Best Badland Winch Review 2023

A winch is extremely beneficial and handy for car owners who like to travel to remote and mountainous places. It can rescue a stuck vehicle from dire situations, like being stuck on a pit of mud.

Out of the many manufacturers of this equipment, Badland is one of the highly renowned ones. Due to the numerous choices available, you might get confused about what to buy. So, on this list, we have compiled six of the best Badland Winch to help you choose better.

Our detailed reviews and buying guide will turn the tiresome process of picking a suitable winch into a breeze. So, read ahead to know more about it!

Best Badland Winch Reviews

Without making you wait any longer, we present to you our selection of the six top picks:

1. Badland Automatic Industrial / Tow Truck Electric Winch

The first pick on this list is an extremely powerful winch from Badland that can pull anything from tow trucks to trailers. This is an industrial winch that can be used to carry out heavy-duty tasks anytime, anywhere. It has a pulling capacity of 18000 pounds, which is large enough to accomplish mammoth tasks.

The best thing about this winch is, it is entirely electric and automatic. Therefore, running the device is relatively easy and convenient. Most importantly, it comes with an automatic brake that can be used when needed. You can also pull a boat with the help of this equipment.

This winch can be controlled via remote control. So, you can use it even when you are driving alone without the assistance of another person. Moreover, it contains a powerful motor with a capacity of 7.5 HP, which does not overheat even when it has been running continuously.

The set also comes with a mounting platform for easy installation. Not only this, but it is also capable of free spooling when the first line of the cable is being rolled out. It also contains two-gauge battery cables that make the installation process much more manageable.

2. Badland Winches ATV & Utility Electric Winch

The third pick on our list is a small but efficient winch from Badland that is more suitable for lightweight vehicles. So, if you own a truck, this one is not for you. But if you frequently travel in your car, you can easily use this winch to rescue your car out of muddy terrain.

Just like the other picks on this list, this one, too, is an electric winch. So, it can be automatically controlled with the help of a remote control. Not only this, its capacity is 3500 pounds, which is good enough for small to medium-sized vehicles. And on top of this, its motor contains a magnet that allows for less current consumption.

Due to an efficient motor, you can easily use this winch on ATVs. It is also equipped with an automatic brake feature to ensure the lowest amount of risk and adequate safety. To add to this, the equipment fastens the line speed through the use of its single-stage planetary gear system.

In order to ensure quick line out, the device is also equipped with the facility of free spooling. Moreover, you will get an ergonomic remote control that can be conveniently held with your hands.

3. Badland ZXR Weather Resistant Off-Road Vehicle Electric Winch

If we are to name some of the best truck winches out there, this one from Badland will definitely make it to the list. The ZXR model has a hefty capacity of 12000 pounds, which makes it perfect for rescuing stuck SUVs or pickup trucks from a muddy or rocky road quite comfortably.

To start off on the features of this amazing equipment, it has an IP66 weather-resistant rating. This means whatever the weather conditions are, rain or shine, the winch is going to function perfectly. It won't corrode easily despite facing extreme heat or rain.

The motor of this item is highly efficient and powerful. Despite running for hours and completing heavy pulls, the motor won't overheat. It will stay cool and continue to function smoothly. In addition, the ropes featured on this equipment are robust and of aircraft grade.

To add to the features mentioned above, this winch ensures faster line speed through its three-stage planetary gear system. You can also pull the brakes to ensure safe operations when necessary.

4. Badland Electric Winch with Automatic Brake

If you are looking for a traveler winch, this one from Badland will be perfect. This automatic and portable winch can be carried anywhere with you and be put into use right away due to its easy installation mechanism. The pulling capacity of this winch is 9000 pounds, which is sufficient enough to carry heavy vehicles.

To start on the main features of this equipment, it contains a triple-stage planetary gear system. This allows you to fasten the speed of the unwinding of the cable and also enables sure holding. Moreover, you can avail yourself of the free spooling facility for speedy line out when using this item.

The motor of this winch is highly efficient and does not overheat even after experiencing heavy pulls. On top of this, it contains an automatic brake feature to stop the action of pulling when needed to ensure maximum safety. You can also control it with the help of its remote switch easily.

Lastly, the motor's power is 12 volts, and it contains ropes that are of aircraft grade.

5. BADLAND ATV/Utility Electric Winch with Wireless Remote Control

When you only need a winch for smaller tasks like recovering an ATV, you can opt for our fifth pick. This effective and small winch from Badland is meant for smaller tasks that don't require an expensive heavy-duty winch to be carried out.

Having a capacity of 2500 pounds, you can tell that it is more suited for rescuing ATVs or lifting medium-weighted objects. Keeping such needs in mind, Badland has introduced this winch, which despite having a smaller capacity, contains all the great features of an expensive winch.

The equipment comes with a motor boasting a permanent magnet. This allows it to have lower current consumption, providing energy efficiency. Furthermore, this prevents the motor from getting overheated even when it has been overworked. Another great thing about it is that it ensures fast line out through free spooling.

Apart from the features mentioned above, the winch is equipped with a single-stage planetary gear system. This also fastens the line out speed. And lastly, you can apply the automatic brakes when needed for added safety.

6. Badland 120 Volt AC Electric Winch by USATNM

The last and sixth pick on our list has been made keeping in mind the needs of the customers who want an affordable winch for everyday tasks like pulling a disabled vehicle out of a garage. This winch can also be used to repair vehicles in a shop or garage.

It comes with a capacity of 1500 pounds, which might seem as small at first glance. However, it is good enough to do repair work on small cars. In order to ensure smooth maneuverability, the winch contains a tethered remote control. With this, you will be able to control it effectively without any worries.

Unlike the other picks on this list, this one features a double stage planetary gearing. This ensures a faster line out. Moreover, if the winch gets overloaded, it won't be overheated and cause an accident due to the thermal protection provided to it. On top of this, it has a power of 120 volts.

To have better control over the movements of a disabled vehicle, the tethered remote control works great. Lastly, the cable of this winch is made of aircraft steel and measures 35 feet long.

What To Look For Before Buying?

No matter what brand of winch you are buying, whether it is a Smittybilt winch or a Badland one, the probability of making a worthy purchase is bleak if you do the job without much experience and guidance.

This is because a winch is an extremely technical equipment, and it needs a careful understanding of its specifications by the user for it to be a worthy investment. But don't worry, we have got you covered. We have included a buying guide in this article to help you navigate through this smoothly:

Capacity of The Motor

The motor is the most important part of a winch. And in the case of Badland winches, although all their products come with high-quality 12-volt motors, it is best to check the specifications on the packaging before getting one.

And the most important specification to look for is whether the motor has got thermal protection or not. Overheating can be an issue while working with a winch, so the motor needs to be protected against it and remain cool.

Weight Capacity

Another important aspect to look at while purchasing a winch is its capacity. This is crucial since it needs to be compatible with your vehicle’s weight. And how do you understand whether a winch is fit for your vehicle or not? Well, you need to first check the weight of your car and then follow a simple mechanism.

After determining your car’s weight, you should get a winch that has a capacity that is 1.5 times greater than the vehicle’s weight. This will ensure that the winch will effectively be able to bear its weight.

Synthetic Rope or Steel Cable

You will find two types of options when you will go out to buy a winch. One will have a cable made of steel, while the other will contain the latest innovation, known as a synthetic rope. Depending on the type of task you are going to perform, you should make your pick.

While a steel cable is more robust, it can be risky if you are getting a heavy-duty winch. This is because, in the event of the winch snapping, it can hit anyone with a heavy and lethal blow. So, steel cables are safer to use when you are getting a smaller winch for lighter tasks.

A synthetic rope, on the other hand, is light and durable. It is also quite safe to use. So, if you are getting a heavy-duty winch, its rope should be of this type to ensure safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Badland a Good Winch?

Yes, Badland winch is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable yet highly effective winch. It does not come with a hefty price tag and works perfectly.

Are Badland Winches Waterproof?

Any Badland winch having an IP 66 rating is waterproof.

How Much Can a Winch Lift?

A winch usually comes with various capacities depending on its brand and model. Its lifting ability is mentioned on its packaging, and it should always be 1.5 times the weight of the object it is intended to lift.

Will a Badlands Winch Controller Work On a Warn Winch?

The configuration of the controller of both the winches is similar. Therefore, it is highly likely that a Badland winch's controller will work on a Warn winch.

What is The Best Badland Winch?

All the picks that we have mentioned on this list are amongst the best produced by Badland. So, depending on your preference, you can choose one from the list.

Final Words

We hope this article will be helpful for you while choosing the best Badland Winch. All of our selections were made through extensive research, so we are hopeful that you won’t be left disappointed following our guidelines.


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