Best Coolers Made in USA : 2023

A cooler might just be the thing you have missed in your previous trips with your lovely family. Now it’s time that you bought one and loaded it with all the yummy foods and beverages before setting out for another adventurous quest.

And if you are struggling to make a buying decision, you have knocked on the right door. Research is what we've done, and a shortlist of the best coolers is what we're herewith. Want to know our top picks? Well, get in then. And check out the buying guide too.

5 Best Coolers Review

What are the top coolers on the market? This question made us put together the list of products with minimal drawbacks. Also, we made sure that these units come with the necessary features. Read on to find out if we chose well or not.

1. Orion 45 Cooler

Let me introduce the star of our list. This guy will serve you in the long run. The fact that it is USA-made does offer you a sense of assurance, right? Now, what’s the most impressive thing about it? Well, to me, it’s the duration of ice retention. I mean, 2-inch insulation isn’t there for nothing.

So, it will keep your stuff cool, alright. Also, you have a sturdy construction backing the durability of this product. They say that they’ve hand-built it. And judging the reviews of the privileged users, I can’t trust them more. Now, what are the other things that earned this little thing the top position?

For starters, you have bottle openers, a good four of them. What's more, is that they've equipped it with six tie-down points so that you don't have to sweat it in securing the cooler. We also have a padded top to provide extra comfort and protection.

Of all the things, you will also like Cam latches. A cool feature it is. And if you are one of those folks who are always on the run, the motorcycle grip handles will certainly delight you. In addition to these, you will find the drain plug to be quite useful. More so, they are big!

I am also optimistic about the Gear Track Integration it comes with. It should serve you well as long as the mounting of the accessories is concerned. As for the cons, I couldn’t find any drawbacks.


  • Drain plug makes it an excellent choice
  • A good number of accessories
  • Cam latches with motorcycle grip handles
  • Extraordinary ice retention


  • No significant drawback

2. Igloo Sportsman 55-Qt Cooler

This product over here will surprise you with a lot of cool features. The cooler is made to last long, that much you can easily tell by looking at its construction. They even went on to say that it's 'virtually indestructible'! Bluffing? Nah!

When someone challenges you with 15-20 inches of foam around the product’s body, you got to take their words seriously. And to add more to that, they’ve prepared it with a 2-inch insulating foam to protect the lid.

So, the construction is brilliant. Now, what else? Will, it is comfy to handle, or will it make your trips miserable?

Relax; it will be comfy alright, for we are talking about 3-point grab over here. So, there’s practically no chance of it getting slipped out. Moreover, you will be pleased to see the T-grip lid latches in place. They make sure your hand doesn’t hurt. And they are rubberized.

Now, what about security? Well, I hope that the lock it comes with won't disappoint you in the least. And it's a good thing that they thought of the fish ruler to include in the package. You will also love the lid hinge. It's very convenient how it has a self-stopping system.

As for drawbacks, a customer wasn’t happy with the quality control. Another one stated that the finish wasn’t that extraordinary. Also, a user found the ice packs melting too fast. Moreover, it might be too big and heavy for some.


  • Foaming for crazy durability
  • Comfy 3-point grab handles
  • Lock for secure operation
  • Self-stopping system in the lid hinge


  • Ice packs might melt fast

3. Pelican Elite 50-Qt Cooler

Here’s another great product to see that you have your stuff stored well. And since it’s made in the USA, quality has been ensured. As for its ice retention performance, you ought to be charmed. Yes, a whole week is what we are talking about.

Now, what impressed the buyers tremendously is the price of this thing. You can easily afford it since it comes with a reasonable price tag. And when you consider its features, you can say that it’s worth the money.

However, there are drawbacks. For example, you surely want the drain plug to be leak-free. But that's not going to happen with this item over her. It leaks once in a blue moon, if not more frequently. I wish that they could find a way of sealing the washer properly.

Another issue with the cooler is that the feet do not slip. I know for a fact that it will be unpleasant if the floor of your vehicle or house doesn’t comply. Then sliding the device in and out of something would be tiresome. Nevertheless, our guy has plenty of nice features that should render you interested in.

First, you have this outstanding durability it comes with. Then you have the super sturdy clasps to keep the cooler’s lid shut no matter what. That’s a feature you will like when you are constantly moving. And if you are a camping-freak, you have got to check out the threads of its drain. They match the garden hoses!


  • Awesome ice retention of a week
  • Sturdy clasps to keep the lid shut
  • Drain threads match the garden hoses
  • Very affordable


  • Not sure if the drain-plug will be completely leak-free

4. Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

The last product on our list has some unique features. For instance, they’ve gone with UV inhibitors to make sure you have a wonderful experience with this unit for years to come. And we know that UV can be a real problem when it comes to coolers in general.

Another interesting move was the choice of stain-resistant liner. I like how this works. I am not very good at tolerating dirty marks on my stuff. What's more, is that it's odor resistant too. So, they've put a lot of effort into making the liner one of the best on the market.

This guy also comes with a heavily insulated lid and body. So, if you are worried about the duration of cooling, be so no more. Now, will it be comfortable to carry and move around? You bet, it will. Thanks to the extra comfy handles they’ve come up with, there will be little hand sore, if any.

Now, we noticed some drawbacks also. One user stated that she wasn't happy with the performance of the cooler at all, for she had found her ice packs melting all too quickly. Also, she didn't like the absence of a drain plug. To add to that, she had a poorly insulated lid to make things worse.

A couple of customers complained about the handles being too shallow. They had problems with gripping the device as a result. Therefore, this USA-made little model has some cons, as we can see. But, when given a shot, it might impress you with its fascinating features.


  • The liner comes resistant to stain and odor
  • Insulation is fabulous
  • Cute design and color
  • Integrated UV inhibitors


  • There may not be a drain plug included

5. Cabela’s Polar Cap 40-Qt Equalizer

The most amazing thing about our next product on the list is its insulation-weight ratio. With the heavy-duty insulation, you would’ve expected the weight to be a bit uncomfortable. But, it’s quite on the contrary. You might also love its design. They’ve made it bear-resistant.

With coolers, you want the handles to be as comfy as possible since there’s a lot of carrying involved at times. And this is where they’ve nailed it with the molded-in design of the handles. Moreover, you will be happy with the rubberized handle latches and lock lid. They make sure of a secure cooling.

What's also spot-on is the construction of this unit. They chose resin shells to serve the purpose wonderfully. You also need to check out the rope handles. They come with tracers that glow when the lighting is inadequate. I am also counting on the leak-free spigot. It's cool that they went with stainless steel.

Among other things, I think that the latch retainer is quite fabulous. So, with all these features, you can hope that it will be a user-friendly model to meet your cooling needs. However, a user wasn’t happy with its ice holding ability. He wanted it to be more efficient and durable.

Another customer discovered that it had no drain. Now, it would be inconvenient if this was not a one-time happening.


  • Molded-in design of the handles for comfort
  • Amazing insulation-weight ratio
  • Stainless steel leak-free spigot
  • Resin shell used for a sturdy build


  • Not sure whether there’s a drain in place or not

Things to Consider Before Buying

Now that we are done with our best cooler reviews, let’s talk business. We know that it could be frustratingly confusing when you need to choose a product about which you do not have ample knowledge.

Therefore, to make things clear and our purchase successful, we need to pay attention to a couple of things.

After reading the section, you’ll know what are the best coolers on the market.

Drain Plugs

One would lose count on how many times they come across bad reviews of the users only because there's no drain plug in the package. That's why check if there's one included in your chosen product so that you don't end up reviewing the same way.


This is probably the most important factor to consider. The whole point of using the cooler is to have a spectacular cooling performance. And that depends largely on the insulation the machine comes with. To have the best experience, look for a model that comes with insulation throughout.


Here’s one minor factor you might want to pay attention to. We are talking about the fits of the lids. Very often, you miss out on having the most pleasing cooling experience only because of a loose lid. Tight lids mean secure cooling. So, check out whether the cooler got this covered.


Some coolers beat others when it comes to the life of the ice. And it's needless to say that longer icing offers more convenience. However, it solely depends on how long you want the ice to hold on. Some folks need their cooler only for a day or two for a particular trip.

If that’s usually the case with you also, you are welcome to take this factor lightly. Otherwise, look for the durability of ice.


This is something you already know too well to look for. Now, just so that we are on the same page, we aren’t talking about a lifetime of durability. That would be too much to ask for.

But, no one can blame you for aiming at a good decade or so. Durable cooler means less worry, something that the buyers crave for.


When you are camping for days, the thing you need is a cooler with a fair amount of space. There’s nothing more irritating than running out of space when you are out there. Therefore, you should take the measurement of the product seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should a Cooler Keep Cold?

You should be glad if your cooler holds on for a week. But, some premium level coolers offer longer cooling. However, for common tasks, you don't need that much duration.

How Should I Clean My Cooler?

Soapy water will do the job more than fine. However, you might need a stain eraser or magic eraser every once in a while to remove nasty stains.

How Are The Warranties They Offer When It Comes to Coolers?

Mostly, we’ve seen limited lifetime warranties out there. Now, it’s not that bad to have such a warranty considering the prices the products come with.

Will I Need to Replace Any Part in The Future?

Buy a cooler that comes with sturdy construction, and you will be in a safe position. But, if you are a serious outdoor activist or a frequent camper, you might need to replace a part or two in the future.

How Do I Measure My Cooler?

You ask them the number of water bottles the cooler can hold. And thus, you have a rough estimation of how big a space it possesses.

Final Words

It shouldn’t be a difficult task anymore to choose a good product now that you know about all the best coolers out there. Just make sure that you are okay with the potential drawbacks of the model you choose, and you should be cool.


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