Best Axes Made in USA: 2023

Nothing beats the sharpness and strength of true American axes. As an axe is something that you don't buy every other year, it's crucial that you get the best axes made in the USA. But is it that easy to find one?

Well, most users find it difficult to get. Brands from diverse makers and countries have flooded the market with hundreds of slicers. However, we made sure that you spend less time searching for the best product.

That's why we have listed down the top 4 axes made in the US that can chop off any wood with precision and style. To find out more, let’s hop in!

Our Findings

To find out the best axes in the market, we dug deep. After a lot of research, we have categorized the axes based on the design and functionality of the tools. We found the axe from Council Tool, Estwing, ESEE Knives James Gibson, etc. to be conforming to our criteria of being the best American made axe, the most.

For example, if you are looking for a tool for regular day-to-day use, the axe from Council tool can be a good option for you. On the other hand, if a complete steel-made body is what you fathom, then you can have a look at Estwing’s collections.

To find out more, keep reading our reviews with pros and cons.

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Recommendations: Going Deeper

If you are excited to find out the top 4 list, here are the detailed reviews on each product mentioned above.

1. Council Tool Hickory Handle: Best Axe for Wood Splitting

Doing justice with the claim 'Made in USA,' Council Tool has been producing their Axes from American steel, American hickory, and other materials and supplies made in America. That’s a great effort to become the best American made axe, isn’t it?

For a staggering 120 years, Council Tool has been crafting premium-quality axes that can be used as multipurpose cutting tools. The 24-inch hickory handle axe is nothing but the flag-bearer of their proud legacy.

It weighs about 2.75 pounds, where the head itself weighs 2 pounds itself. Made with 5160 true-American steel, the sharpness is nowhere to be placed in a second position.

Things we like:

  • Comes with a leather mask for protection
  • 24-Inch curved hickory handle for functionality
  • Weighs only 2 pounds
  • Made with 5160 true American steel

Things we like:

  • The handle is on the thinner side

Another honorable mention for wood splitting axe: Council Tool 2.0 Hudson Bay Camp Axe

2. Estwing Double Bit Axe: Best Double Bit Axe

Banging the hammers in scorching heat since 1923, Estwing reserves the respect of being one of the oldest American axe-making companies.

One of the most promising products they have come with is the Double Bit axe. It comes with forged steel construction for maximum strength. Side by side, it can consume 70% of the impact and prevent bumping to save your hands. If you are looking for the best axe for camping, here’s your bet!

Covered with a ballistic nylon sheath, the handle prevents slipping off and provides an excellent hold while you cut the logs into pieces!

Things we like:

  • Made from forged steel
  • It reduces vibration up to 70%
  • Ballistic nylon sheath cover for slip-free use
  • Shows off a sharp blade

Things we like:

  • It comes with a small size

Another honorable mention for double bit axe: Vaughan Michigan Pattern Axe

3. Estwing Wood Splitting Axe: Best Shock Reduction Axe

Another show-stopper production from the Estwing family is the 26-inch wood splitting tool. Like the Double Bit one, this one too screams premium from every inch of its body.

Made from some of the most durable materials, this one is just the perfect tool for you to slice off those logs. These are drop forged and well-tempered for long-lasting durability.

The patented rugged shock reduction grip makes sure you don’t slip the handle off while you chop off. Plus, it restricts the impact to a higher level to prevent any accident.

Its razor-sharp blades are sharpened and polished by hand, making it a tough contender for the best felling axe title, for sure!

Things we like:

  • Made from durable materials
  • Sharpened and polished by hand
  • Rugged grip for slip-protection
  • Restricts impact if falls from higher ground

Things we like:

  • The handle can slightly bend if used rigorously

Another honorable mention for shock reduction axe: Vaughan Michigan Pattern Axe

4. ESEE Camping Bushcraft Axe: Best Camp Axe

And finally, we have the ESEE Bushcraft Axe. It’s a small and handy axe, designed to fit your backpack.

This proudly made in the USA axe is a true representative of what American axe is all about. Weighing just a little more than 20 ounces, this slicer is all about 1095 high carbon steel. Plus, the Rockwell hardness is about 55 to 57 RC.

Finished with black oxide stonewashed finishing, it sheds a piercing shine from its body, echoing premium quality.

Things we like:

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Made from 1095 high carbon steel
  • Comes with black oxide stonewashed finish
  • Rockwell hardness worth 55 to 57 RC

Things we like:

  • It is made focusing on limited use

Another honorable mention for camp axe : Council Tool Camp Carver Axe

Factors We Considered Before Buying

It gets really difficult to odd-out products that don’t fit your needs when you have thousands of options for the best camping axe. But if you can keep the following factors in your mind, things aren’t that complicated.

Don’t Compromise with Durability

An axe is something that is used for banging against diverse things. It is well-expected from such a tool that it will be strong and sturdy enough to withstand heavy blow and force. As for our own findings, we have seen high quality forged steels to be performing better than most other options.

So, it’s not far-fetched to say that if you can manage the highest-quality forged steel, you are in luck.

As for the wood handles, make sure it’s well-treated. Otherwise, it’s not far from reality that it may split off the head any moment if you are swinging it too hard!

A Sharp Blade Is a Must

An axe is nothing without a blade on its top. So, you better be investing more time in scrutinizing the blade than other parts of it. While getting an axe, make sure that the blade is made from high-quality steel.

To be the best American made hatchets, the sharpness of the axe’s blade should be uncompromising. In this regard, a sharp edge straight out of the factory should be the most cherished one for any axe-users.

Another thing you shouldn’t miss out is the easiness of sharpening. If you need to carry a lot of hassle while sharpening the blade, the axe is probably not the best one you are looking for.

Well-Balance Is Crucial

Using a sharp tool like an axe can call for unwanted hazards if not handled carefully. Speaking of careful handling, nothing can be given more preference than a well-balanced handle.

Make sure that the handle and the head of the axe are perfectly balanced. That will ease up the impact you make every time you swing it.

Shock Absorption

It creates a lot of vibration when you strike the axe against a log. If you don’t have the best of the grips on the handle, the chances are high that you need to absorb the entire impact by your arms.

So, a good, firm grip on the handle can save you from painful fatigue and imbalance while chopping. But don’t go for a too-tight grip, it will increase the shock rather than mitigating it.

Lather Mask Protection

When you are not using the axe, covering it up is vital. You may have children and others who can be subject to an accident you would hate them to fall into.

So, make sure the axe comes with mask protection. For this, we would suggest you go for the leather masks.

Final Words

As we said, it’s not an easy task to get the best axes made in USA, especially if you lose yourself in the middle of hundreds of alluring designs. But we did take our time out to craft the list for most efficient ones for your convenience.

Don’t forget to keep the buying guide handy so that you can ensure you're getting the exact one you deserve!


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