Is 14c28n a Good Knife Steel? [Complete Guide]

14c28n refers to stainless steel made by the Swedish company Sandvik. It is quite well-known steel and used in manufacturing knife blades.

As a knife user or maker, you will probably ask, “Is 14c28n a good knife steel?” Sandvik’s 14c28n knife steel is quite popular, and it is quite helpful to get a good overview of it. This article will detail the various characteristics and gauge how good 14c28n steel is.

14c28n Steel Composition

If we’re to examine whether Sandvik’s knife steel is good or not, it’s important to start by looking at the steel composition. The 14c28n is an upgrade over Sandvik’s previous steel 13c26n. This upgrade consists of adding more chromium, which increases the tensile strength and resistance to corrosion.

Aside from the chromium content (14%), it contains a decent amount (0.62%) of carbon. This balanced amount helps to improve sharpness but does not compromise strength. The steel also consists of 0.2 % silicon and 0.11% nitrogen, which serve to increase the strength of the steel.

14c28n Steel Properties

Let’s examine the properties of knife blades made using 14c28n steel. We’ll examine the hardness, toughness, resistance to corrosion, and edge retention and see how well it stands.

## Hardness 

Hardness is an important quality of any knife steel. The Rockwell Hardness rating of 14cn28steel ranges from 55-62 HRC.

This is a very good hardness rating as it makes the knife steel versatile. 14cn28 steel sees use in a variety of different knife types, and it is attributed to its amazing Rockwell Hardness rating. Knife blades made using this steel-cut decently well.

## Toughness

One of the main draws of 14cn28steel is how tough the knife blades made using these steel are. Good quality 14cn28 steel can easily resist micro-chipping, folding, and abrasions on the blade.

The knife blade is very tough and can remain in good condition for a long time. As far as high-end steels go, 14cn28 steel offers amazingly tough blades.

## Resistance to Corrosion

The addition of more chromium results in 14cn28 steel having very high corrosion resistance. Knife blades constructed out of this steel do not stain easily and remain in very good condition with little maintenance.

14cn28 steel’s high resistance to corrosion makes it a popular choice for making chef’s knives or cleavers. It isn’t affected by moist ingredients, and the decent sharpness of the blades makes it a good pick for cutting numerous vegetables and meat.

## Edge Retention

The decent hardness of the 14c28n steel also results in great edge retention. Knives manufactured with this steel don’t have their edges chipped off or folded. So it retains its sharp edge even after using it for a long time.

And the high edge retention of this steel is another main draw and is a reason why it gets used in different types of knives. Carbon and manganese content in this steel help prevent the edge from getting worn down.

## Ease of Sharpening

Although the steel is quite tough, it isn’t as hard to sharpen. It has high edge retention, so you won’t be needing to sharpen it very often, and when you do, it isn’t difficult to sharpen it. So overall, knives made using this steel aren’t difficult to maintain and keep in good shape.

Advantages of 14c28n Steel

14c28n steel has several advantages that make it useful to knife users and makers. These advantages include:

## Strong Blades

Knife blades made using 14c28n are very strong. They boast good cutting prowess and also don’t get chipped off or get worn down easily. And they are very resistant to abrasion alongside being resistant to corrosion. So knives made using this steel are very tough and reliable.

## Usable for Many Different Knives

14c28n steel has a variety of good properties that are needed in knives. As a result, this steel is used to manufacture the blades for many different knives, from chef’s knives to pocket knives.

The all-around balanced performance of this knife steel makes it a suitable choice for any kind of knife. Knifemakers won’t be disappointed in using them to make knives.

## Easy to Work with

14c28n is one of the easier knife steels to work with. For knifemakers, this is a huge plus point and makes this steel quite favorable. It’s easy to shape and decorate, so custom knife makers tend to use this steel to make their knives.

Disadvantages of 14c28n Steel

Overall, 14c28n steel has very few notable disadvantages in using it, and its advantages more than outweigh them. However, there is one problem that knife makers and users should know of.


One thing to note about 14c28n steel is that it is considered high-end steel. So it is more expensive than other steels, but it offers much better performance. In some cases, like budget knives or survival knives, you can make do with cheaper steel, and 14cr28 steel might not be a good option due to the higher price.

Uses of 14c28n Steel

14c28n steel is a versatile steel and can be a good option to use in many cases. However, there are several key uses of this steel in knife making. These uses are:

Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are handy knives and considered general use. The all-around decent performance of 14c28n steel makes it a good choice for making pocket knife blades.

These knives need to have decent cutting prowess, and their blades tend to have high edge retention. These are all the properties that 14c28n steel possesses.

Kershaw Leek Pocket Knives

Chef’s Knives

14c28n steel is a popular choice for chef’s knives. The resistance to corrosion means that it can be used for moist ingredients without the knife being corroded or stained. Blades made by this steel are sharp enough to cut vegetables, fruits, and meat.

Chef’s knives made out of 14c28n do not need much maintenance as they maintain decent performance. They don’t need to be sharpened too frequently. Cleaning them is also easy.


Is 14c28n a good knife steel? The answer is yes, it is very good. And the steel is high quality, and blades made using this steel are quite tough, sharp, and retain their edge for a long time. Knifemakers favor this steel for its versatility and how it’s easier to work with.

Despite the steel being more expensive, it simply offers too much in performance. It’s hard to go wrong when using 14c28n steel for a chef’s knife or a pocket knife. So it’s safe to say that 14c28n steel is one of the better choices for knife steel.


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