Top 5 Best American Made Mattresses Reviewed for 2023

In this modern world, everyone is getting busy. Daily multitasking is already a habit to some; at home, school, and work. After a very exhausting day, bedrooms are usually the go-to places to rest a tired body. Nothing can be compared with the relaxing comfort of high-quality mattresses.

For that reason, it is necessary to find one that will save you from a tiring day. But if searching becomes exhausting too, don’t worry because we prepared the best American made mattresses reviews for you to sort out and choose the best.

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5 Best American Made Mattresses Reviews

There are so many mattresses that you can find in the market. But in this article, we’re giving you only the best products. And definitely, each of these is equipped with excellent features that you need.

1. TUFT & NEEDLE Original Mattress – Queen

If you value versatility –one that can be ideal for all kinds of sleepers, then you should opt for this queen-sized mattress from Tuft & Needle This product ensures the perfect balance between plush and firm; no doubt why it is endorsed by a lot of buyers. It is furnished with excellent features that you will love, for sure.

First off, it is free of harmful chemicals, making it safe for family use. The bed is guaranteed to meet the highest standard, so you're sure that it is of quality. Of course, you can expect that it is durable and can last a long time, giving you a chance to save more.

Much more, the foam used therein is made according to customer feedback. Since your bed is the first and the last thing you deal with every day, optimum comfort is of utmost consideration. That's why this mattress is engineered to give pressure relief, just perfect, especially if you're tired throughout the day.

Also, with this, you will certainly have a flexible sleeping surface. It is adaptable to your needs; for sure, you can move with ease and peace throughout the night. Much more, the foam is made with advanced materials, furnished especially by T&N – providing you the highest comfort and breathability.


  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Ensures cool sleeping
  • Gives pressure relief
  • Comes with a flexible sleeping surface
  • Comfortable, and breathable


  • Not heavy-duty

2. Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Without a doubt, your mattress should be your great investment. Well, it's very crucial to have one at home, even if you don't have other stuff yet. And because you sleep every day, you should opt for a mattress that does not only give you comfort but also ensures your safety just like this one from Brentwood Home.

This mattress can give you a medium-firm, yet soft feel, all thanks to the durable, sustainable, and natural materials it is made of. Well, it is the perfect option for couples, given its size.

The product comes with a removable cover made of bamboo, making it safe to use. Well, this material is free of toxic elements; that's why it is the ideal choice for your family. Since the cover is completely removable, you can replace it at any time. And that means that maintaining it would never be an issue.

Much more, being made of wool could give you limitless benefits. With this, you're sure that it's safe from fire. Not only that, but it has wicking-ability, so you're not prone to bacteria build-up due to accumulated moisture. Since it can regulate your body temperature, using this can give you excellent comfort.

Considering all of these great benefits in one, you can never go wrong when you choose this foam mattress.


  • Made of safe materials
  • Gives optimum comfort
  • Comes with a removable and reusable cover
  • Size is just right for couples
  • Wicking-ability, preventing bacteria build-up


  • Not that durable

3. Casper Original Foam Queen Mattress

It's very basic –sleep is vital. But for you to have a quality sleep, you also need to have the best mattress out there. Given the many sale options, only trust one from a reputable brand, such as this product from Casper Sleep.

First off, the queen-sized mattress consists of 4 layers of high-quality foam. With this, you're sure to have pressure relief, all thanks to the memory foam it is made of, adding extra comfort while you sleep.

With its zoned support, you will feel firmer under your hips. Also, your shoulder will have a softer feel. Since it has an open-cell layer, it is sure to provide you with a cooler sleep. Yes, this product gives importance to optimum breathability, which also adds to your convenience.

Much more, it comes with a zip-off cover. That only means that it can be removed, so it will be easier for you to clean it. Furthermore, it adds to its durability, protecting the inner layers of the foam.

What is more amazing about this product is that it doesn't include ozone-depleting chemicals, so you're guaranteed of eco-friendliness and safety. With these features, it is definitely worth every penny.


  • Cooler and breathable
  • Gives premium support
  • Comes with cover, adding to its durability
  • Eco-friendly and safe to use
  • High-quality


  • Quite expensive

4. Dreamfoam Bedding Chill Gel Memory Foam Mattress

After a long tiring day, we seek for a comfortable mattress to rest our bodies. Since our market is piled with different mattresses to choose from, it's a great idea to invest in reliable and quality beddings from Dreamfoam.

First, from the features, it has three layers of mattresses, enabling you to rest with pressure relief. You can sleep well, having a cool relaxing feeling because of its built-in contouring gel memory foam.

In terms of durability, it's never an issue; it has a sturdy high-density base foam, making the structure firmer. Not to mention, the core is also made of heavy-duty materials. It is a good choice of beddings because it can last for a longer time, so you can save up money at the same time.

Of course, many of you would worry about time-consuming sanitation and cleaning of the fabrics and sheets. Good news for you because it has a nano stain protection finish that will prevent your mattress' fabrics from stains and dirt. This feature is time-saving, made especially for those who are loaded with works and tasks.

It's the experience that matters the most. The quality of this product is never a waste of money but a worthwhile investment.


  • Safe materials
  • Has durable core and overall structure
  • High-quality structural firmness
  • Made with nano stain protection
  • Boasts pressure relief properties


  • Not too soft

5. Sealy 10-Inch Hybrid Bed with CopperChill, Queen Mattress 

Your bedroom is one of the special places at home; it's the go-to area intended for resting and sleeping. That’s why it’s better to purchase a mattress meticulously because it's a good home investment.

The Sealy hybrid mattress is a good pick, and there's no doubt about that given that it's from a reputable choice of brand. It has a built-in innerspring inside of the mattress, giving you a bouncy feeling.

This type of mattress is supported by steel coils underneath. If you ever like to feel lightweight and bounce back in motion, try this mattress and all its unique and amazing features.

If you are bothered with the movement of your partner, then rest assured because this one is a fabric-encased coil mattress. Its coils work separately because its fabrics are wrapped independently. This allows only a minimum motion transfer between you and your partner. Thus, a good night's sleep is ensured.

Well, the right choice of mattress should also contain a high density foam and comforting pressure relief. This mattress has memory foam; it is essential for the durability of the material, optimizing support for your good sleep.

Another unique quality of this product is that it boasts CopperChill technology, making it comfortable and cool to lay your worries and body pains out.For some sleep-goers, the edges of the mattress matter the most. This product has a Duraflexcoil edge, providing excellent support.

Much more, it ensures you optimum durability so you’re sure that it will be worth it. Without a doubt, having a durable and quality mattress like this productnever goes out of style.


  • High-quality mattress
  • Comfortable and cooler
  • Has edge support
  • Ensures durability
  • Maximizes support


  • Tends to subside

What to Look Before Buying?

So, you're planning to buy a mattress? That’s a great idea. But before that, are you aware of the things that need to be considered for your purchase? If you’re still in doubt, let me present to you the tips that might help you conquer your dilemma.

Mattress Size

It is important to always consider on how you could fit in with your dream mattress. The size varies to the number of people that might occupy the space, whether it is a bed for one person, a couple, or a family.

Let's explore what bed size best suits you.

  • Twin Mattress

It fits only a single person who has a maximum height of six feet. This mattress is measured 39″ x 74″. Thus, it’s not ideal for more than one sleep-goers.

  • Twin XL Mattress

As compared to the twin size mattress, this one is quite bigger and is ideal for tall sleepers. Its measure is 39″ x 80″ that suits for small apartments and college dorms.

  • Full Mattress

Looking for a bed size that perfectly suits for two? This full mattress size is the right one for you. Its measure is 54″ x 74″ – a cozy bed for you and your partner.

  • Queen Mattress

If you want to sleep like a queen, a queen-size bed should be your choice of investment. It is spacious, which is good for couples who have children or pets at home. The size measurement comes at 60″ x 80″.

  • King Mattress

With a measurement of 76″ x 80″, this mattress will be a luxurious space for sleep-goers. Better to experience this bed among your kids and pets.

  • California King

It is the largest available mattress with a measurement of 72″ x 84″. Small spaces are not an issue anymore because, with a massive space like this, you couldn't ask for more. Spend quality time and bonding with your family with your California king bed.

Mattress Type

Choosing the type of mattress should be done wisely, depending on its quality and durability. Some fabrics and materials are not comfortable –leading to irritation and chronic pains. To sort out what type you're craving for, read the types below that might influence your choice.

  • Foam

This mattress type is quite lightweight, convenient, and easy to move.

  • Memory Foam

If you're looking for firmness and support capacity, memory foam is one of your options.

  • Gel Memory Foam

The layers, beads, and gel swirls of a gel memory foam increase the air circulation. It optimizes sleep temperature.

  • Latex Foam

The latex foam is an eco-friendly type because it is made from synthetic or natural materials. It is firm and supportive that responds well to weight and pressure.

  • Pocket Spring

This type of mattress contours to your body while you sleep and reduces motion transmission with the help of springs.

  • Innerspring

Lastly, this mattress type has a comfortable and supportive feature because of the attached coil springs.

Mattress Firmness

Be sure to check for the firmness of your mattress. This is very vital for sleeping positions. There is a variety of mattress firmness to choose from.

Consider the benefits it could give to you; refrain from buying a mattress that causes chronic pains. Instead, it could help your body relax, preventing it from aches.

Make sure that you're picking the right mattress with appropriate firmness that suits the relief you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the lifespan of a mattress?

Commonly, the recommended lifespan for a usual mattress is between 7-10 years. The mattress cannot give enough support after years anymore. But some mattresses also varyin lifespan depending on its type.

In terms of an innerspring mattress, it has a span of only 7-8 years to be replaced for another one. Knowing that the innerspring is attached with metal wire core, it tends to sag over a long time and reshapes.

While the memory foam/foam mattress takes up to 10 years of longevity, it does not lose its shape easily when properly used. But extreme temperature affects the quality of the foam.

The latex mattress has the longest lifespan that reaches up to 15 years of usage. It has long-lasting durability, among others.

How often should you sanitize your beddings?

Normally, beddings should be washed every week, including the pillowcase, sheets, bed covers, and blanket. To sanitize the beddings, use hot water for washing or put it in a dryer.

Before washing the sheets, always check the fabric care instruction to prevent it from damages. Beddings that usually have direct contact with your body should be washed every one or two weeks. At the same time, beddings that are used seldomly should be washed after a few months.

To ensure the quality of the beddings, make sure to clean it with gentle care. 

What is a mattress made of?

Different brands of mattresses in the market employ their own patented technology in their products. Mostly, the mattress is made of synthetic or natural materials.

Is a warranty offer available for a mattress?

Yes, it does. The longer the warranty, the longer the durability will be. Always know the warranty of a product you are going to buy and if it is worth it.


It's finally a wrap. Hopefully, you got to know the best American mattresses in the market. Always make your investment into products that have a reputable record in the marketplace. So, what are you waiting for? I'm sure you're already hooked into these products, and they are already waiting for you.

Invest wisely, live without worry!


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