10 Best Fishing Reels in 2023

You love to go fishing but find it difficult to catch a fish? The problem is not in your technique but in the reel that you are using.

Fishing can become disappointing when the fishing line is mostly empty during your trip. 

This is a similar problem I have faced, and after changing the reel, the experience of the fishing sport was even more exciting.

And the toughest part was finding the perfect reel that fitted all my requirements. But don’t worry, to make the search easier for you, I have comprised a list of the best fishing reels in 2020.

So, read on and get reeling!

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10 Best Fishing Reels Made In USA

For this, we have chosen the best products from the best manufacturers and excluded products from lesser-known brands.

1. Ross Reels

Ross reels have ticked off the boxes of innovative, modern, and effective modification. And Ross Reels Evolution LTX is an advanced model of Evolution LT. It carries the best features of the Evolution LT and Evolution R models, making this reel iconic. Let’s look into its features.

Now, the reel has a spool and frame made of aluminum alloy. This can be used in normal as well as salty water. Aluminum alloy makes it resistant to corrosion when used in saltwater and has impressive performance.

Moreover, the drag system functions smoothly and can be used to catch big fishes. Stacked discs allow the reel to be long-lasting. A large arbor allows the line to be picked up quickly and enables the use of bigger coils, helping in catching big fish.

And a spoke-style spool design and casing over the backing knot gives the reel a slim outlook and also makes it lightweight. This makes the fly line look amazing with the arbor that is open.

Further, the bronze bushing is a beautiful advancement, which makes operation smooth and is also offered in black and platinum finishes.


  • Aluminum alloy rim enables it to be used in saltwater
  • Aluminum alloy rim enables it to be used in saltwater
  • Drag system helps in a smooth operation
  • Spoke-style rim makes it lightweight and can be used long term
  • Stacked discs enable it to be used to catch big fish


  • Needs high maintenance of spool

2. Tibor Reel

Tibor Reel has been in the market for about 40 years and has been setting standards for similar companies. They have nearly 350 World Records and have won the world’s most demanding game fish.

One of the most appreciated things about this Everglades Reel is that it’s the most popular and commonly used reel by the fly-fishing junkies. This model is the most compact model proffered and comes in various finishes.

Aluminum is used to make the main gear, stainless steel for the machinery inside, and ceramic-coated ball bearing. These materials reduce the buildup of heat to a minimum.

Also, the spool is one piece and comes with a waterproof cap. And the design of the spool with holes is such that it ensures minimum heat generation. For a compact reel, the diameter of the spool is also decent.

A large arbor is made in a way to reduce retrieval time and quick reeling in the line, making it a good choice for catching fast speed fishes such as bonefish. The cork drag disc is strong and most reliable. This is a one-piece reel making it lightweight. Tabor Everglade reel can be on the expensive side, but it’s definitely worth it.


  • Different rods can be used with this reel
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Minimum generation of heat
  • The aluminum body makes it usable in saltwater too


  • Price is on the higher side

3. Galvan Fly Reels

In the market for over 20 years, Galvan Fly Reels promise quality and innovation. Galvan fly series is a step up in the world of reels while following old principles. The Brookie from the Galvan series is an exceptional reel, which has an outstanding outlook. This is offered in four different weights.

Click-Ball Tension System is an uncommon feature of this reel. This allows you to be able to control the tension, providing the ease of not worrying about drag, by easily rotating the Allen wrench.

They are designed with an asymmetrically perforated exterior to provide minimum weight. The 6061 bar stock aluminum is strong enough to be considered bulletproof and also water-resistant.

However, rotating the Allen knob needs the removal of the spool, and the tension also provides drag of an equal amount. Finally, this has a very reasonable price and will be a great option for beginners.


  • The aluminum body makes it very strong
  • Asymmetric perforated design makes it lightweight
  • Adjustable tension
  • Comes in four different weight


  • Spool needs to be removed to adjust the tension

4. Hatch Outdoor Reel

Hatch Outdoor Reels are well known for their Finatic series. The Hatch Outdoors 2 Plus Gen Finatic is offered in four different finishes.

The reel has a spokes-style look, made of stainless steel, and coated with type 2 anodized coating. This makes it dirt, oil, and waterproof. And this reel is made for lines weighing 2 to 4.

Perfect for different fishing environments, the drag system enables adjustment of pressure. Stacked up discs help in maintaining drag.

What we love about this is it’s lightweight, weighing at 3.2 ounces only. Also, since this was assembled in California, you can trust the build.


  • Offered in four different finishes
  • Stainless steel rings make it lightweight
  • Special coating prevents the reel from dirt and grime
  • Made for 2 to 4 weighted lines


  • Drag can be an issue due to pressure

5. Lamson Liquid Reel

Lamson Liquid Fly Reel is different from the ones we have seen above. It is made up of pressure-cast aluminum and in four variations.

The pressure-cast aluminum allows it to have a full radius compound curves and almost zero internal radius. As an added benefit, the reel can be fixed, and corners mended after being made.

A sealed conical drag system and large arbor help reduce drag and also makes the operation smooth. The U-shape of the arbor also helps from the line getting stacked.

This reel is offered at an outstanding price, and the package includes 1 reel, 2 spools, and a carrying case, which makes this the perfect choice for those looking for reasonable prices.


  • Very reasonable compared to other reels
  • Has full radius compound curves
  • Sealed conical drag reduces drag to a minimum
  • A large arbor ensures smooth operation


  • Availability of spare parts can be a difficulty

6 Abel TR

Taking the first position in the list is Abel TR. Abel is well known for its meticulous design and high quality. They are popular among those who enjoy and like fishing sport. The Abel TR is an addition to the Abel series. This product has the same features as the other reels in the series with a modern implementation.

It is mostly used for catching mid-sized fishes. Also, this reel has a sleek outlook, giving the user a luxury experience. The reels are customizable and come in classic black and gold finishes—a 21 part reel, guaranteeing a lifetime use.

And it comes with the incorporation of a quick-change spool and a large-arbor feature. Spools can be changed with ease, and the fishing line coils smoothly and faster.

On top of that, the click- pawl system is also an additional modern feature which counteracts the necessity for balancing weights and lessen the slicking sound.

Finally, this reel was designed by trout enthusiasts and made in Montrose, Colorado. It comes in 3 models, TR 2/3, TR 4/5, and TR 5/6, with customizable options. Meaning, if you know your game, you can have plenty of fun with this.


  • Quick-change spool
  • Long-lasting and corrosion resistant
  • Quick reel ensures fast retrieval and even distribution of the fishing line
  • Sealed drag system ensures smooth operation


  • None

7. Aspen Reel

Aspen Reel is a company that ensures quality and experience. They even have a 100% money-back guarantee. The Aspen 400 Fly Reels are the most popular and are offered in a variety of finishes.

Moreover, the best feature of this reel is the sealed drag system, which reduces drag to a minimum and is made of Teflon and stainless steel. Also,it also has a large arbor, which ensures smooth operation.Aspen 400 Fly Reel has a simple design, and the tension is adjustable.

With this adjusting feature, a seamless and frictionless experience can be expected. Finally, it handles a fishing line of 6 to 8lbs and can keep a backing of 100 yards of 20lb.


  • Provides an almost frictionless experience
  • Ensures smooth operation due to large arbor
  • Can handle a line of 6 to 8lb
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not lightweight as the other reels

8. Teton Reel

Teton Reels has been in business since 2009, and the Teton classic reel is an addition to the line. It is by far the cheapest reel we have seen so far.

Now, one of the best features of this is the convertibility from right to the left hand. It is the best spinning reel. Reel made of aluminum ensures strength and use in saltwater as well as freshwater. The aluminum body prevents corrosion.

A sealed drag system reduces friction to a minimum. Also, this has a very chic feel due to the epoxy-coated handle made from Dymond wood, making it most durable.

On top of that, Teton Classic Reel can be rotated using the handle with ease but makes a noise at low drag levels. It can hold a backing of 100 yards of 20lb line. Finally, it’s made and assembled in the USA and has one of the most reasonable prices.


  • It has a chic feel due to epoxy coated Dymond wood
  • Handle is convertible
  • Needs little maintenance
  • Usable in both saltwater and freshwater


  • Can be noisy

9. Avet Reels

Avet MX Reels is the best retrieving reel in the market. It is offered in various colors and is a single-piece frame. And it is compact and durable.

The single-piece frame makes it lightweight. And the best feature is the fast reeling of the line. It is made of marine-grade aluminum, which makes the reel durable and strong. The anodized coating on the reel prevents moisture, dirt, and grime.

It has a 2-speed lever drag system with carbon fiber drags, which make the drag minimum and almost non-existent. The smooth operation is carried out due to the 8 ball bearing.

This reel has a built-in alarm clicker in case you look away while a fish is caught. The left handle also can be bought as an added gear. It is made in the USA and has a price of around $250.


  • Weighs little as it has a one-piece frame
  • Reel is smooth
  • Left-hand option is available
  • Built-in alarm clicker


  • Left-hand version needs to be bought separately

10. IRT Reel

IRT Reel is a spinning reel made from aluminum and is customizable. This has a few distinctive features.

What we love about these is the spinning reels are very easy to use and has an impressive casting power—spools made from aluminum and ensure symmetric line wrap. On top of that, the drag system allows smooth operation and minimum drag.

Further, the 9 ball bearing in the reel also plays an important part in seamless operation and performance. They work together during use. And the Spin Power Grip is an added feature that enhances the tension at certain points for easy reeling.

The aluminum body enables them to be used for saltwater fishing as well as freshwater. And the IRT spinning reel has an astonishing performance for the price point.


  • Can be used for saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • Spin power grip enables ease of reeling
  • Smooth operations due to 9 ball bearing
  • Powerful and well-built


  • Needs to be maintained

What to Look for before Buying

Reels are more complicated than they look. And therefore, you have to consider some features if you don’t want to end up with an unusable product.

Type of Reel

Decide on the type of reel you want to buy. There are 3 types, but the most common are spinning and fly reels.

Length of Reel

You should take a look at the length and check if it is what you prefer. One should always buy a reel based on the type of fish you want to catch. Different length reels are made for catching different sized reels.


Match the reel with the rod and get the one that is easy to balance as it will allow you to use it for a long time without causing fatigue.


The drag is an important factor. It helps with friction. Therefore, choose from different drag systems. And the most preferred is the one that is adjustable and opt for the one which has minimum drag when reeling in.


Handles are really important as they ensure you have a strong and tight grip. Also, you should check if the handle is convertible when you are buying a spinning reel. Convertible ones can be used with both hands and will help you if one hand starts hurting.

Other Factors

Price is worth noting because you can find them at various prices. But the higher price doesn’t mean better devices. So, if you’re a beginner, going for reasonable ones won’t be a bad decision.

Finally, check if the reel goes matched the fishing line you want to use, which also depends on the type of fish you want to catch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best fishing reels:

Can all reels be used for freshwater and saltwater?

No. There are specific reels for freshwater and saltwater. And there are also some reels which can be used for both. To be on the safer side, and if you are confused, buy one which can be used in both types of water.

Is the reel durable?

It depends on what material the reel is made of. From the reels discussed above, the ones made of aluminum alloy are very durable. The durability also depends on how you use it. Use the perfect reel based on the type of water and fish. It will go a long way.

Can the parts be replaced?

Some reels come in one piece frame, and some come in parts. If a part is damaged, contact the company. However, the spools of almost all reels are replaceable. If yours is damaged, it will have no drag. Replace it when it wears out.

Is the reel convertible?

Fly reels do not need any conversion. Spinning reels can be converted. Some of the reels come with this option, some you need to buy a version, and others do not. Check and talk to the salesperson before you get one.

Which reel should I buy?

There are a few things to consider while buying a reel, such as the type of water and fish, comfort, durability, and also price. Check out the list above to find the one that best fits your needs.

Final Words

When you’re buying a reel for the first time, it gets all the more difficult because your reel’s quality is of more importance than your skills. But hopefully, the decision is somewhat easier from our best fishing reels review.


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