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How Often Should I Replace My Shocks and Struts?

Do you have that feeling that your car has become a kangaroo while going over a speed bump? Or are you not enjoying the long rides as you did before? Well, if the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, then it might be time to think about the shocks and struts of your vehicle.Nonetheless, […]

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How to Change Truck Shocks: Step by Step Guide

Well, when our shocks failed on us, we could not even ride our truck at all. And we were pretty much reluctant to pay the expensive mechanic’s fee. So, we learned how to change truck shocks by ourselves. Trust us; it is not that hard as one thinks. A few simple steps can get those failed shocks […]

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How to Paint Chrome Bumpers: Step by Step Guide

Even though painting chrome bumpers seem like a tedious task, it can guarantee a finish that will stand the test of time and make your bumper stand out among the crowd. And due to how difficult the task looks, not everyone experiments with it. However, we wanted to get rid of the imperfections by spending as […]

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How to Install Lift Kit?

We all know what the purpose of a truck is. You can use this behemoth of a vehicle to transport heavy loads of cargo across large distances effortlessly. In terms of modifications, truck drivers usually lift the suspension to attain some advantages in their truck. But what happens is that most people don’t know how to […]

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How To Boost A Car Battery With A Booster Pack

For ages, jumper cables have been the ultimate solution for boosting a dead battery for vehicle owners. However, this traditional method is no longer convenient, especially for the newer breed of cars. The method produces a high voltage spike which might end up damaging the digital components in the vehicles involved. The birth of booster packs eliminates […]

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How is a Tonneau Cover installed on a Truck?

If you own a truck, then you might already have a clue about how precious an investment the tonneau cover for your vehicle can be. This cover does a fantastic job at protecting your truck bed as well as your cargo. Experts also claim it improves your vehicle’s aerodynamics and fuel economy. That said, if you […]

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