Best 4runner Lift Kits for 2023 | Reviews & Buying Guide

If you have a tough and competent SUV that comes with superior prowess, you will benefit from an appropriate lift kit for your vehicle. Do not get fooled as it functions as a powerful truck even though it looks like an SUV. Meaning, it is not a delicate ride that you cannot use in both on and off-road conditions.

How can you enhance the performance of such a might vehicle? You guess the answer; lift kits—no need to feel intimidated by all the available kits in the market. Let me introduce the best 4Runner lift kits that will change your vehicle and your riding experience unlike anything before.


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ICON Vehicle Dynamics Suspension

Rough Country 3” Lift Kit

Fabtech FTS21092 Suspension Kit

5 Best 4runner Lift Kits Reviews

Finding the perfect lift kit for your 4runner will not be an easy task. Hence, I have scoured for hours to get the best four kits for your convenience. Please sit back and go through this in-depth review before making a purchase.

1. ICON Vehicle Dynamics Stage 2 Suspension

To improve your truck's suspension, you need an appropriate lift kit. No matter the season and type of terrain you drive in, if your 4runner does not have the correct lifting measurements, it will not run smoothly. Therefore, you will face trouble if you ever go to the mountain or rocky areas.

Let us introduce ICON Vehicle Dynamics Stage 2 Suspension System. Unlike the conventional kits, this one comes with a superior suspension system that allows your vehicle to manage itself even on rough terrains.

You will notice an extended level of wheel travel of your truck. This feature helps to enhance and boost up your vehicle’s performance level.

Furthermore, a higher level of suspension travel means better optimization. You can use the ICON upper control arm to manage the suspension travel level. This arm system contains patented Delta Joint technology of the ICON Company, which provides reliable results.

Its heavy-duty and high-angle ball joint shows a proper combination of durability and performance. As a result, you will notice the characteristics contain similarity with that of a traditional Uniball.

Why is this feature important? It provides industry-level optimization and performance. Hence, your 4runner will run smoothly without the need for an OEM product. You can use it for the recent truck models without any hassle.

Moreover, the main concern with most lift kits is the amount they can lift. If you need to level up your vehicle higher than three-inch, then the ICON product will do excellent. It can approximately raise the truck to 3.5 inches, which will produce a higher level of ground clearance.

2. Rough Country 3” Lift Kit

Toyota 4runner may seem like an SUV, but it is a powerful truck in disguise. You can use this mighty vehicle for off-terrain purposes without any worry. But it will not work correctly without a proper level of suspension lift.

Any ordinarily lift kit will not work for such a magnificent drive. You will need a tool that will provide an appropriate balance between the front and rear tires.

The Rough Country 3” Lift Kit - 76530 kit is capable of doing all those things. This product delivers the perfect combination of performance, style, and protection.

If the performance level becomes high, you will easily handle the vehicle in rough areas. And the edgy-aggressive look of the SUV will only enhance your style.

Additionally, both on and off roads, this product ensures optimal ground clearance. No matter the terrain, if your vehicle does not contain a higher level of ground clearance, it will not run smoothly.

Ground clearance means the available space between your vehicle’s lower body surface and the ground. Hence, you can understand why this lift kit will be a better option.

Furthermore, this product contains a premium N3 shock absorber that provides the best performance for both on and off-road activities. You can also make sure that your 4runner maintains the factory ride quality if you get this one. It contains OEM product-like properties, and your vehicle will work correctly.

Overall, no better product will give your vehicle supreme quality enhancement. An SUV like the 4runner requires high-quality optimization. Otherwise, you will not enjoy the off-road adventure much.

3. Fabtech FTS21092 Suspension Kit

When it comes to purchasing lift kits, you have to take note of the manufacturer. The newer companies may not have the same level of lift tool production experience as the older ones.

Hence, it may be better to opt for a company like Fabtech, which has been producing lift and leveling kits for decades. Not all aftermarket suspension designs will be appropriate for your 4runner.

However, the Fabtech FTS21092 Suspension Kit will be a perfect match for your SUV. It contains superior built-in software that will allow higher performance. Aside from this state-of-the-art software, you will also appreciate how the lift kits all have cutting-edge new technologies.

Furthermore, you will not notice any issues with the fitment of the product. It works well with most types of 4runner models.

The primary problem with most vehicle equipment is that they do not match correctly and might harm your vehicle than doing any good. If you use tools that lack compatibility, it may even end up damaging your SUV severely.

Additionally, the Fabtech product comes with a superior ground clearance level. This feature is essential for trucks and SUVs because it helps provide better balance when you drive. Hence, no matter what the terrain is, you will enjoy driving your 4runner immensely.

Now let me talk about the amount of height this kit provides. Most conventional kits will only ensure three or four inches lifting capacity at best. However, you can expect more sizes from this kit. It can approximately lift your SUV ⅚ inches. This amount will be perfect if you want an aggressive look.

4. ARB Suspension 3” Lift Kit For 4Runner

Although it is better to go for a lift kit that will provide a wide range of compatibility, there are a few exceptions. The ARB Suspension 3" Lift Kit For 4Runner is a product that will be better for a specific type of SUV model.

You can effortlessly use this kit for all the 2010+ models of 4Runner, and you will notice an improvement in the driving quality. The manufacturer created this product specifically for the 4Runner SUVs, and this one contains both front and rear coil springs that will help improve the suspension.

This product contains a micro-alloyed steel spring. Two problems with long-time lift kit usage are the corrosion of the tool and degradation of resistance. If the lift kit does not hold up the suspension level as before, then your SUV will not be able to provide enhanced performance.

Luckily, micro-alloyed steel is much more different than standard steel components, and it helps achieve better durability. Even with more prolonged use, the lift kit will work properly, and it will not become corrosive. Such higher resistance to sagging and corrosion will improve its shelf-life further.

Moreover, you can also achieve fine-tuning with the help of the springs. As the product comes with a branded Old Emu Box, the springs will also match with it. Such a match provides enhancement of its properties, and you will notice ride control improvements.

Overall, this lift kit contains all the necessary components to improve your SUV's function. You will be able to not only achieve a better and stylish look, but will also optimize your vehicle's performance.

5. Skyjacker (TJ401BPH) 4" Lift Pallet Kit

When it comes to leveling or lift kits, one of the primary issues is installing the product. Not everyone can effortlessly manage the lifting tools.

If you have trouble with your vehicle’s suspension management, then the Skyjacker (TJ401BPH) Lift Pallet Kit will be the best option for you. It comes with a popular yet simple tool kit that you can apply without any worries.

All the necessary bolts and springs you need to lift the suspension come with the product. Hence, you will not have to run to different stores to find the correct lifting kit. Furthermore, these bolts contain superior quality so that they last longer and do not break off easily.

Now let us talk about the ground clearance level. TJ401BPH will provide approximately four-inches of additional lifting height to your vehicle. This amount is enough to enhance the performance of the SUV. You can even add extra-large tires if you wish without any hassle.

Additionally, you may have to drill holes as you work with it. However, I assure you that all the instructions from the Skyjacker manufacturer will clear out your problems.

You can get up to four inches of lift on the front tires of your vehicle. Sometimes you may even be able to get a 5-inch lift. That will provide the additional boost that your ride requires.

Finally, keep in mind that there will be times when you may have to line up the bolts correctly if you wish to disconnect the lower arms when you need to lift your vehicle. This product provides all the necessary enhancement so that nothing can stop your 4Runner from performing well.

Final Words

The Toyota 4Runner is not an ordinary vehicle. It is a perfect choice for those who like their SUV to look excellent and function superiorly. And you can enhance its performance even more if you get a lift kit for the suspension system.

There are so many lift kits available in the market that I understand how easy it may be to feel frustrated. No matter what equipment you opt for, if you read my review of the best 4Runner lift kit, I assure you that you will find the perfect lift kit for your vehicle.


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