There isn’t much to discuss when it comes to the drawback of using this product. However, one major flaw is that using this has a high possibility of wrinkling the paper and can damage the project’s overall quality.


  • Dual tips for output customization
  • Free from acids
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Safe for use on photos


  • Can wrinkle paper
  • Difficult to operate the dispensers

4. Yasutomo NP56J Nori Paste

In present times, most glues for felt lack universal compatibility as they choose to sacrifice it for the sake of a quick dry. The NP56J Nori Paste is entirely different from them as it is an organic slow-drying adhesive that is usable for all purposes.

Using glue on paper or tissue can be scary, as there is a high chance that the glue will soak the paper and get the fabric wet. This creation of Yasutomo is perfect for delicate projects like this as it doesn’t damage or soak them in any way.

Typically, most glues are available in a single container form, and there are no variations of these products. However, this unit is available in 5 different options, and you can select the one that fits your usage rate the best.

People who are enthusiastic about crafting get very stressed out when applying glue because they are unfixable after application. This product is moveable when it is wet and leaves no traces once it dries up, thus giving a clean finish.

Glue for felt tends to be available in tiny containers nowadays, which gets finished quickly after a few days of use. However, this product is available in cans, which means it can store more substance and is usable over a long time.

The biggest problem with this unit happens to be how difficult it is to navigate and apply it. Since this product isn’t available in a tube and doesn’t come with a dispenser, it is tough to use it with accuracy in critical places.


  • Organically manufactured
  • Multi-purpose slow-drying adhesive
  • Avoids damaging paper on contact
  • Provides a clean finish
  • Available in a variety of options


  • Hard to apply
  • Difficult to dilute

5. Gutermann HT2 Glue

Most of the glue for felting in the current market has the fundamental function of applying crafts and DIY projects. The HT2 glue has the unique ability to repair clothes, which increases its versatility and makes it a great item to have around.

Applying this product on textiles is especially very useful, and the effect is almost instantaneous. All you have to do is use it on a particular side of the fabric, and it will dry up quickly within seven minutes.

Not only is this unit a great option for using on felt and other similar fabrics, but it works excellent on more problematic substances too. It is quite useful for rigid materials like leather and PVC and sticks to them quite efficiently and smoothly.

The majority of the glues for felting are now available in tubes or cans, which might make it difficult to squeeze out when you’re running low. However, this item maintains the classic tube container that allows you to dispense the glue quickly.

This item by Gutermann is available in a classic 30mL volume, which is arguably the perfect size. Using this item will last you for an ideal amount of time and allow you to handle the product with relevant ease.

Although this product is unique and a great item to have, it does have its fair share of problems. One of the major flaws of this glue is that it is comparatively runnier and soft than its competitors and can be difficult to allocate.


  • Repairs clothes and other forms of fabrics
  • Can dry on textile within 7 minutes
  • Works perfectly on hard materials like PVC and leather
  • Available in a 30mL tube


  • Runny and soft in comparison to competitors
  • Comparatively less resistant

Best Felt Glue Buying Guide For Beginners

There are many types of glue out there that claim to be perfect for use on felt. In reality, there are just so many products that live up to their promise. Here are a few qualities you need to be on the lookout for to understand if you’re buying the right item or not.

User-Friendly Build

DIY projects are the most popular among kids. Therefore, to avoid any sort of accidents or problems, it’s best to go with a glue that is perfectly safe, user-friendly, and free from toxins.

Non-toxic glues work equally great on felt and other rigid substances without causing any harm to the user. Products like these are also odorless and a better alternative to hot glue, which is not suitable for children at all costs.

Time for Drying

Finding a glue with a proper drying time is pivotal as it is a crucial factor in the level of convenience you will be getting from the item. Each wait time has a different benefit, and it’s essential to understand these perks before settling on a purchase.

Having a glue that takes a long time to dry off will give you the benefit of making changes or fixing problems before it is too late. On the other hand, having a fast-drying glue will have you finish your projects faster.

Project Type

The type of project you will be working on is an essential indicator of the quality of the glue you will be needing. Not being aware of the project range can lead to unnecessary expenses.

If the project is something as simple as kids’ felt DIY accessory, regular glue should easily fit the bill. However, if you’re a professional craftsman and your projects require top-notch, it’s best to go for hot glue.


Having a glue that sticks well is not good enough; you will need an item that also lasts for as long as possible. Many small features contribute to the overall longevity of the product that the product must-have.

Nothing beats plain and simple permanent glue in terms of longevity. Easy to use with pinpoint accuracy, it dries up very fast with no traces and is also waterproof.

If permanent glue isn’t available, hot glue and tacky glue are great substitutes as well.


When looking to buy the perfect glue for felt, you need to get a unit you can use consistently in all projects. Different glues have different depths and substances.

For this, you will need to buy a product that has a high availability in the market near you. Tacky glue and super glues are the most available in the market, whereas hot glue is hard to come by.

Post-Project Convenience

Doing a project with felt and glue might seem like a difficult task, but the real difficulty lies in cleaning the workstation when the project is complete. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a product that is easily cleanable.

Although it has is pretty basic, school glue is the easiest to clean up. On the other hand, thick and tacky adhesives are more useful but can make a huge mess when you apply it to felt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best glue for felt:

Which type of glues works best on felt?

When it comes to doing projects with felt, the best option is to go for hot glue. In case there is no hot glue with you or in markets near you, simply opt for tacky adhesive, which is just as effective.

Are glue dots effective for felt?

Glue dots are moderately effective on felt as it is strong enough to hold it together. However, to really have the felt stick properly and last for a long time, it’s best to go with plain old-fashioned glue tubes.

What is the drying time for tacky glue?

Tacky glue is an adhesive that takes the highest level of time to dry up among its competitors. Ideally, it can take up to an entire hour for this product to dry off properly.

Is spray adhesive applicable to felt?

Spray adhesive is a good option for using on felt. Go for the ones that have comparatively lesser strength so you can reuse the felt if necessary.

How can felt be stuck to paper?

Apply the glue to felt properly across the entire surface. Once you complete applying the glue to the paper, put the glue-side onto the paper, and leave it to rest to stick appropriately.

Final Words

There are many options that are suitable for use on felt. But after going through all the top products and their features, you now know exactly which is the best glue for felt. Making DIY products will now only get easier.


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