Best American-Made Hiking Work Boots Review

Are you going on a hike this weekend? Well, then you will need some hiking work boots. Using regular footwear while hiking will slow you down tremendously and will put you at a disadvantage. So, getting a pair of quality hiking boots is essential.

We suggest trusting only the top-rated best quality American brands. Being manufactured in America assures you about the top quality and provides optimum functionality. That’s why, in this article, we will review 12 of the best American made hiking work boots as well as what to consider before purchasing a pair. 

Let’s get the show on the road.

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12 Best American-Made Hiking Work Boots

Let us go through individual reviews of 12 finest American made hiking work boots and take a look at their pros and cons.

1. Danner Men's Crag Rat USA 7" Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

Danner is a well-known name amongst dedicated hikers, and we have many good things to say about their Crag Rat Gore-Tex hiking boot.

The material makes all the difference, and Danner only uses the top quality stuff.  Walk miles in the Danner Crag Rat hiking boot that is made with premium quality Gore-Tex and Vibram to provide the ultimate performance. Thanks to a breathable and waterproof lining, you can rely on it no matter how wet the environment.

Enjoy both heavy hiking and light mountaineering with this hiking boot that is comfortable and supports your feet on your adventures. Blisters will not be a worry anymore with the implementation of a unique double hook that gives you extra support.

D-rings from toe to ankle helps your feet fit just right no matter how long the hikes you take are. Go on a hike through the lush and beautiful alpine trail with these boots that live up to the demand of the weather and the environment.


  • No more blisters thanks to the double hook
  • Comfortable and easy fit
  • Features breathable and waterproof lining
  • Can be used in wet scenarios


  • High price

2. Danner Men's Mt. Adams 4.5" Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

The Danner men’s Mount Adams boots take inspiration from the ever-so-iconic European mountaineering boots. Made in the USA using premium quality material from around the world, these boots will deliver the performance of a lifetime.

Go hiking even in the toughest scenarios and situations without any worry as the Vibram outsole of these boots provides extreme shock absorption and abrasion resistance. Scramble steep terrains and explore long trails with this boot that has both regular and wide fitting to suit a wider number of users.

Lovingly named after a strong volcano, the Mount Adams boots are highly durable and extremely lightweight. Gore-Tex waterproof lining and a full leather upper part that has been double stitched ensure extra protection. These boots come in both regular and wide sizes, which means it can be used by many users. 

Waste no time trying to tie it as the Speed lace system helps you can tighten your boots much faster with one quick move. The foot bed is removable for easy cleaning and is made with three layers of varying density of polyurethane for extra support.


  • Made from premium materials
  • Fits easily and is comfortable
  • Available in both regular and wide sizes
  • Can be tied and tightened quickly


  • Toe area is small
  • May feel cramped to some users

3. KEEN - Men's Durand II Mid WP Wide, Waterproof Hiking Boots

Ensure ultimate comfort and optimum durability with the KEEN men’s Durand II waterproof hiking boots. These cost slightly less than most other hiking boots, but its features will surely make you want to purchase one. Feel the ultimate comfort wearing boots that are not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly.

KEEN men’s Durand II is made with leather that comes from certified tanneries that strive towards reducing the negative impact on the environment. Made in America using premium material sourced from all around the world, these boots are sure to stand the test of time.

These American made boots feature footbeds that use natural ways to keep your feet odor-free. The footbed deploys a probiotic system for odor removal and also provides strong support. These highly breathable and water-repellant boots provide excellent traction support.

Take a hike without feeling weighed down as these lightweight boots also help you take fast hikes. Cleaning your favorite pair of KEEN Durand with leather upper is extremely easy. Simply use leather cleaner and conditioner that are available at most footwear retailers and shoe repair stores.


  • Lightweight but provides excellent traction support
  • Environmentally friendly material that is also easy to clean
  • Keeps odor away naturally
  • Comfortable cushioning used in the footbed
  • Water repellant so can be used in wet hiking situations


  • Some users complain of pain and discomfort
  • The stitching is not long-lasting

4. KEEN Women's Durand 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

We urge our beloved female users not to be disappointed as we have something for you too. The KEEN women’s Duran 2 hiking boots are much loved by the users and work all day to keep your feet comfortable.

Take a backpacking weekend through the trails of your choice in these boots that are resilient and comfortable at the same time. It is expertly made in America with the help of quality materials imported from all around the world. The use of eco-friendly leather reduces harmful effects on the environment.

These boots feature removable footbeds that use probiotic technology to keep odor away naturally. The premium leather upper outsole allows for traction and is also durable. Go miles in these boots that are waterproof and can easily be used in wet hiking situations.

The footbeds also support the natural contours of your feet and provide support for your body weight.

Waste no time tying the lace as these boots feature speed hooks that allow you to adjust your precious boots easily and quickly. The outer leather is built to last and can be cared for very easily with the help of leather cleaner and conditioner that are available at most footwear stores.


  • Material that is built to last through the roughest hikes
  • Long-lasting but also easy to clean
  • Removable footbeds allow easy clean and care
  • Can be used in wet hiking trails and situations
  • Environment-friendly components and processes


  • May feel tight and crammed

5. Danner Women's Mountain Light Cascade Hiking Boot

The Danner Women’s Mountain Light Cascade boots are a favorite amongst the female users. These boots take inspiration from the many iconic and idealized hiking styles that were introduced in the early 1970s. 

Take long and comfortable hikes while looking good in these boots made with one-piece retro leather. These booths featuring rugged Vibram outsole and red laces are perfect for both casual use and hiking. Its breathable material resists odor and is highly ideal for warm-to-hot weather situations.

Moreover, the heels absorb shock perfectly, and the rubber compound ensures maximum traction. The expertly handcrafted wider platform provides added support while the boots provide a perfect fit. Feel the stability of these boots with every step, no matter how long the hikes you take are.

Perhaps the unique feature of these boots is that these can be recrafted and worn over a much longer period of time. Extend the life of your cherished boots with the help of several paid services such as stitching, leather care, and part replacement.


  • Stylish yet provides maximum functionality
  • Stable in both wet and dry situation
  • Life can be extended with the help of recrafting service
  • One-piece leather build helps keep water and dirty away
  • Platform is handcrafted


  • Not waterproof therefore, not ideal for wet situations
  • May cause blisters to some users

6. Danner Women's 30800 Mountain Light II 5" Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

The Danner women’s 30800 Mountain Light II is a well-known hiking boot because of the unmatched versatility and ultimate protection it provides.

These boots are made with full-grain durable leather that goes through six different phases of testing before being selected for manufacture. The one-piece leather upper part keeps out water and dirt while delivering a minimal look. And the breathable Gore-Tex liner is completely waterproof.

Hike for miles in these boots with Vibram Kletterlift outsoles that provide superior shock absorption and good traction support both in wet and dry situations.

And the cleverly crafted half-length shape ensures better airflow, which also keeps odor away. These boots will support the contours of your feet while also cupping the heels. The ever so popular and legendary stitch-down method has been implemented to make these boots.

Handcrafted to perfection, these have wider platforms to ensure better stability. These have a slender and narrow fit and will not be suitable for those who have wider feet. Extend its already long-lasting life with several paid recrafting services that include leather care, replacements of parts, etc.


  • Better airflow keeps odor away
  • Life can be extended with recrafting service
  • Material is vigorously tested before manufacturing
  • Traction support in wet and dry scenarios


  • Will not be suitable for people with wider feet

7. Merrell Men's Wilderness USA Hiking Boot

March into the unknown with the Merrell men’s wilderness hiking boots that are proudly made in America using the most premium materials.

These boots have a high-quality full-grain suede leather upper, which provides ultimate comfort. Its synthetic sole supports your weight well and also is easy to care for.

And go on many hikes with these boots as these are built to stand the test of time. Expertly employed bellowed tongue design repels dirt and water while the Vibram outsole provides traction support.

Go on an adventure that awaits you without worrying about bruises or injuries as these boots feature a protective toe cap made of rubber that works to keep away injuries.

The dual-density footbed supports your body weight perfectly. These boots take time to break in, but that is only because it also helps you care for the health of your feet.


  • Stylish yet tough and durable
  • Made using premium materials
  • Keeps injuries and bruises away
  • Bellowed tongue design keeps away dirt and water
  • Features protective toe cap
  • Full-grain suede leather upper


  • Price is extremely high compared to competitors
  • Takes a long time to break-in

8. Chippewa Men’s Apache Lace-Up Boot

Chippewa is known for its traditional American footwear that they have been popularly manufacturing since 1901. Just like the brand, the boots also stand the test of time by having an exceptionally long life.

Known to be one of the best rugged footwear manufacturers, Chippewa boots portray the highest functionality. Each pair is made with premium material and expert craftsmanship, which ultimately ensures the topmost quality. Look good in boots that are stylish but also provide you all the necessary functions.

They cost significantly less than most of its competitors’ boots but do not compromise any of the needed features.

These boots are made in the USA with imported high quality 100% leather. Satisfy your tough and demanding hiking experiences with the synthetic sole that lasts for a long time. Use it on your worksite comfortably without worrying about bruises and injuries.


  • Costs less but provides all the necessary features
  • Made with premium quality 100% leather
  • Stylish but does not sacrifice functionality
  • Made to repel bruises and injuries
  • Has an exceptionally long life


  • The material tends to crease easily
  • No or poor quality control

9. Danner Men's Light II 6" Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

The Danner men’s Light II features the ever so iconic Danner stitch-down construction on the nubuck leather and 1000 Denier nylon upper.

And the nubuck leather and Denier nylon combination are also resistant to scruff and abrasion. A protector of your feet in cold and wet environments, these boots were designed keeping in mind support and comfort. Use of breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex lining keeps water away and keeps your feet dry.

It also allows moisture and sweat to get out so your feet can stay odor-free. The stitch-down construction is proudly handcrafted, which ensures a wider platform and better aesthetics.

Enjoy lightweight comfort with the help of the Vibram Kletterlift outsole. The perforations in its half-length shape allow you to enjoy better airflow within the boots.  

These sleek and slender handcrafted boots fit users with narrow feet better. It has a reasonable warranty and is eligible for several paid recrafting services that include stitching, part replacing, etc.


  • Features stitch-down construction that can be recrafted
  • Keeps your feet dry and odor-free
  • Facilitates better airflow within the boots
  • Handcrafted for added aesthetics
  • Protects feet in a cold and wet environment


  • Does not fit wider feet well

10. Danner Women's Light II 6" Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

Make way for the Danner women’s Light II hiking boots made with premium Gore-Tex. These are American made, and classically designed boots are equipped with all the features you will need for a comfortable and long hike.

Go on an adventure in these fully American made boots that are lightweight yet stylish also. Full-grain Nubuck leather, along with lightweight Denier nylon, offers the ultimate protection in cold and wet environments. And the Gore-tex lining keeps water away and allows sweat to get out.

The clever design allows necessary airflow within the boots while you are wearing them so that your feet may stay odor-free.

Journey through trails and terrains fearlessly as the traction support on these boots will always keep you assured. The insteps are made of molded polyurethane that cups the heel and braces the contours of your feet. These exceptionally long-lasting boots can be recrafted, and its life can be extended further.


  • Long-lasting and life can be extended further with recrafting service
  • Fits the contours of your feet
  • Provides protection in both cold and wet environment
  • Necessary airflow keeps odor away


  • Will not fit wider feet
  • Takes a long time to break-in

11. Danner Men's Crater Rim 6" Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

The Danner Men’s Crater Rim hiking boots won the Outside magazine’s 2012 Gear of the Year Trail shoe category. Made by hands in America, these boots will surely win your heart.

This one features a top-grain Nubuck leather upper, which is sanded on the outside to achieve the iconic velvet-like feel. This more comfortable leather upper also can be broken in in a shorter period of time. These boots also have a breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex lining that keeps water away and let’s sweat exit. 

Get added protection while hiking through steep ascending and descending terrains as the extra thick rubber rand wrapped all around the boots provide increased durability. Hike without any worry as the Vibram Bifida outsole gives traction support in the toughest environments.

These boots have the 610 fit, which means these will fit a wide number of people of all foot shapes. And these boots allow sufficient room in the toe area for extra comfort and easy movement.


  • Takes a shorter time to break-in
  • Fits all shapes and sizes of feet
  • Wrapped in rubber rand for extra durability
  • Traction support in tough environments
  • Sufficient room in the toe area


  • Stitch may come off after some uses

12. Danner Women's Crater Rim 6 Hiking Boot

Go backpacking through the unknown wearing our award-winning American made boot that’s a crowd favorite among the ladies. Stylish yet functional, these boots provide you all the functions you need for a comfortable hike.

Conquer any daunting trail with the help of the Danner women’s Crater Rim that has been proudly handcrafted in Oregon, USA. These stylish boots made with top-grain leather have a velvet-like feel due to being sanded. Break these in faster and wear them on your next hike as these are also highly durable.

The breathable Gore-Tex lining is also waterproof and allows better airflow inside the boots. Dominate steep terrains in these chic boots while the extra thick rubber rand wrapped around the whole boot provides extra durability and scuff resistance.

Vibram Bifida outsoles continuously work to secure strong traction support. It fits cozily and leaves sufficient room for your toes to allow movement and comfort. These boots have a universal fit and can be worn by users with all shapes and sizes of feet.


  • Can be worn by users with all size and shapes of feet
  • Allows better airflow inside the boots
  • Provides strong traction support
  • It does not take much time to break-in
  • Stylish and has a velvet-like feel


  • Price is high compared to competitor products

Before You Buy What to Look for

Before making any important purchase, several factors need to be considered. Below we have explained several matters that we feel should be considered before purchasing a hiking boot that will truly transform your adventures.

Your Hiking Preferences

The terrains and trails you prefer hiking will create a big impact on the boots you will purchase. And the priority of features will be different for someone who prefers hiking waterfall areas and someone who prefers hiking canyons.

The Cut

In general, low-cut or mid-cut boots are used for light hiking through well-maintained trails. For marching through rough trails, choose something taller and ankle-high if possible. If you are someone who loves going off-trail into the unknown, we recommend full leather boots that are over the ankle.


Boots that do not fit your feet perfectly will cause several problems for you. The hike you will have will not be comfortable at all, which will also prevent you from enjoying the experience.

Moreover, you will get blisters, injuries, blackened toe, etc. which will trouble you more for several days afterward. This is why we recommend purchasing something that fits your feet perfectly.


Carefully take a look at the return policies of the retailer where you decide to purchase. If, for any reason, you cannot use the boots, returning them, and getting the money back is important; otherwise, it will be rendered a bad investment.


After you consider your preferences and habits, make sure you know which materials are suited for those hiking habits.

Synthetic boots are lightweight, easy to break in but often not water-resistant. Full-grain leather boots are exceptionally long-lasting and perfect for rigorous hiking. On the offside, these are also heavy and often cannot keep odor away. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the American-made hiking work boots:

How can I break in my new hiking boots?

The best way to break in your new hiking boots is to wear them around your house for some hours a day for around a week. They will feel comfortable, and you will get used to them after that.

How should I care for my hiking boots?

Specialized cleaners and conditioners designed to be used on hiking boots can be used to clean these. We recommend using water or silicone-based products as they are gentle and also clean well.

What can I do to remove odor from my boots?

There are several ways to remove the odor. You can use a fabric dryer sheet, put some baking soda in it overnight, and scented odor inserts for this purpose.

Can I wear these hiking boots in the snow?

Yes, you can wear these in the snow. We recommend the water-resistant or waterproof ones if you are using it for that purpose.

What does ‘made in America and imported’ mean?

It means the boots have been manufactured in America with imported materials.

Final Words

If you have made this far, that means you have gone through our reviews on the best American made hiking work boots. We hope you have gathered information that will help you purchase good quality boots for your hiking experience. Stay safe out in the woods, and remember to enjoy yourself. 


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